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Pet - Dino, e.g

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Pet - Housebroken animal Pet - 51-across, for one Pet - Dearie Pet - Dino, to fred and wilma Pet - Stroke Pet - Darling Pet - 43-across offering Pet - Astro or asta, e.g Pet - Canoodle Pet - Sulky state Pet - Prized Pet - Four-footed friend Pet - Most preferred Pet - Pique Pet - Lovey Pet - Spot or tabby Pet - Dearest Pet - Hamster, e.g Pet - Favorite project Pet - King's "--- sematary" Pet - Teacher's favorite Pet - Kennel's client Pet - Garfield, to jon Pet - Penthouse centerfold Pet - Kitten or parakeet Pet - Kind of theory Pet - Favorite Pet - Treat like a dog? Pet - Resident animal Pet - Stroke gently Pet - Favorite, as a theory Pet - Dino, e.g Pet - Mollycoddle Pet - Term of endearment Pet - Word with name or project Pet - Caress Pet - It's kept for companionship Pet - Family adoptee Pet - Honeybunch Pet - Collared one Pet - Guinea pig, often Pet - Chihuahua, for one Pet - It may be unleashed Pet - Favored one Pet - Astro or dino, e.g Pet - Kitten or parakeet, often Pet - Fair-haired boy Pet - Pampered one Pet - Parakeet, perhaps Pet - A cat, but rarely a rat Pet - Obedience school attendee Pet - Bad mood Pet - Dog or cat, or what you do to it Pet - Fala, to f.d.r Pet - Dog or gerbil, perhaps Pet - Goldfish or gerbil Pet - Vet's concern Pet - Trudeau monogram Pet - Member of the household Pet - Type of name or rock Pet - Kennel guest Pet - Special favorite Pet - Parakeet, often Pet - Dear Pet - Pal with paws Pet - Collar wearer Pet - Furry friend Pet - It may be housebroken Pet - Famous canadian monogram Pet - Parakeet or poodle Pet - Vet's patient Pet - King's "___ sematary" Pet - Classroom favorite Pet - Animal friend Pet - Parrot or parakeet, perhaps Pet - Live-in animal Pet - Fido or fluffy? Pet - Special Pet - Rub the right way Pet - Animal kept for companionship Pet - Boxer, for example Pet - Animal shelter acquisition Pet - Humane society adoptee Pet - Household member Pet - Dino, astro or scooby-doo Pet - Concern for ace ventura Pet - Stroke lovingly Pet - Soothe, in a way Pet - Cat, often Pet - Teacher's fave Pet - Chow in the house? Pet - Adopted family member Pet - Spaying customer? Pet - Favored Pet - Lab at home? Pet - Iguana, to some Pet - Fondle Pet - Cherished Pet - Manx of the house? Pet - Companion of a kind Pet - Kind of rock Pet - Mouse of the house, e.g Pet - Bucky katt or satchel pooch, to rob wilco Pet - Nonhuman friend of the family Pet - Spirit-lifter, perhaps Pet - Caress amorously Pet - Friend needing feeding Pet - Iguana, for some Pet - One is in each theme entry Pet - It may do a stupid trick on tv Pet - Most favored Pet - Lamb, to mary Pet - Veterinary patient Pet - Turtle, sometimes Pet - House cat, e.g Pet - Favored student Pet - Animal acquired from an animal shelter, say Pet - Letterman's stupid ___ tricks Pet - Fave Pet - Only canadian pm with message on the moon Pet - Kind of project Pet - Collar sporter Pet - Creature comfort Pet - Teacher's _____ Pet - Dino, to fred Pet - Resident ignored by census takers Pet - Something preferred Pet - Lab in one's home, e.g Pet - Companion critter Pet - --- shop boys Pet - Lassie or benji, e.g Pet - Puppy, say Pet - Stroke lovingly, or the object of a loving stroke Pet - Word before project or peeve Pet - Hamster, for one Pet - Favourite Pet - Furry adoptee Pet - Sitter's charge, maybe Pet - Household animal Pet - Hamster or canary Pet - Animal in the house Pet - Vet visitor Pet - Cuddle Pet - Fido or fluffy Pet - Tabby or spot Pet - Parrot or puppy Pet - Mynah or manx Pet - Household critter Pet - Favorite one Pet - Furry family member Pet - 6-down or 98-down, sometimes Pet - Animal companion Pet - Iguana or chihuahua Pet - Often furry adoptee Pet - 15 across might get it, just a little, in france Pet - Add it to the little dear and one on the end to make a request Pet - Do they mean time? Pet - The french might make this little dear little with it Pet - After the car it would be under the feet Pet - It could make the little dear little Pet - Could anything so dear make tish petulant? Pet - The dear little thing may be under the car and underfoot Pet - There's little of it in france Pet - Under a car the last of 19 across might turn up underfoot Pet - Would be underfoot under the car Pet - What a beastly little friend! Pet - Favourite, may be teacher's Pet - Favourite - maybe teacher's Pet - Animal as a companion Pet - Domesticated animal Pet - Favourite pupil Pet - Sweetie Pet - Dear little one to get 20 down Pet - Loved domestic animal Pet - Astro, scooby-doo or dino, e.g Pet - Tame animal kept for companionship Pet - Favourite, perhaps a domestic