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Research - Big chunk of a drug company's budget Research - Scientific inquiry Research - Kind of grant Research - Investigate thoroughly Research - Library work Research - Explore Research - Spend time in the library Research - Delve deeply into Research - Investigation Research - Lab doings Research - Bookwork, e.g Research - Fact-finding process Research - Look up Research - Investigation to enhance the store of knowledge Research - Detailed study and investigation Research - Careful study to discover new facts Research - Diligent search for knowledge Research - Searcher involved in investigation Research - Systematic investigation to establish facts Research - Systematic investigation of a subject Research - Investigation to seek new knowledge Research - Systematic seeking after knowledge Research - Diligent seeking after knowledge Research - Inquire into, seek after knowledge Research - Systematic investigation into a subject Research - Looking for what makes the confused seer get so coy Research - About to hunt for one sound organ in for her sc Research - Have another look for the scar here Research - Work to seek facts, if about to burn church Research - Seer turning coy on investigation Research - Investigation reaches outcome after right start Research - Investigate through study Research - Systematic investigation Research - Investigate Research - Scientific investigation Research - Do some fact-finding Research - Use wikipedia, maybe Research - Investigation designed to expand knowledge Research - Fact-finding about getting to burn switzerland Research - Scholarly inquiry Research - Investigation about to cause anguish to church Research - Fact-finding prompts resistance in her case, unfortunately Research - Fact-finding orders scare her Research - (scientific) investigation Research - Her cares can provide material for investigation Research - Academic investigation Research - Here cars are involved in scientific survey Research - Manoeuvres of english archers revealed in systematic investigation Research - Experimentation about to burn church Research - Religious classes blight church enquiry Research - Investigation about willingness to listen in school Research - Investigation may give her scare Research - Look into school subject put to the test Research - Study of religious education given attention in school Research - What may make you a doctor? look again! Research - Delving Research - After brief pause, english expert presents study Research - Possibly scare her with use of 15 books Research - Thoroughly investigate engineers over empty stone structure Research - Welshman, half turning, anticipating chief's investigation Research - Investigation about mediterranean reading in front of church Research - Collect information on a subject Research - Careers maybe needing hard, investigative study Research - Investigation into crashed cars here Research - Once again root about to see what scientists are up to Research - Look again at investigation Research - Investigation about home-counties' principal Research - Investigations (scientific) Research - Give her a turn � a bad scare � in the investigation Research - Investigation might scare her into action Research - Investigation about hearing in school Research - Do tests on ferret Research - Scientific study Research - Fact-finding Research - Scientific activity that's hard after careers ruined Research - Examination to go through again? Research - Scare her running investigation Research - Here cars will be involved in scientific inquiry Research - Cher's perversely suppressing appreciation for music study Research - Look into religious education examination Research - Examination on part of body held in school Research - Inquiry about small new care home's beginning Research - Make enquiries about the deep reading at church Research - Careful investigation into a subject Research - Medical work, maybe, to position again short part of foot Research - Investigation -- or probe by religious class? Research - Carer -- she organised investigation Research - Collected information to look through again Research - Journalist's pre-interview look-ups Research - Investigation to enhance knowledge Research - With 66 across, nickname for the piedmont region whose points are marked by academic institutions ... as depicted in this puzzle Research - Investigate hearse crashing when circling about by river Research - Scientific pursuit Research - Investigation into a subject