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Hopes - What optimists have

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Hopes - 'e thinks 'e may be in the shop Hopes - Anticipatory feelings Hopes - Aspira-tions Hopes - Aspirations Hopes - Aspirations, wishes Hopes - Aspires Hopes - Believes that good things may happen Hopes - Bob and dolores Hopes - Builds up hopes with year for love Hopes - Comedian's aspirations Hopes - Crosses one's fingers Hopes - Crosses one's fingers, perhaps Hopes - Desired outcomes Hopes - Desires and expects Hopes - Dreams and aspirations Hopes - Expectations Hopes - Expectations about the soft shoe shuffle Hopes - Expectations the man's got outside work Hopes - Expects to include a soft shoe shuffle Hopes - Feels optimistic Hopes - Fond wishes Hopes - Great expectations Hopes - Grubs around plants initially and keeps fingers crossed Hopes - Has aspirations Hopes - He is expecting them about the work Hopes - Is optimistic Hopes - Is wishful Hopes - Optimistic collection Hopes - Optimistic expectations Hopes - Optimistic feelings Hopes - Optimists keep them alive Hopes - Oriental jumps around with expectations Hopes - Partners of dreams Hopes - Partners of dreams or fears Hopes - Prospects of dances round spain Hopes - Signs of optimism Hopes - Some are high Hopes - Some are high and some are false Hopes - They may be dashed Hopes - They may be high Hopes - They may be high before a competition Hopes - They're high on opening day Hopes - What optimists have Hopes - Wishes Hopes - Wishes earnestly Hopes - Wishes expected to come true Hopes - Wishes that man is accepting work Hopes - Wishes to jump on game opponents Hopes - You don't want them to be dashed Hopes - You shouldn't get them up too soon