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Reef - Sailor's peril

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Reef - Nautical danger Reef - Sailor's peril Reef - Coral ridge Reef - Lagoon perimeter Reef - Site of a wreck Reef - Sea-diving area Reef - Coral formation Reef - Coral ___ Reef - Atoll protector Reef - Reduce a sail Reef - Atoll component Reef - Coral structure Reef - Water hazard Reef - Snorkeler's haunt Reef - Part of a sail Reef - Offshore hazard Reef - Snorkeling site Reef - Atoll, for one Reef - Coral construction Reef - Natural breakwater Reef - Mariner's peril Reef - Sloop hazard Reef - Coral creation Reef - Underwater knoll Reef - Offshore ridge Reef - It's a great barrier Reef - Nautical hazard Reef - Ship's nemesis Reef - Key feature? Reef - Snorkelers' site Reef - Tropical fish hangout Reef - Bikini feature Reef - Mariner's hazard Reef - Wreck site Reef - Keel scraper Reef - Coral habitat Reef - Snorkler's interest Reef - Site of a wreck, perhaps Reef - Where a yacht might run aground Reef - Shipwreck cause, sometimes Reef - Ocean obstacle Reef - Shipping hazard Reef - Sea hazard Reef - Snorkeling destination, perhaps Reef - Great barrier, e.g Reef - Site of a shipwreck, perhaps Reef - Lagoon creator Reef - Shoal Reef - It might be just below the surface Reef - A kind of knot Reef - Snorkeler's heaven Reef - Great barrier __ Reef - Ship hazard Reef - Hazard for a hull Reef - Atoll barrier Reef - Snorkeler's hangout Reef - Shorten, as a sail Reef - Haven for sea life Reef - Nemo's home Reef - Place for scuba diving Reef - Boating hazard Reef - Site of many a shipwreck Reef - Scuba venue Reef - Navigation hazard Reef - *cal ___ Reef - Coral mass Reef - Yachting hazard Reef - Boat-bottom bumper Reef - Boat bottom bumper Reef - Erosion by-product Reef - Coral buildup Reef - Atoll, essentially Reef - Atoll's makeup Reef - Ship wrecker Reef - Shipwreck locale Reef - Diver's haunt Reef - Coral sea hazard Reef - Coral line Reef - Marine hazard Reef - Hazardous obstruction Reef - Damselfish's home Reef - Reduce, as a sail Reef - Snorkeling venue Reef - Sailing hazard Reef - Where ships may run aground Reef - Shipwreck cause Reef - Great barrier -- Reef - Coral construct Reef - Coral deposit Reef - Snorkeling spot Reef - Coral group Reef - Coral -- Reef - Scuba site Reef - Lagoon barrier Reef - Ridge of rock just under water Reef - Thus one forces about a thousand piles Reef - That's not the sound of granny on the rocks Reef - Not, by the sound of it, on the rocks Reef - By the sound of it, it's not granny that has it on the rocks Reef - Not the sound of rock Reef - Might be free, but shipping on it is not free Reef - Submerged ridge near the surface of the sea Reef - The great barrier ..., australian natural wonder Reef - If the ship is stuck there one might be able to get it free Reef - Submerged ridge of rock near the surface Reef - Underwater obstruction Reef - Ridge of rock or sand just below sea surface Reef - Ridge just under surface of water Reef - Chain of rocks near the surface of the sea Reef - Submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface Reef - Underwater hazard Reef - Ridge of rock under surface of sea Reef - Submerged ridge of rock or coral Reef - Underwater ridge or kind of knot Reef - Ridge near the surface of water Reef - Subsurface hazard Reef - Ridge of rock just below ocean surface Reef - Ridge of rock or sand just under surface of sea Reef - Kind of knot Reef - It's just below the waves Reef - Ship's hazard Reef - Shipwreck site Reef - Knot Reef - Underwater obstacle Reef - Coral growth Reef - Bar open to all, beginning to end Reef - Bank that may be taken in Reef - King repelled charge on the rocks Reef - Main chain putting price right up Reef - The work of 12 is tied Reef - See 15 Reef - Bank sailors try to avoid? Reef - Hazard to sailors taken in when it's blowy Reef - Knot sailors try to avoid Reef - Rocks in shallow water - kind of knot Reef - Rocky ridge near sea surface Reef - Rock in shallow water Reef - Kind of knot (avoided by sailors?) Reef - Coral ____ - ____ knot Reef - Chain of rocks underwater Reef - Rock formed of coral Reef - Undersea ridge Reef - Coral formation - kind of knot Reef - Rocks in shallow water Reef - Hazard for ships Reef - Reduce a sail's surface - shipping hazard Reef - Shorten sail Reef - Biodiverse habitat Reef - Diver's domain Reef - Something for snorkelers to look at but not touch Reef - Pilot's hazard Reef - Seaman's knot Reef - Lough near french capital is covered by shallow water Reef - Diver's place Reef - Snorkeling spot, perhaps Reef - Popular snorkeling destination Reef - Rocky part of sail Reef - Snorkeling locale Reef - Bank of jagged rock near the surface of the sea Reef - Atoll former Reef - Aquatic habitat Reef - Great barrier, for one Reef - Underwater ridge Reef - Scuba spot Reef - Backdrop for some schools Reef - Natural barrier Reef - Repurposed shipwreck Reef - Shoal; take in (sail) Reef - The sort of knot sailors consider dangerous Reef - Take in (part of sail) Reef - Band fronted by gary stringer Reef - Band with an affinity to the coral? Reef - Marine formation incorporating part of tree fern Reef - One whistles, crossing close to extreme marine hazard Reef - Coral or rock just below sea surface Reef - Ridge of rock underwater Reef - Urban condemnation issued to those, like pascal, who were so called Reef - Undersea ridge; reduce sail area Reef - Shallow coral ridge Reef - Barrier in edith wharton's work Reef - Recalling edward elgar for starters: "where corals lie"? Reef - Bank in free fall Reef - Such a knot not tied - fine to take the other end Reef - Bank where judge keeps euros at first Reef - Low-lying coral ridge Reef - No charge first to last, one gathered on yacht Reef - Knot, turnstone etc may feed here Reef - Judge imprisoning head of european bank Reef - Diver's site, perhaps Reef - Boat bottom scraper Reef - Scuba diving area Reef - Good snorkeling locale Reef - Ridge just below the surface Reef - Free (anag.) Reef - Chain of rocks near surface of water Reef - It can be taken in a bank Reef - Coral-ridge Reef - Type of knot Reef - Reduce sail - rocks in sight! Reef - Bank without charges first to sink completely Reef - Submerged ridge Reef - Coral - - Reef - Submerged ridge of rock Reef - The knot sailors avoid Reef - A submerged ridge of rock Reef - Bank official retaining energy Reef - Some more effective barrier Reef - Folding part of sail may be treacherous for ship Reef - Submerged rocks Reef - Chain of rocks Reef - Rock near water's surface Reef - Part of sail that could spell danger to sailor Reef - River charge raised means potential danger for ships Reef - Bank not imposing a charge first to last Reef - Submerged rock Reef - Ridge of rock Reef - Underwater rock Reef - It's not too hard to get free from this knot Reef - Sandbank Reef - Rocks about going over eastern france Reef - A knot that seamen consider dangerous Reef - Feature of hawaii's molokini crater Reef - Key, e.g Reef - The keys, essentially Reef - Spot for snorkelers Reef - Right charge returned for chain of rocks Reef - Coral chain Reef - Free travel is a concern of 22 across Reef - Boater's hazard Reef - Shipwreck site, perhaps Reef - Good area for snorkeling Reef - The knot sailors try to avoid Reef - Sound barrier? Reef - Coral expanse Reef - Clownfish habitat Reef - Lagoon's coral barrier Reef - See 41-across Reef - Official covering english bank Reef - Coral strip Reef - "won't somebody get me off of this ___" sublime Reef - Old 97s "barrier ___" Reef - '90s "place your hands" band Reef - U.k. band that had "glow" album Reef - Skin diving locale Reef - Coral bleaching locale Reef - Submerged barrier Reef - Hazard at sea -- do something to reduce canvas Reef - Place divers explore Reef - Diverse ecosystem Reef - Place for a sponge Reef - Bank right to reject payment Reef - Where to find some very wet sponges Reef - Ocean hazard Reef - 6 down component Reef - Admire efforts to ring bank Reef - Ocean obstruction Reef - Underwater habitat Reef - Home to nemo, in "finding nemo" Reef - One can get free from this knot Reef - Shallow water obstacle Reef - Submerged threat Reef - Submerged threat Reef - 22 across will be aware of free travel Reef - Britpop band with "glow" album Reef - Britpop band with "glow" album