Opiate - Narcotic

Word by letter:
  • Opiate - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word T
  • 6 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Opiate - 'narcotic composition,' i scoffed Opiate - 'purple drank,' e.g Opiate - A drug to induce sleep Opiate - A little such work i swallowed put me to sleep Opiate - A narcotic drug Opiate - A poet i become on this drug Opiate - A sedative drug Opiate - A sleep-inducing drug Opiate - A sleep-inducing drug (6) Opiate - Addictive drug Opiate - Addictive narcotic Opiate - After operation, i swallowed painkiller Opiate - After work i had something to eat, and that put me to sleep Opiate - After work i took drug to aid rest Opiate - After work one ingested drug Opiate - After work, i had meal, becoming soporific Opiate - After work, i partook of heroin, perhaps Opiate - At work i took drug Opiate - Calm-inducing drug Opiate - Calmer Opiate - Calmer? Opiate - Calming agent Opiate - Chloral hydrate, e.g Opiate - Cocaine, for one Opiate - Codeine, e.g Opiate - Codeine, for one Opiate - Deadening agent Opiate - Dentist's number? Opiate - Did the work i swallowed put me to sleep? Opiate - Does it ease pain of operation, i worried? Opiate - Downer Opiate - Drowsiness-inducing drug Opiate - Drug Opiate - Drug from poppies Opiate - Drug given for nothing? then one's head going round Opiate - Drug i swallowed after work Opiate - Drug i took at meal perhaps after operation Opiate - Drug inducing a false sense of contentment Opiate - Drug injected primarily in a poet being dissolute Opiate - Drug like codeine Opiate - Drug made from poppy Opiate - Drug old greek character and another passed round Opiate - Drug one took in after operation Opiate - Drug produced close to mayo, the greek character consumed Opiate - Drug ring runs from hijacker Opiate - Drug that dulls the brain Opiate - Drug that's a downer Opiate - Drug with an opium base Opiate - Drug work i polished off Opiate - Drug, one chewed and swallowed after surgery Opiate - Duller of the senses Opiate - Dulling agent Opiate - Endorphin, basically Opiate - Endorphin, e.g Opiate - Heroin or vicodin Opiate - Heroin, e.g Opiate - Heroin, for one Opiate - How i swallowed the work that put me to sleep Opiate - How one 3 down with the work i consumed Opiate - Hydrocodone, e.g Opiate - I tucked into duck spread - it's addictive Opiate - Into the duck pate i put a tranquilliser Opiate - It can be a real downer Opiate - It can knock you out Opiate - It induces sleep Opiate - It makes dull dystopia temporarily entertaining Opiate - It may induce relaxation Opiate - It will knock you out Opiate - It'll knock you out Opiate - It'll put you under Opiate - It's a downer Opiate - Laudanum, e.g Opiate - Lethargy inducer Opiate - Mince pie to contain a drug Opiate - Mince pie to include a drug Opiate - Mind boggler Opiate - Mind duller Opiate - Morphine is one Opiate - Morphine or codeine Opiate - Morphine or codeine, e.g Opiate - Morphine, e.g Opiate - Morphine, for one Opiate - Morphine. e.g Opiate - Narcotic Opiate - Narcotic drug Opiate - Narcotic or sedative Opiate - Narcotic painkiller Opiate - Narcotic, such as morphine Opiate - New patio on front entrance has a relaxing quality when taken in Opiate - Old biblical judge, having downed litre, is duller Opiate - Old detective and judge lose the head with drug Opiate - Old detective consumed narcotic Opiate - Old head has to take one sort of drug Opiate - Old head swallowed one soporific Opiate - On reflection, separatist type arrives at stock market launch for one's pains Opiate - On reflection, separatist type arrives at stock market launch, for one's pains Opiate - Oxycodone, e.g Opiate - Pain reliever Opiate - Pain-relieving drug Opiate - Painkiller Opiate - Patio broken on front exit and poppy's dna is all over it Opiate - Poppy derivative Opiate - Poppy plant derivative Opiate - Poppy provided the work i consumed Opiate - Poppy provides nothing for detective to eat Opiate - Poppy-based drug Opiate - Poppy-derived drug Opiate - Poppy-sap drug Opiate - Potent drug Opiate - Preparation made from poppy derivative Opiate - Prescription number Opiate - Relaxant Opiate - Religion, in an oft-quoted metaphor Opiate - Religion, to marx Opiate - Religion, to the masses, per marx Opiate - Round at 'the buccaneer' - right away it dulls the senses Opiate - Roundhead caught one with narcotic Opiate - Rushes out of house parties for local dope Opiate - Sedating drug Opiate - Sedative Opiate - Sedative drug Opiate - Sense dulling drug Opiate - Sense-dulling drug Opiate - Sleep inducer Opiate - Sleep medication Opiate - Sleep-inducing Opiate - Sleep-inducing drug Opiate - Soporific Opiate - Stimulant's opposite Opiate - Stupefying thing Opiate - The work i consumed put me asleep Opiate - The work i consumed will put me to sleep Opiate - The work i have eaten makes me drop off Opiate - The work i swallowed made me sleep Opiate - The work i swallowed may be a drug for me Opiate - The work i swallowed put me to sleep Opiate - The work i swallowed will put me to sleep Opiate - Type of drug Opiate - Type of narcotic Opiate - What might be a knockout? Opiate - Work i consumed, that's called 'sugar' or 'snow' Opiate - Work on one consumed by drug Opiate - Work the queen leaves for one providing horse, say
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Narcotic (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - narcotic. word on "O". 1 - st. letter O. 2 - st. letter P. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter T. 6 - st. letter E.

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