animal Pet - Favourite, darling Pet - A dear one exhibits sulkiness Pet - The darling one in a small temper Pet - Favourite or house animal Pet - Favoured child or animal Pet - Favourite, favoured one Pet - Cherished animal Pet - Caress or fondle, as with favourite Pet - Cherished favourite Pet - Whip your dear dog Pet - With it and four more that takes the cake Pet - Whip this dog if it's so domesticated Pet - Dog, often Pet - Gently stroke Pet - Apple of one's eye Pet - The little dear might be under the car on the floor Pet - Snoopy, to charlie Pet - Kitty, maybe Pet - Housebroken companion Pet - Comforting companion Pet - Doll Pet - Your dog or cat, for example Pet - Shelter adoptee Pet - Rub the right way? Pet - Poodle or parakeet Pet - Rat, to some Pet - Domestic animal Pet - Cat or dog Pet - Astro, scooby-doo or dino Pet - Iguana or chihuahua, e.g Pet - Animal in the family Pet - Four-footed family member Pet - Clinton's socks, e.g Pet - Housecat, for example Pet - Animal kept in the house Pet - One may have a sitter Pet - Favorite in class Pet - One often sleeping on the floor Pet - Teacher's favorite student Pet - Household pooch, e.g Pet - Rock, for some Pet - Pat and jim say go for tea Pet - Apt rhyme for 26-down Pet - Veterinarian's visitor Pet - Socks for clinton, e.g Pet - Dog or cat, usually Pet - Adoption option Pet - Water-bowl user (or the start of a film and tv actor's split personality) Pet - Teacher's -- Pet - Fluffy or spot Pet - Iguana, maybe Pet - Cat or dog, for example Pet - Hamster or dog Pet - __ name Pet - Hamster or parakeet Pet - Indulge in huff Pet - Irritable state Pet - Cat or gerbil, e.g Pet - Word before name or project Pet - Caged bird, e.g Pet - Kitty, e.g Pet - Animal you feed Pet - Puppy or parrot Pet - Source of hair on one's furniture Pet - Yours may be adopted Pet - Home animal Pet - Hamster or hound Pet - Furry or feathered friend Pet - Family animal Pet - Vet's visitor Pet - Snake, to some Pet - Ferret, for one Pet - Favorite, as a project Pet - Dino, for the flintstones Pet - Fried with four legs Pet - House animal; sulk Pet - Darling; fit of sulks Pet - Little darling Pet - & 8 beach boys album hailed as their finest Pet - Kept by those shop boys ? Pet - Bad humour; darling Pet - Paddy's blue-eyed boy? Pet - Film director holt or an emmerdale oldie Pet - Tamed animal; sulk Pet - Tamed domestic animal Pet - Preferred time to rest after exercise Pet - Spa visitor who doesn't pay the bill? Pet - See 90-across Pet - Adopt-a-thon adoptee Pet - Veterinarian's patient Pet - Cat; perhaps a rat; probably not a bat Pet - Beloved animal Pet - Blue-eyed boy's sulk? Pet - Favoured a little appetizer Pet - With 123-across, personal annoyance Pet - Shelter acquisition Pet - Word before parrot or project Pet - Shih tzu or cockapoo, e.g Pet - __ scan Pet - Poodle or parrot Pet - Preferred Pet - Bird in a cage, often Pet - Gerbil or canary Pet - Responsibility of many a house sitter Pet - Cat or dog, often Pet - Black cat, perhaps Pet - Apartment sharer, perhaps Pet - Scooby-doo, to shaggy Pet - Like a preferred theory Pet - Guinea pig, e.g Pet - Lab in one's home, say Pet - Furry pal Pet - Animal with a collar Pet - Furry household member Pet - Pal with a paw Pet - 1 or 33 across Pet - Household cat or dog Pet - Eccentric's heir, perhaps Pet - Family cat, e.g Pet - Kind of classic rock? Pet - Scan for the favourite Pet - Spot for a family, quite possibly Pet - Guinea pig, for some Pet - One may be adopted Pet - Certain companion Pet - Raccoon, at times Pet - Dog, cat or maybe a parrot Pet - Favourite; fondle Pet - Visitor to the vet Pet - Teacher's ___ Pet - 5 down, for one Pet - Vesse Pet - Vent Pet - Class favorite Pet - Family member who may eat off the floor Pet - Kitty or doggie Pet - Pig, to some Pet - Gaz Pet - "west end girls" band ___ shop boys Pet - ___ shop boys Pet - Dishwalla "___ your friends" Pet - Perfect circle song you feed? Pet - The ramones "sematary" Pet - Smallest member of the family, often Pet - Family member who was probably adopted Pet - Show affection to, as a dog Pet - With 64-across, snookums or sweetie, say Pet - Dog, cat or hamster Pet - Lap dog, for one Pet - Environmental org Pet - "always on my mind" ___ shop boys Pet - Gerbil or goldfish, e.g Pet - Cockatoo or cockapoo Pet - Adoptee from a shelter Pet - Dino, to the flintstones Pet - Parabolic, e.g Pet - "heart" ___ shop boys Pet - Nonhuman member of the family Pet - Many a vet visitor Pet - Ferret, for some Pet - Kennel client Pet - Kitty or canary Pet - Microchipped family member, perhaps Pet - Family dog, e.g Pet - Gaz intestinal Pet - Odie, to jon arbuckle Pet - Caress - budgie, perhaps? Pet - Responsibility lesson for a child