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Herod - B.c. judean king

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  • Herod - Letter on H
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  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word R
  • 4 - st. word O
  • 5 - st. word D

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Herod - Biblical king Herod - B.c. judean king Herod - New testament king Herod - King of judea Herod - Friend of mark antony Herod - Judean king Herod - Infamous king of the bible Herod - Judean king, 37-4 b.c Herod - New testament ruler Herod - Christmas story villain Herod - King in the gospels Herod - Early king of judea Herod - King in 'the passion of the christ' Herod - "the great" king of judea Herod - He ordered the execution of john the baptist Herod - Grandfather of agrippa i Herod - The king Herod - Salome's stepfather Herod - 'salome' role Herod - Christmas story bad guy Herod - Stepfather to salome Herod - Judaean king Herod - King in 1 b.c Herod - New testament villain Herod - Ancient king Herod - "salome" role Herod - Friend of claudius i Herod - King in 'jesus christ superstar' Herod - "salome" tenor Herod - Name of several judaean kings Herod - Biblical king who died in 4 bc Herod - Had he a stick for royalty? Herod - Thus might 27 across do wrong and commit infanticide Herod - King of judea who ordered the death of children under two in bethlehem Herod - Christ was born in the reign of . . . . . the great (5) Herod - The king that started as a goodie, got five hundred, and was a baddie Herod - Cattle, say, gathering round ancient king Herod - Tyrant finding love in the crowd Herod - Rabble without love for cruel king Herod - As king he started corporal punishment Herod - Infanticidal king Herod - Royal baby-killer Herod - Ruler of palestine when jesus was born Herod - King of judea in the time of jesus Herod - "salome" villain Herod - Judea's ___ the great Herod - Villain in a christmas tale Herod - Old king finds duck among some swans Herod - Jose ferrer's role in 'the greatest story ever told' Herod - A king in the bible Herod - Judean ruler Herod - Salome's royal audience Herod - Biblical king in matthew Herod - Governor associated with tyrannical power Herod - Massacre-of-innocents king Herod - Roman king of judaea Herod - Man with long straight stick as ruler Herod - A king of judaea Herod - Nothing stops mass murderer Herod - Former king throwing ring into crowd Herod - King of judaea, temple builder Herod - Fellow has straight wooden stick as ruler Herod - Old king taking time away from corporal punishment Herod - Mob gathered round centre of choky to see child murderer Herod - What about stick as ruler? Herod - Biblical king of judaea Herod - Villain in a nativity play Herod - Did he have one of iron to rule with? Herod - Tend to hide love, being a cruel king Herod - King of judaea (37-4 bc) who ordered the massacre of the innocents Herod - Nt king Herod - '-- then with fear was filled' (carol) Herod - King's ambassador and staff Herod - He had the measure of the old king Herod - In crowd, love finds murderous monarch Herod - Ruler in richard strauss's 'salome' Herod - Biblical king of judea Herod - 'try it and see' singer in 'jesus christ superstar' Herod - King for whom salome danced Herod - "the great" judean king Herod - Judean monarch Herod - 'the great' king of judea Herod - Cruel king Herod - Villainous biblical king Herod - Infamous biblical king Herod - King of judea until 4 b.c Herod - King who ordered the killing of the infant jesus