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Asks - Issues an invitation

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Asks - Tries to take (out) Asks - Quizzes Asks - Questions Asks - Entreats Asks - Shows curiosity Asks - Inquires Asks - Responds à la 'jeopardy!' Asks - Says 'when?' Asks - Solicits Asks - Does something appealing? Asks - Calls upon Asks - Seeks answers Asks - Pops the question Asks - Requests permission Asks - Sets a price at Asks - Makes a request Asks - Calls (for) Asks - Invites Asks - Displays curiosity Asks - Poses a query Asks - Responds ˆ la "jeopardy!" Asks - Sets a price of Asks - Pumps for info Asks - Responds in "jeopardy!" Asks - Demands Asks - Poses Asks - Seeks some answers Asks - Petitions Asks - Expresses curiosity Asks - Impetrates (with "for") Asks - Issues an invitation Asks - Responds ` la "jeopardy!" Asks - Implores Asks - Wants for a price Asks - Queries Asks - Calls for Asks - Tries to get information Asks - Charges Asks - Requires Asks - Is nosy Asks - Poses a question Asks - Sets as a price Asks - Interrogates Asks - Requests Asks - Names a price Asks - Seeks permission Asks - Provides a q&a's q's Asks - Seeks a favor Asks - Begins a q&a session Asks - Makes inquiries Asks - Inquires (about) Asks - Acts on one's curiosity Asks - Gets inquisitive Asks - Seeks as a price Asks - Charges, as a retailer Asks - Sets a price Asks - Displays curiosity, in a way Asks - Prices at Asks - Enquires Asks - Answers on "jeopardy!" Asks - Acts as a quizmaster Asks - Invites answers Asks - Wants to get Asks - Sets, as a price Asks - Grills or pumps Asks - Is curious Asks - Suggests, as a price Asks - Looks for help Asks - Tries to learn Asks - Wants as a price Asks - Bids Asks - Seeks permisison Asks - Grills, maybe Asks - Evinces curiosity Asks - Poses questions Asks - Obviously wants to know Asks - Wonders aloud Asks - Tests, in a way Asks - Seeks info Asks - Seeks assistance Asks - Emulates a reporter Asks - Poses the question Asks - Grills Asks - Poses posers Asks - Is inquisitive Asks - More than wonders Asks - Throws in a question Asks - What a jeopardy! contestant does Asks - Answers in "jeopardy!" Asks - Acts nosy, perhaps Asks - Speaks up, in a way Asks - Tries to find out Asks - Names, as a price Asks - Puts it to Asks - Catechizes Asks - Sets the price at Asks - Expresses wonder? Asks - Wants to know Asks - Makes a plea Asks - Pops a question Asks - Interviews Asks - Conducts an interview Asks - Seeks, as permission Asks - Sends out invitations Asks - Answers, on 'jeopardy!' Asks - Puts out feelers Asks - Seeks data Asks - Requests, with 'for' Asks - If they come by the hundred, one queries if they come by the barrel Asks - They may hold their drink after a century, although that's questionable Asks - They have to be tackled after tea in a questionable sort of way Asks - It's questionable if this could provide work after tea Asks - It's questionable if one might have jobs to do after tea Asks - The beginnings of 8 across would become burdensome after tea Asks - A thousand such might cover the faces of it Asks - One questions how tubby they would get by the hundred Asks - It's questionable if this would be things to do after tea Asks - Afer a century they might get questionably tubby Asks - The question is would a hundred such hold water? Asks - It's questionable if a hundred such would hold water Asks - It's questionable if they might hold drinks by the hundred Asks - What is so questionably silly about potassium Asks - It's questionable if they might be performed after tea Asks - The question is if a hundred such could hold water Asks - Might one work at them after tea with queer ease, by the sound of it? Asks - The question is could one get this by the hundred in barrels (4) Asks - One questions if they might be jobs to be done after tea Asks - It's questionable if this could give one things to do after tea? Asks - It's questionable if they would work after tea Asks - After tea there would be no question but that they have to be done Asks - It's questionable if they could be work after tea Asks - Like potassium's being so questionable Asks - It's questionable what sort of work might come after tea Asks - The question is how does one tackle them after tea Asks - One questions if they would work after tea Asks - It's questionable if they would get to work after tea Asks - What a questionable way to be so silly about potassium! Asks - Inquires about Asks - Puts the question Asks - Puts a question Asks - Inquires (4) Asks - Inquires of Asks - Inquiries Asks - Questionably silly about potassium Asks - They would have to be tackled questionably after tea Asks - That's a questionable way one behaves Asks - Little kay requests the presence of the fool around Asks - Might have to be tackled after the little tea in question Asks - It's questionable if this would make them work after tea Asks - Little kay requests the fool around Asks - Questionable behaviour when one does this Asks - Do they make for queer ease, by the sound of it? Asks - After tea this would be questionable work Asks - It's questionable if you can get potassium into the fool Asks - That makes a queer e, by the sound of it Asks - What's so silly about potassium is it's so questionable Asks - Behaves in a questionable manner with the ends of 22 across Asks - One wants to know if they have to be performed after tea Asks - Uses the information desk Asks - After tea such jobs would be what one is looking for Asks - Plies politely Asks - Quotes, as a price Asks - Sets a price for a fool ... about a grand Asks - Raises a question Asks - Requests time off from jobs Asks - Prays for assignments not yet started Asks - Petitions for questions Asks - Wants to be paid Asks - Seeks the price of Asks - Solicits from Asks - Starts the haggling at Asks - Offers a question Asks - Seeks, with "for" Asks - Puts a question to Asks - Responds to alex trebek Asks - Wonders why hector leaves shortcakes? Asks - Cries (for) Asks - Says "when?" Asks - Reveals one's ignorance Asks - Pops, as the question Asks - Invites; enquires Asks - Puts a question to initiate all scientific knowledge somehow Asks - Demands (something of someone) Asks - Puts a query Asks - Begs fool to entertain king Asks - Requests time off work Asks - Behind walls king is curious Asks - ___ for it (invites trouble) Asks - Pleads, e.g Asks - Begs for some task - some useful task Asks - Questions? labour's ignoring tory leader Asks - Requests fool to entertain king Asks - Demands 20% reduction in jobs Asks - Makes an inquiry Asks - Invites a king on board Asks - Poses and exercises topless Asks - Idiot frames thousand questions Asks - Opposite of bids Asks - Time off from work demands Asks - Demands barrels be topped Asks - Says 'who?' Asks - Inquires about first weekend in the ship Asks - Answers a "jeopardy!" question Asks - Offers up a question Asks - Decides to find out Asks - Petitions (for) Asks - Is a huge poser? Asks - Does some grilling Asks - Offers as a price Asks - Poses a poser Asks - Invites fool to entertain king Asks - Wants in payment Asks - Makes like a pollster Asks - Tries to get an answer Asks - Emulates a quizmaster Asks - Proposes as a price Asks - Bicycle thief "everyone ___" Asks - The dead trees "my friend joan, she never ___" Asks - What interviewer does Asks - Joseph arthur "love never ___ you to lie" Asks - Inquires about show Asks - Randy rogers "if anyone ___" Asks - Invites to show Asks - Quizzes, on rock trivia Asks - What journalist does Asks - Seeks an answer from Asks - Is the inquiring type Asks - Plays the interviewer Asks - Tries to get sold at Asks - Seeks information Asks - Answers, on "jeopardy!" Asks - Seeks directions, say Asks - With 52-across, proposes a date to Asks - Gives a proper "jeopardy!" response Asks - With 108-across, demands much (of) Asks - Questions things to do off the top of the head Asks - Polls, perhaps Asks - Seeks Asks - Does an interviewer's work Asks - Issues an invitation to Asks - Decides to learn from Asks - Seeks work but short of time Asks - Seeks permission from Asks - Proposes as the price Asks - Seeks clarification Asks - Seeks clarification Asks - Makes requests