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Tapers - Some church lighting

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Tapers - Some church lighting Tapers - Comes to the point? Tapers - Narrows down Tapers - Service lights? Tapers - Comes to a point Tapers - Items in sconces Tapers - Thin candles Tapers - Makes a point? Tapers - Slender candles Tapers - Gets narrower Tapers - Gradually reduces Tapers - Becomes narrower Tapers - Narrows Tapers - Narrows gradually Tapers - Gets to the point? Tapers - Narrows to a point Tapers - Candles Tapers - They must be wicked, but even so they're hardly light enough, being so thin Tapers - They make a thin enough repast to make light of Tapers - Just a little light to make a repast of them Tapers - Narrows toward a point Tapers - Becomes gradually narrower as candle may Tapers - Prates about candle lighters Tapers - It's not a bit thick that they're so light Tapers - Repast with slender candles Tapers - Prates about slender candles Tapers - Narrows towards the end, like a candle Tapers - Makes or becomes gradually narrower Tapers - One gets to the point of their being a little light Tapers - They're just a little light Tapers - Drunken repast comes to a fine end Tapers - Narrows at one end Tapers - Gradually narrows Tapers - Menorah inserts Tapers - Slim candles Tapers - Winds down, with "off" Tapers - Comes to the point as may leaves paymaster Tapers - Long thin candles Tapers - Gets thinner toward one end Tapers - Gets smaller lights Tapers - Lights positioned around theatre, uplifting Tapers - Spills source of water? nothing missing from fountain Tapers - Gets more narrow Tapers - What a person carries spills