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Arsonist - Incendiary sinner

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Arsonist - Incendiary sinner Arsonist - Incendiary Arsonist - "backdraft" criminal Arsonist - Cause of a bad burn? Arsonist - One with a burning desire Arsonist - Sounds as if it's byrne is what one wants for this Arsonist - Sort of fishy the way one starts the firing Arsonist - One's boy is burning to get into painting Arsonist - Incendiary, firebug Arsonist - One who maliciously burns property Arsonist - Bad lighter? Arsonist - Criminal enjoying a blaze of publicity! Arsonist - One fire-raising Arsonist - A major criminal Arsonist - Ignition technician? Arsonist - Has a burning desire for artist returning to relative before anyone else Arsonist - Criminal's skill - boy is taken in Arsonist - Boy is going to be absorbed in painting? like blazes he will Arsonist - Fire-raiser Arsonist - Fire raiser Arsonist - Criminal fire-raiser Arsonist - One gets fired for being a criminal Arsonist - Criminal of a bad sort covering offence up Arsonist - Criminal's false assertion judge ultimately dismissed Arsonist - Criminal child appears for performer's first time Arsonist - Switched on, star is lighter? Arsonist - Insurance fraud perpetrator, perhaps Arsonist - One with a burning ambition Arsonist - One with a burning desire? Arsonist - Vicar losing head, one good man becoming criminal Arsonist - One with a burning passion? Arsonist - Firebug Arsonist - Pyromaniac Arsonist - Criminal's offspring is going into painting Arsonist - One criminally burns roasts in cooking Arsonist - Criminal is a sort to possess naphtha initially Arsonist - One with a burning passion Arsonist - One firing property Arsonist - Inflammatory person unbalanced on stairs Arsonist - Fire-raiser roasts in disaster Arsonist - Should one get a lighter sentence? Arsonist - Craft transporting child is lighter? Arsonist - Has a burning desire to upset artist in the family before anyone else Arsonist - Criminal sheltered by parson is terrified Arsonist - Criminal deserving the firing squad?