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Modesty - Unwillingness to crow

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Modesty - Humbleness Modesty - What blowhards lack Modesty - Unwillingness to crow Modesty - "aw, shucks" quality Modesty - Victorian virtue Modesty - "aw shucks" quality Modesty - Trait of a good sportsman Modesty - Asset of one who's retiring Modesty - "the only sure bait when you angle for praise": lord chesterfield Modesty - Unassuming nature Modesty - Blowhard's lack Modesty - Reserve Modesty - Braggart's lack Modesty - Unwillingness to boast Modesty - The fashion is never so bold when it comes to such a dirty place Modesty - Nothing forward in the manner of a dirty house Modesty - Being shy in the manner of the piggery Modesty - No boasting about living there like pigs Modesty - Humble dwelling following fashion - no ostentation Modesty - Approach hovel in humility Modesty - Reserve accommodation for animals, by the way Modesty - Diffidence Modesty - Quality of being unpretentious Modesty - Self-deprecating quality Modesty - Unassumingness Modesty - Doctor meeting fate lacking in reserve Modesty - Decorum Modesty - Decorum, shyness Modesty - Reserve accommodation for pig - it's under way Modesty - Reserve fashions, extremely trendy Modesty - Unassuming character Modesty - Reserve army officer's fate not popular Modesty - Unpretentious style of fashions, extremely tawdry Modesty - Humility the way with beastly home Modesty - Way to get disorderly house under restraint Modesty - Songs by tenor breaking setter's reserve Modesty - The way pen shows freedom from vanity Modesty - Freedom from vanity Modesty - Unpretentiousness of style with pen Modesty - Poems that, initially, will be masked by the writer's self-effacement Modesty - Reserve enclosure, after a fashion Modesty - Decency Modesty - Humility Modesty - Style of farm building suggests humbleness Modesty - Approach dirty place in reserve Modesty - I'm surprised, keeping poems by tennyson originally in reserve Modesty - Old bedsit oddly covered by fancy simplicity Modesty - Trait lacking in egotists