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Info - "for more ___, contact ..." Info - "inside" data Info - "inside" dope Info - "inside" facts, briefly Info - "the skinny" Info - '411' Info - '411' Info - 'for more ___ ...' Info - 411 Info - 411 request Info - A gumshoe often pays for it Info - About to suffer no end providing intelligence Info - Advice column stuff Info - Almanac contents Info - Almanac contents, briefly Info - Almanac data Info - Almanac data Info - At home for losing right details Info - At home for missing right details Info - Back talk Info - Bit of data Info - Brochure's contents Info - Cia gleanings Info - Colloquial word for knowledge Info - Common knowledge Info - Compressed data Info - Compressed data? Info - Computer fodder Info - Contents of a scoop Info - Cretin foolishly taking dope Info - Current following old news Info - Data Info - Data (abbr) Info - Data (abbrev.) Info - Data belonging to part of uk turned up Info - Data from virgin forest Info - Data kept in main folder Info - Data or facts Info - Data presented in plain format Info - Data received and understood (abbr) Info - Data relating to province must be brought up Info - Data's returned concerning uk region Info - Data, briefly Info - Data, casually Info - Data, compressed Info - Data, for instance Info - Data, for short Info - Data, informally Info - Debriefing extraction Info - Debriefing extraction (abbr.) Info - Debriefing extraction, briefly Info - Deets Info - Details Info - Dirt Info - Dirt or data, briefly Info - Dirt, maybe Info - Dope Info - Dope at work with boris? Info - Dope belonging to half of class Info - Dope employed by foreign office? Info - Dope employed by former government department? Info - Dope employed by ministry of external affairs? Info - Dope from a booth? Info - Dope is no fool, oddly Info - Dope performing well when leaving room Info - Dope upset flameproof nitrogen bottles Info - Dope, so to speak Info - Edifying facts Info - Edifying stuff Info - Enlightening material Info - Enlightening stuff Info - Expecting to receive endless data Info - Facts Info - Facts (abbr) Info - Facts and data Info - Facts and figures Info - Facts and figures, for short Info - Facts kept in certain folders Info - Facts sought Info - Facts, briefly Info - Facts, for short Info - Facts, in casual conversation Info - Facts, say Info - Factual data Info - Faq responses, e.g Info - Fb profile fodder you fill in so the government knows ur a pisces Info - Four-one-one Info - Gen Info - Gen (abbr) Info - Gen (abbrev) Info - Gen (colloq.) Info - Gen's pregnant. al's gone missing! Info - Google users seek it Info - Help desk offering Info - Help desk offering, briefly Info - Helpful facts Info - Helpful facts, briefly Info - Helpful facts, for short Info - Helpful stuff Info - Home of retired counsel? Info - In a small way, it's the local dirt discovered in rain forests Info - Inside dope Info - Inside stuff, briefly Info - Insider dirt Info - Intelligence Info - Intelligence shown where international politicians once worked Info - Intelligence, slangily Info - It comes in a scoop Info - It may be classified, briefly Info - It may be supplied at a booth, briefly Info - It may come in a scoop Info - It's available at a '?' sign Info - It's gathered by scouts Info - It's the turn of ulster to start in formation, perhaps Info - Knowledge (abbrev) Info - Knowledge (colloq.) Info - Knowledge internal to government department Info - Knowledge regarding province has turned up Info - Knowledge, for short Info - Latest popular food, oddly enough Info - Little intelligence Info - Little news of priestess embracing right-wing party Info - Low-down from certain footballer (abbrev) Info - Lowdown Info - Material taken from home belonging to retired ... Info - Name, birthdate, age, sex, relationship status, etc Info - Need to get up to speed Info - Net receipts? Info - News Info - News concerning most of ulster sent up Info - News cut short Info - News of northern ireland slipping back Info - News one can use Info - News that is wearing at the foreign office Info - News you can use Info - News you can use, briefly Info - News, briefly Info - News, for short Info - Offering at some booths Info - Poop Info - Popular return of 'news in brief' Info - Press release contents Info - Press release contents (abbr.) Info - Press release contents, briefly Info - Reference material Info - Renseignement Info - Scoop Info - Scoop contents Info - Scoop or poop Info - Scuttlebutt Info - Short bits of data Info - Short data Info - Short news Info - Sign of don intermittently showing intelligence Info - Skinny Info - Skinny, so to speak Info - Something that shouldn't be split, in short -- old knowledge Info - Stats and stuff Info - Stats and such Info - Stats, e.g Info - Straight dope Info - Subj. matter Info - The 'i' of f.y.i., for short Info - The 4-1-1 Info - The 411 Info - The 411, if you're down with that Info - The deets Info - The facts, for short Info - The goods Info - The i in fyi, for short Info - The low-down Info - The lowdown Info - The scoop Info - The skinny Info - Theme word inside this puzzle's theme words Info - Told only half the facts? Info - Useful data Info - Useful data, briefly Info - Useful facts Info - Useful facts on a subject Info - Useful facts, for short Info - Useful facts, in casual conversation Info - Useful intelligence Info - Welcome center offering Info - What a help desk provides Info - What faqs offer Info - What faqs provide Info - What you want to know Info - What's known in government department?