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Snipe - Unexpected shot

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Snipe - Marsh bird Snipe - Take potshots (at) Snipe - Sandpiper's cousin Snipe - Curlew's cousin Snipe - Make cutting remarks Snipe - Make malicious remarks Snipe - Take potshots Snipe - Straight-billed game bird Snipe - Attack anonymously Snipe - Long-billed bird Snipe - Unexpected shot Snipe - Take a potshot Snipe - Prey in a mock hunt Snipe - Take a shot (at) Snipe - Make nasty comments Snipe - Bird of the marshes Snipe - Long-billed game bird Snipe - Long-billed marsh bird Snipe - Shoot from hiding Snipe - Be uncharitable, in a way Snipe - Shoot using a scope, say Snipe - Criticize slyly Snipe - Not attack head-on Snipe - Criticize sneakily Snipe - Be deviously critical Snipe - Long-billed wading bird Snipe - Relative of the sandpiper Snipe - Cousin of a woodcock Snipe - Make catty remarks Snipe - Take shots (at) Snipe - Slender-billed game bird Snipe - Shoot from above Snipe - Engage in petty criticism Snipe - Shoot with great precision Snipe - Take potshots Snipe - Take cheap shots Snipe - Shore bird Snipe - Sandpiper's kin Snipe - Attack from concealment Snipe - Attack from hiding Snipe - Take a surprise shot at Snipe - Pines like wading bird Snipe - ____ lake, alberta Snipe - Straight-billed marsh bird Snipe - Long-billed shore bird Snipe - The bird to shoot from cover Snipe - Bird to shoot from cover Snipe - Pines for bog bird Snipe - While hidden, shoot bird Snipe - Have a go at bird Snipe - Shoot a bird Snipe - Pick off the bird Snipe - Attack in game Snipe - Fools hunt it Snipe - Stubbed cigar, or a migratory bird Snipe - Shoot from cover Snipe - Prey in a bird hunt Snipe - Bid at the last second, as on ebay Snipe - Cast aspersions Snipe - Curlew Snipe - Wading bird Snipe - Shoot from concealment Snipe - Shoot from cover; bird Snipe - From concealed position, shoot bird Snipe - Perhaps carp for river bird Snipe - Wading bird with long straight bill Snipe - Curlew or sandpiper Snipe - Shoot from place of concealment Snipe - Shoot; bird Snipe - Shoot; birds Snipe - Wading bird; shoot Snipe - Long-billed sandpiper Snipe - Shoot at from cover Snipe - Shoot, birds Snipe - Make single shot through cover Snipe - Shoot and get the bird Snipe - Covertly attack certain high-fliers Snipe - Bird Snipe - Wading bird akin to the woodcock Snipe - Game bird Snipe - Bird shot Snipe - Criticise Snipe - Birds to shoot -- precisely Snipe - Clip tail of frigate bird Snipe - Party without indep­endence, english attack Snipe - From a safe distance, shoot bird Snipe - Wading bird; shoot from concealment Snipe - Make petty attacks Snipe - Wetlands wader Snipe - Slyly and persistently criticize Snipe - Potshot Snipe - Win an ebay auction with a last-minute bid Snipe - Bird to be sly verbally Snipe - Attack from a blind, say Snipe - Tactically target from a rooftop, say Snipe - Attack from a concealed place Snipe - Issue petty criticisms Snipe - One way to shoot game Snipe - Long-billed shorebird Snipe - Shoot like chris kyle Snipe - Fire from cover; bird Snipe - Straight-billed wetlands bird Snipe - Verbal criticism Snipe - Take verbal potshots Snipe - Bargain on english bird Snipe - 'one ___ doth tread upon another's heel': 'hamlet' Snipe - Dig Snipe - Expect a lengthy bill for this attack