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People - Its first issue was dated march 4, 1974 People - Nation People - Women and children, e.g People - Oprah and dr. phil, e.g People - Magazine about celebs People - Part 2 of quote People - Magazine that annually chooses "the sexiest man alive" People - Streisand classic People - Us competitor People - Folks People - Three of the first five words of a "funny girl" song, or its title People - Magazine with an annual "sexiest man alive" feature People - Us weekly rival People - Barbra classic People - Ones People - Magazine since 1974 People - Mia farrow graced its first cover People - You and me People - 1964 barbra streisand hit People - Humankind People - Part 5 of quip People - Populate People - Its first issue featured mia farrow on the cover People - Barbra streisand hit People - Streisand standard People - Early streisand hit People - Vintage streisand hit People - Celeb-laden magazine People - Individuals People - From them, when the eel goes the weasel goes People - Does the pope get confused with the french folk? People - Pop goes the eel for you and me People - Does the eel go pop with them? People - The races that 27 across with an eel People - Might the eel go pop like you and me? People - Pop goes the eel folk People - Pop goes the eel for them People - You and me, for instance People - The tree folk, by the sound of it, of india People - Folk that go pop with the eel People - Folk have got the pope confused with the french People - Not in the race with 20 down People - Us People - Sounds just like a tree in 26 across - just like you and me People - Pop goes the eel for the likes of us People - Men and women People - The pope gets confused with the french folk People - Do they get the pope confused with the french? People - Human beings People - Human beings in general People - The human sound of an indian tree People - Folk might make an eel go pop People - Pop goes the eel for folk People - The sound of a tree in india puts an end to 22 down People - Work in the peel for the folk People - Pop goes the eel for the folk People - All like me People - The pope goes out to meet the french nation People - See 10 People - See 6 People - Folk People - Part 3 of a layton quote People - Men, women and children People - Magazine about celebrities People - Mortals People - Magazine with a stylewatch spinoff People - Humans People - Race - mankind People - Streisand hit song People - Men and woman at the start of 15 across People - Constituency People - Men and women all like me People - Pop culture magazine People - Philosopher in ship is whodunit writer People - Persons People - Humans in general People - Cases of private ownership legitimise country folk People - Newspaper folk? People - Shirley hazzard's should perhaps not cast the first stone. or indeed, any other People - Magazine with a famous crossword People - ___ person People - Population People - Race People - Persons in general People - Magazine with an easy crossword People - "sexiest man alive" magazine People - Folk including couples from right parts of europe stop awhile People - Mia farrow was on its first cover People - Time inc. publication People - Audience components People - John lennon "power to the ___" People - Record turnover for old place with oriental men and women People - Boys, girls, women and men People - See 22-across People - Folk band turned into premier ethnographic exhibit, for starters People - Folk; citizens People - Record turnover for old place with oriental types in 26 across and 16 down, for example