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Ari - Christina's father

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Ari - Jackie's second Ari - Uris hero Ari - Mr. o Ari - Tv actress meyers Ari - 'exodus' role Ari - Actress meyers Ari - Christina's father Ari - Jackie's 'o' Ari - Greek nickname Ari - First name in shipping Ari - Christina's dad Ari - 'exodus' hero Ari - Paul's 'exodus' role Ari - Uris protagonist Ari - Mr. onassis Ari - Meyers of 'kate & allie' Ari - Jackie's o Ari - Bush spokesman fleischer Ari - White house spokesman fleischer Ari - 'kate & allie' actress meyers Ari - Jackie's #2 Ari - First name in tycoons Ari - Jackie o's man Ari - ___ ben canaan of 'exodus' Ari - First name in shipping moguls Ari - "exodus" role Ari - Jackie o's husband Ari - Shipping nickname Ari - Press secretary fleischer Ari - Shipping mogul onassis Ari - Fleischer in washington Ari - Jackie's second husband Ari - Tycoon aboard the christina Ari - The diamondbacks, on scoreboards Ari - Paul's role in "exodus" Ari - Shipping magnate onassis Ari - George w.'s press secretary Ari - Jackie o's spouse Ari - Jackie's last hubby Ari - Greek shipper onassis Ari - Mr. onassis, to friends Ari - 'exodus' hero ___ ben canaan Ari - Mr. o, in 1960's-70's headlines Ari - Tycoon onassis Ari - He wed a white house widow Ari - Aristotle, to jacqueline Ari - Onassis nickname Ari - Uris hero ___ ben canaan Ari - Jackie's partner Ari - 'exodus' protagonist Ari - Spokesman fleischer Ari - "exodus" character Ari - Hubby of jackie Ari - Onassis, to jackie Ari - Jackie's guy Ari - Former white house spokesman fleischer Ari - Jackie's "o" Ari - Newlywed in '68 headlines Ari - One-time spokesman fleischer Ari - "exodus" hero Ari - Late greek tycoon, familiarly Ari - Onassis, in tabloids Ari - Former bush spokesman fleischer Ari - "exodus" protagonist Ari - Former bush press secretary fleischer Ari - Magnate onassis Ari - George's former press secretary Ari - John-john's stepdad Ari - Stepfather of john f. kennedy, jr., familiarly Ari - Late greek tycoon Ari - Jackie's late husband Ari - Hero of "exodus" Ari - One-time press secretary fleischer Ari - George w.'s spokesman, once Ari - 'exodus' character Ari - Jackie’s second Ari - Christina's daddy Ari - Uris hero canaan Ari - Nickname aboard the christina Ari - Aristotle, for short Ari - 31-across, familiarly Ari - Stepfather of john f. kennedy, jr Ari - Aristotle, to his pals Ari - Greek shipper onassis, informally Ari - Former press secretary fleischer Ari - Shipping tycoon's nickname Ari - Uris hero ben canaan Ari - He was the 'o' in jackie o Ari - Israeli first name Ari - He left maria for jackie Ari - Bush ex-spokesman fleischer Ari - Jackie o's second Ari - ___ ben canaan, leon uris hero Ari - Greek groom of 1968, informally Ari - He used to spin for george Ari - N.l. west team, on scoreboards Ari - "exodus" hero __ ben canaan Ari - Onassis, briefly Ari - Paul's role in 'exodus' Ari - Npr reporter shapiro Ari - Onassis, to friends Ari - Fleischer with the 2005 memoir 'taking heat' Ari - Greek tycoon's nickname Ari - Paul's "exodus" role Ari - Jackie's ex Ari - Old shipping nickname Ari - Exodus hero Ari - "all things considered" reporter shapiro Ari - Ex-spokesman fleischer Ari - Jackie's second spouse Ari - Jackie's second mate Ari - Leon uris hero Ari - Shipping mogul onassis, to friends Ari - Shapiro of npr Ari - Israeli name Ari - Hebrew name meaning 'lion' Ari - Ex-bush staffer fleischer Ari - Aristotle, to friends Ari - Noted onassis, to friends Ari - "west bank story" nominee ___ sandel Ari - Cal-nev-___, nev Ari - Onassis, to his pals Ari - Onassis of shipping Ari - ___ onassis, jackie kennedy's #2 Ari - Old shipping moniker Ari - Jeremy piven, on "entourage" Ari - Aristotle, familiarly Ari - Tycoon's nickname Ari - Jeremy piven character on 'entourage' Ari - Paul in exodus Ari - D-backs, on a scoreboard Ari - Chase field team, on scoreboards Ari - Agent gold on hbo's 'entourage' Ari - Former white house press secretary fleischer Ari - Jackie's second, briefly Ari - Onassis who married jackie Ari - Aristotle, to jackie Ari - "entourage" agent Ari - Onassis, to pals Ari - J.f.k.'s stepfather Ari - "entourage" character gold Ari - 'entourage' agent Ari - Nl west team Ari - Jeremy piven's "entourage" role Ari - Diva maria's love Ari - Vince's agent, on "entourage" Ari - Onassis, for one Ari - Cardinals, on scoreboards Ari - The d'backs, on scoreboards Ari - Onassis, to his pals Ari - 'taking heat' memoirist fleischer Ari - Jackie married him Ari - Jackie's man Ari - John-john's stepfather Ari - Onassis, informally Ari - Maria's love in the 1996 tony-winning play 'master class' Ari - Jackie o's hubby Ari - ___ ben canaan of "exodus" Ari - Caroline's stepdad Ari - Beverly hills talent agent __ emanuel Ari - Agent gold of 'entourage' Ari - 'entourage' character played by jeremy piven Ari - 55-across character Ari - Agent gold on hbo's "entourage" Ari - L.a. dodgers rival, on scoreboards Ari - Mountain zone team, on scoreboards Ari - Tanker magnate, to pals Ari - Mr. onassis, familiarly Ari - Agent gold of hbo's 'entourage' Ari - Jeremy's emmy-winning role Ari - Onassis, familiarly Ari - "taking heat" author fleischer Ari - Aristotle, familiarly Ari - Vince's agent on 'entourage' Ari - Husband of 58 down Ari - "entourage" agent gold Ari - D-backs, on scoreboards Ari - 'entourage' role Ari - ___ gold, character on 'entourage' Ari - Jeremy piven character gold, on 'entourage' Ari - 'entourage' agent gold Ari - Jeremy piven's hbo role Ari - Fleischer under w Ari - "entourage" character Ari - Nl west team, on scoreboards Ari - Jeremy's 'entourage' role Ari - Anagrammatic cousin of 21-down? Ari - Magnate's nickname Ari - Nfl's cardinals, on scoreboards Ari - Jeremy's "entourage" role Ari - Hebrew given name (meaning lion) Ari - Hollywood superagent emanuel Ari - An onassis Ari - Actress graynor Ari - Talent agent ___ emanuel Ari - He put the "o" in jackie o Ari - Chas' son in 'the royal tenenbaums' Ari - Rahm emanuel's talent agent brother Ari - Aristotle, to pals Ari - Diamondbacks, on scoreboards Ari - Vince's agent, on 'entourage' Ari - ___ gold, agent on 'entourage' Ari - Actress nicole __ parker Ari - Baseball's diamondbacks, on scoreboards Ari - Hebrew name meaning "lion" Ari - "taking heat" memoirist fleischer Ari - Financier onassis Ari - Gold on 'entourage' Ari - Jackie o's ex Ari - Npr's shapiro Ari - George w.’s first press secretary Ari - Magnate onassis, to friends Ari - ___ ben canaan ("exodus" character) Ari - Hbo character gold Ari - George w.'s first press secretary Ari - J.f.k.'s successor Ari - ___ onassis Ari - 1968 newlywed, familiarly Ari - Jackie's hubby Ari - White house ex-spokesman fleischer Ari - Onassis' nickname Ari - 'exodus' figure Ari - Jackie's second hubby Ari - 'entourage' character Ari - Meyers of movies Ari - Jackie's onassis Ari - Onassis's nickname Ari - Jackie o's 'o' Ari - Meyers of the screen Ari - Jackie o's onassis Ari - He's testifying about scooter and dick Ari - Jeremy piven, on 'entourage' Ari - 'all things considered' reporter shapiro Ari - Jackie o.'s husband Ari - 2001 world series winner, on scoreboards Ari - He gave jackie her o Ari - 'exodus' protagonist ___ ben canaan Ari - Ex-press secretary fleischer Ari - Former spokesman fleischer Ari - Man's name that spells another man's name backward Ari - Onassis patriarch Ari - Role for jeremy on 'entourage' Ari - Winner over nyy in the 2001 world series Ari - Fleischer or onassis Ari - Gold or fleischer Ari - Cal-nev-___ Ari - Onassis, to his