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Redhot - Much in demand

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Redhot - More than popular Redhot - In great demand Redhot - Very popular Redhot - Wildly popular Redhot - Extremely popular Redhot - Like a habanero pepper Redhot - Violent, as anger Redhot - Wanted by many Redhot - Much in demand Redhot - Boiling mad Redhot - On a roll Redhot - Making the mouth burn Redhot - Cinnamon candy Redhot - Really popular Redhot - All the range Redhot - On a streak Redhot - Glowing Redhot - Flying off the shelves Redhot - Sizzling Redhot - Like coals in a fire Redhot - Causing a buzz Redhot - Super-popular Redhot - Burning Redhot - On a winning streak Redhot - Like fiery pokers Redhot - Immensely popular Redhot - Scorching Redhot - Fashionable, and then some Redhot - 'smokin' ' Redhot - In very high demand Redhot - How the rod is glowing Redhot - Gee, lowing! Redhot - There's a glow from the rod like this Redhot - The rod has a glow to it Redhot - The doe has a glow Redhot - Of news, fresh and completely new Redhot - Colourful but not cold Redhot - Glowing with a high temperature Redhot - Of news, so fresh it burns Redhot - So fresh it burns - like news scoop Redhot - Of news, new and burning Redhot - Glowing with heat Redhot - Of news, fresh and new Redhot - What's in can may get hot enough to get descent too (3-3) Redhot - He, a ted? you may take that as read, by the sound of it Redhot - How the rod makes it incandescent like the start of 9 across Redhot - Glowing in 33 across Redhot - 'her dot makes this incandescent (3,3)' Redhot - 'get the rod glowing (3,3)' Redhot - Exhorted to be very topical? Redhot - Poker may be very exciting Redhot - Nearly incandescent? Redhot - Very passionate - considered almost certain to win Redhot - Flower (just out of the fire?) Redhot - At a very high temperature Redhot - Very, very warm Redhot - Very exciting - glowing Redhot - Glowing being extremely popular Redhot - It's so popular it could describe half of 21 down perhaps Redhot - Passionate writer holds his head in decay Redhot - Smokin' Redhot - On fire, so to speak Redhot - Most recent - glowing Redhot - Smoking Redhot - Very exciting, fresh (news) Redhot - Very heated, popular Redhot - Strongly fancied to win such poker Redhot - 'i'm the last of the ðð - -- mommas' (jack yellen) Redhot - Incandescent Redhot - Glowing; passionate Redhot - Exciting sort of poker Redhot - Spare the rod? that's very popular Redhot - Burning with enthusiasm? Redhot - Glowing fiercely Redhot - Poker tip may be ultimately for the hand with no eight Redhot - Very passionate Redhot - Poker so exciting? Redhot - Glowing; extremely popular Redhot - The type of poker at the start of 27 across that is popular Redhot - In high demand Redhot - On a long streak Redhot - Very keen to enter the other, amended, figure Redhot - The rod (anag.) Redhot - Extremely heated Redhot - Poker can be highly exciting Redhot - Poker? one may be that brilliant Redhot - Excited revolutionary more than just warm Redhot - Furious when the rod melted Redhot - Fusion of the rod at a very high temperature Redhot - Very good Redhot - Very recent - very sexy Redhot - The type of poker in the garden that?s popular Redhot - Ginger's sexy -- but untouchable? Redhot - The type of poker in the garden that's popular Redhot - Husband caught in spot again, exhibiting much anger? Redhot - Very busy man united player approaching half-time without oxygen Redhot - Very popular description of what might be in 10 across Redhot - Fiery Redhot - Maitre d'hotel keeps blistering Redhot - Rubbish cut by editor - he's beginning to be very good Redhot - Glowing warmly Redhot - (of information) very recently received Redhot - Very spicy Redhot - Like glowing embers