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Doormat - Habitually humiliated one

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Doormat - Habitually humiliated one Doormat - Habitually humiliated person Doormat - Habitually humiliated human Doormat - Hardly the assertive type Doormat - Floor saver Doormat - Punching bag, so to speak Doormat - One frequently taken advantage of Doormat - Milquetoast Doormat - "welcome" site Doormat - Pushover Doormat - Picked-on sort Doormat - Welcome site Doormat - Unassertive sort Doormat - What's the ram to do if you stand on it? Doormat - One gets so downtrodden on the way in Doormat - One is so downtrodden Doormat - It's under two feet on the way in Doormat - Underfoot for the weigh-in, by the sound of it Doormat - Carpet protector or very submissive person Doormat - Wipe feet on this before entering Doormat - One easily run over Doormat - 5000 or 1000 at this, cleaned their shoes! Doormat - Entrance rug Doormat - You may step on it coming home Doormat - Downtrodden wimp? Doormat - Party men wanting dull, submissive type Doormat - Rug (or person) that's walked all over Doormat - Coarse rug for wiping shoes at entrance Doormat - Perennial target of abuse Doormat - Something (or someone!) people walk all over Doormat - Submissive type of crucifix rejected by mother teresa, initially Doormat - Humble pie eater Doormat - Unassertive type Doormat - Complete layout without employing female wimp Doormat - A spiritless fellow, way out and dull Doormat - Submissive person seen walking in? Doormat - Uncomplaining person sometimes trampled on by trainers Doormat - Submissive person (colloq.) Doormat - Item for wiping shoes on Doormat - Submissive person; shoe cleaner Doormat - Shoe wiper at entrance Doormat - "on these occasions he ceased to be a human –– whom an 'oh clarence!' could quell" (p. g. wodehouse) Doormat - On which shoes should be wiped Doormat - On which to wipe feet Doormat - Entrance wiper Doormat - Gets under one's feet at the start of 26 down with half the format Doormat - Downtrodden shoe cleaner Doormat - Something that may hide a key Doormat - Opportunity on coaster for one who submits meekly to domination Doormat - Downtrodden sort of shoe-cleaner? Doormat - What a to-do! ram into a long-suffering victim Doormat - Mad to change, accepting alternative when one's on the threshold! Doormat - Mug excited by silly motor ad Doormat - One on the threshold of being taken advantage of? Doormat - Downtrodden shoe-cleaner Doormat - Person taken advantage of by troubled dominator not at home Doormat - Submissive person that may convey a welcome Doormat - Mad root (anag.) Doormat - Badly treated but uncomplaining person Doormat - A trodden-on jellyfish? Doormat - Welcome indicator Doormat - One easily taken advantage of Doormat - There's nothing in sleeping area located by uncomplaining figure Doormat - Welcome here for a downtrodden person? Doormat - 'welcome' site Doormat - It is for wiping shoes Doormat - Cross over dull person offering little resistance Doormat - Submissive sort Doormat - Step on it before the opening Doormat - Discharge soldiers -- dull-looking one's uncomplaining