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Comet - One of santa's reindeer

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Comet - Hale-bopp, e.g Comet - Kitchen cleanser Comet - Doomsday cause, maybe Comet - Streaker in the night sky Comet - Bill haley bandmate Comet - Heavenly body with a tail Comet - Rival of ajax Comet - Cupid neighbor? Comet - One of santa's reindeer Comet - Cleaning brand Comet - Theme of this puzzle Comet - High-flying reindeer Comet - Celestial body Comet - Hale-bopp, for one Comet - Bad omen, perhaps Comet - Household cleaner Comet - Celestial object with a tail Comet - Cupid's friend Comet - Halley's, for one Comet - Celestial firework Comet - Cleanser or a reindeer Comet - Halley's namesake Comet - Celestial streaker Comet - Flier with cupid Comet - Space traveler Comet - Halley's __ Comet - Dasher's teammate Comet - Halley observation Comet - Cupid's teammate Comet - Tailed orbiter Comet - Halley discovered one Comet - Astronomer's observation Comet - Streaker with a big tail Comet - Dancer's teammate Comet - Streaker seen at night Comet - Dancer's teammate? Comet - Sleighmate of cupid Comet - Christmas reindeer Comet - Finish last on 'jeopardy!' Comet - One of santa's team Comet - Streaker with a tail Comet - Halley's __ (celestial visitor) Comet - Orbiter with a tail Comet - Under-the-sink brand Comet - Halley's, for example Comet - Cleanser with the old slogan 'nothing can hold a can to ...' Comet - Observatory find Comet - Tailed flyer Comet - Stellar sight Comet - Space sighting Comet - Another of santa's team Comet - Telescope sight Comet - Astronomer's find Comet - Cupid's yokemate Comet - Kohoutek, for one Comet - Kohoutek, e.g Comet - Blazing star Comet - Is it myself that's in the little bed with a tail? Comet - Arrive from space before tea for 35 across Comet - One may arrive before tea, and thereby hangs a tail Comet - From far away one will arrive before tea Comet - It needs plenty of space to get me into so small a bed Comet - Extraterrestrial body Comet - Small extraterrestrial body Comet - Orbiting extraterrestrial body Comet - It orbits the sun and has a tail Comet - Object in space with bright centre and long hazy tail Comet - Heavenly body Comet - It orbits the sun, with bright centre and long tail Comet - Heavenly body with a fiery tail Comet - Small celestial body Comet - Come to tea, and thereby hangs a tail Comet - That's me in bed with a tail - how heavenly! Comet - This will arrive at the end of 24 across before tea from space Comet - The firm encountered this from outer space Comet - Come to tea from far away and have a tail too Comet - Arrive before tea from space Comet - Start to arrive after moving around in space Comet - Celestial body with a tail Comet - Small orbiting body in the solar system Comet - Firm-faced - but the body's heavenly Comet - One of santa's reindeer - with a long tail? Comet - Celestial body - early jet aircraft Comet - Early jet aircraft Comet - Celestial body with luminous tail Comet - Heavenly body with tail Comet - Halley's phenomenon in space Comet - Tailed heavenly body Comet - Small heavenly body Comet - Halley's space traveller? Comet - Night sky streaker Comet - I'm in bed travelling in the sky around the sun Comet - 'deep impact' menace Comet - Bon ami competitor Comet - Sungrazer, e.g Comet - One is named after edmond halley Comet - Astronomer's sighting Comet - Halley's ___ Comet - 2013's ison, for one Comet - Cupid's sleighmate Comet - One of santa's sleigh team Comet - Halley's discovery Comet - Halley's sighting Comet - Launch attack to repel a potential space invader Comet - Line of rotation Comet - Almost add up to 5, perhaps? Comet - Firm paid space traveller Comet - Heavenly visitor Comet - Space traveller takes time to arrive Comet - Wake up, having missed last astronomical sight Comet - High-flyer to arrive on time Comet - Plane has to arrive to time Comet - Early jetliner having to arrive before time Comet - Tailed space traveller Comet - Dancer's colleague may appear a bright star Comet - Heavenly body? see me in bed! Comet - Mostly carefully search alien body found in space Comet - Space traveller seen to arrive on time Comet - Omen supposedly arrived on time Comet - Celestial object Comet - Don't go - start to tame reindeer Comet - Space traveller satisfied to be led by commander Comet - Heavenly body yours truly enticed into bed? Comet - Arrive before time in early jet Comet - Frozen body? turn up temperature Comet - Reindeer actually happen to dismiss regret Comet - Christmas flier Comet - One outsmarted by odysseus Comet - Cupid's co-worker Comet - Traveller round sun bed that the writer occupies Comet - Shooting star will arrive on time Comet - Organization encountered a body in space Comet - Space traveller means to arrive on time Comet - Space traveller needs to arrive ahead of time Comet - Heavenly body and compiler in bed! Comet - Long distance traveller that should arrive on time Comet - Firm satisfied with traveller covering huge mileage Comet - One of the reindeer in 'a visit from st nicholas' Comet - Arrive on time bringing one of santa's reindeer Comet - It may orbit regularly and arrive on time Comet - Arrive ahead of time as celestial omen? Comet - Body in space Comet - Briefly wake space traveller Comet - Old plane that has a long tail? Comet - Space traveller finds the compiler in bed! Comet - Reindeer name Comet - Heavenly body freed from income tax Comet - Common cleanser Comet - Space traveller has a heavenly body Comet - High-speed traveller caught on roundabout by police Comet - Arrive on time to see streaker? Comet - Long distance traveller to arrive on time Comet - Source of the meteors in a meteor shower Comet - Arrive on time in old plane Comet - Indie brits ___ gain Comet - Frehley's ___ Comet - Company dealt with high-flier Comet - Sky streaker Comet - One of rudolph's friends Comet - Cleaner sold in green canisters Comet - Cleanser once pitched by josephine the plumber Comet - Streaker in space Comet - Orbiter with a nucleus Comet - 35-across relative Comet - Celestial visitor has to arrive on time Comet - Shooting star Comet - Swift space traveler Comet - Tailed celestial body Comet - Soldier in charge encountered traveller in space Comet - Something to excite astronomers? this writer's in bed Comet - Cohort of prancer Comet - Icy orbiter