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Cure - Salt, perhaps

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Cure - Make jerky? Cure - Snake oil, purportedly Cure - Salt, perhaps Cure - Smoke, perhaps Cure - Pickle Cure - Treat successfully Cure - Make jerky Cure - Quinine, for malaria Cure - Relief Cure - Medical breakthrough Cure - Put in the smokehouse Cure - Preserve, as meat Cure - Aim of medical research, often Cure - Dry, as tobacco leaves Cure - Medical discovery Cure - Pain killer? Cure - Magic bullet Cure - Remedy Cure - Healing treatment Cure - Treat meat Cure - Medical success Cure - Work in a smokehouse Cure - Clinic offering Cure - Medical solution Cure - Prepare for preservation Cure - Dry tobacco leaves, e.g Cure - Put in the smokehouse, e.g Cure - Restore to health Cure - Antidote Cure - Pickle, perhaps Cure - Smoke or salt, maybe Cure - Make better Cure - Researcher's find Cure - Solution Cure - Heal Cure - Doctor Cure - Treat meat, in a way Cure - Fix Cure - Permanent solution Cure - Treat wisely, and well Cure - Make perfect again Cure - Ailment answer Cure - What people with a common cold do not have Cure - Bug zapper? Cure - Salt or smoke Cure - Make healthy again Cure - Smoke, e.g Cure - Antibiotic, hopefully Cure - Fix for what ails you Cure - Make well Cure - Practice medicine on Cure - Heal completely Cure - ___-all Cure - Medical research grail Cure - Medical researcher's goal Cure - Make well again Cure - Make sound Cure - Medical-lab dream Cure - Well, that's what the priest in france will make you Cure - Well, that's what the 18 across priest will make you Cure - Well, that'll make you go into church in france Cure - Well, that's the way to make one be in church in france Cure - Well, that'll make one be in church in france Cure - Father in france for the good of his health? Cure - Will one get you well in church in france? Cure - If you're at the end of 30 across, that'll fix you Cure - 17 down will get you this in the pulpit in france Cure - Well, that will make one go to church on the continent Cure - Well, the french priest will make one Cure - Well, that's the way to make it in church in france Cure - Help the body in england; help the soul in france Cure - Make better or preserve in salt Cure - Remedy, therapy Cure - Preserve by smoking - make better Cure - Heal or remedy Cure - Restore to health or preserve with salt Cure - Remedy or preserve Cure - Lasting treatment Cure - Heal or pickle Cure - Heal or preserve Cure - Well now, that's not one that's high in the church in france Cure - Well, that's what father in france will make you Cure - Well, that will make one be in church in france Cure - Medicine, one would hope Cure - Successful treatment Cure - French priest one may go to lourdes to find Cure - Bill leaves 1, uncertain of successful treatment Cure - Parson's remedy Cure - Make better pickle Cure - See 28 Cure - Priest needed by the sick Cure - Parson's duty to smoke? Cure - French priest sought in lourdes Cure - Treat - french parish priest Cure - Make better (by smoking?) Cure - Robert smith band, with 'the' Cure - Robert smith band, with "the" Cure - "kiss me, kiss me, kiss me" band, with "the" Cure - Make all better Cure - Taken first thing in the morning after late night drinks developed in laboratory Cure - Purpose of many a shot Cure - Smoke, maybe Cure - Smoke or salt Cure - Make healthy, preserve Cure - Remedy given by priest without an accent Cure - Foreign priest's preserve Cure - Make well next to cold river Cure - Preserve with 9-down Cure - Restore - kipper Cure - Fix you, coldplay's left on box Cure - Salt should restore one to health Cure - Restore Cure - I left marie to find the remedy Cure - Salt therapy Cure - Restorative Cure - Get rid of french priest Cure - See you texting rees regularly. is it therapy? Cure - Priest brings healing Cure - Act of healing from priest Cure - Priest, odd person to provide remedy Cure - Parisian clergyman's healing powers? Cure - Medical research goal Cure - Preserve meat by smoking Cure - Smoke what the barman gives you the day after Cure - Doper is not part of procedure to put things right Cure - Smoke, as a ham Cure - Clean bill of health has something to do with 3 down Cure - Goal in much medical research Cure - Penicillin, often Cure - Dog beginning to eat kipper Cure - Rag trade's missing out in recovery Cure - Cancer researcher's goal Cure - Medical researcher's quest Cure - Blaspheme in the absence of saint or priest Cure - Be a good doctor Cure - Quick fix for bank's currency future Cure - Successfully treat Cure - "fascination street" guys Cure - Make healthy preserve Cure - Treatment of foreign priest Cure - Nettoie en grattant Cure - Traitement médical Cure - Research goal, at times Cure - Prêtre Cure - Medical remedy Cure - Utter oath, dropping small treat Cure - Priest gives healing Cure - Means of correction Cure - Add salt to, maybe