friends Ari - ___ ben canaan, hero of 'exodus' Ari - Talent agent emanuel Ari - Agent emanuel with an 'entourage' character modeled after him Ari - Agent gold from 'entourage' Ari - Shipping magnate onassis, to friends Ari - The d-backs, on scoreboards Ari - State with controversial immigration laws: abbr Ari - A. onassis, familiarly Ari - Jackie's husband #2 Ari - Mrs. ___ ('entourage' role) Ari - 'taking heat' author fleischer Ari - Son in 'the royal tenenbaums' Ari - Nickname of onassis Ari - Greek tycoon onassis Ari - Male name that spells another male name backward Ari - Kitty's love in "exodus" Ari - Meyers of tv Ari - N.l. west team Ari - Gold of hbo Ari - Meyers of 'think big' Ari - Meyers of "kate & allie" Ari - Big name in shipping Ari - Jeremy's character on 'entourage' Ari - Jackie's hubby #2 Ari - Name that's hebrew for 'lion' Ari - D-backs, in box scores Ari - Npr journalist shapiro Ari - Folman who directed the 2013 film 'the congress' Ari - Man's name that's another man's name backward Ari - "entourage" role Ari - 'the guilt trip' actress graynor Ari - Shipper onassis, informally Ari - Fleischer of the bush white house Ari - Former white house figure fleischer Ari - Fastest nl expansion team to win a world series Ari - D-backs, on a sports ticker Ari - Agent gold on "entourage" Ari - Phoenix team, on scoreboards Ari - Onassis to pals Ari - The 58-acrosses, on scoreboards Ari - Name meaning 'lion' in hebrew Ari - Aristotle to his buddies Ari - Meyers of 'dutch' Ari - With 55 down and "canaan," "exodus" lead role Ari - 69 across team Ari - Edit, in a way Ari - 1968 groom, familiarly Ari - Agent emanuel Ari - Jackie o's second spouse Ari - 2001 nlcs winner Ari - Name from the hebrew for "lion" Ari - Paul newman's "exodus" role Ari - Agent gold of tv Ari - Onassis familiarly Ari - Sports media consultant fleischer Ari - Bush press secretary fleischer Ari - Meyers or onassis Ari - Shipping guy Ari - 'fringe' actress graynor Ari - Npr host shapiro Ari - Graynor of 'the guilt trip' Ari - Graynor of 'nick and norah's infinite playlist' Ari - Graynor of tv and movies Ari - Singer grande, for short Ari - Mr. onassis, for short Ari - Fleischer who used to address the white house press corps Ari - Jackie o.'s 'o' Ari - Gold of 'entourage' Ari - Singer grande, to fans Ari - Fleischer of politics Ari - Cardinals, in stats Ari - George w. press secretary fleischer Ari - Radio host shapiro Ari - Jackie o's husband, in tabloids Ari - Noted 1968 groom, familiarly Ari - Onassis to his survivors Ari - Melber of msnbc Ari - Shavit with the 2013 best seller 'my promised land' Ari - Man's name that's the reverse of 66-down Ari - "entourage" role for jeremy Ari - Shapiro of 'all things considered' Ari - 'all things considered' co-host shapiro Ari - Jeremy's "entourage" character Ari - Nl west member Ari - Bush 43 aide fleischer Ari - Nl team with turquoise on its uniforms Ari - Cardinals' home: abbr Ari - "all things considered" co-host shapiro Ari - 2001 w.s. champs Ari - Pop singer grande's fragrance Ari - Jackie o's man, in headlines Ari - Affluent onassis Ari - Fleischer of the bush 43 white house Ari - Stepfather of jfk jr., in headlines Ari - "exodus" hero ___ ben canaan Ari - Tv gold? Ari - Shapiro of npr's "all things considered" Ari - Moviedom's meyers Ari - Cardinals, on nfl scoreboards Ari - Hebrew name meaning 62-down Ari - Co-host shapiro of 'all things considered' Ari - Co-host shapiro of "all things considered" Ari - Msnbc host melber Ari - Shapiro of "all things considered" Ari - Husband of jackie o Ari - "all things considered" host shapiro Ari - Hollywood brother of 7-down Ari - Nfc west team Ari - Nl team named for a snake Ari - Nl team named for a snake Ari - Man's name that's an investment spelled backward Ari - Msnbc's melber