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Stopgap - Temporary expedient to plug dental cavity

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Stopgap - "it's a secret . . ." Stopgap - *like a band-aid solution Stopgap - A dentist might, as a temporary measure Stopgap - A temporary or impromptu substitute Stopgap - A temporary substitute Stopgap - A temporary substitute or solution Stopgap - Band-aid Stopgap - Close space made by temporary substitute Stopgap - Don't allow doctor to employ a locum Stopgap - End break as temporary measure Stopgap - Expedient to prevent students taking year off? Stopgap - Hole behind station needs a fill-in Stopgap - Improvisation Stopgap - Improvised Stopgap - Improvised substitute Stopgap - Interim measure Stopgap - Interim stretch between two sentences? Stopgap - It'll do for now Stopgap - Jars filled by a doctor recalled in temporary measure Stopgap - Jury-rigged Stopgap - Jury-rigged, perhaps Stopgap - Locum suitable for some hole-in-the-wall place? Stopgap - Makeshift Stopgap - Makeshift bar opening Stopgap - Makeshift draught excluder? Stopgap - Read no further than 'vacancy for temp' Stopgap - Round v-vessels containing silver substitute Stopgap - Second best doctor accepting a temporary solution Stopgap - Street operation with clothes store providing temporary measure Stopgap - Substitute Stopgap - Substitute what's on one's mind at station? Stopgap - Sufficient for now, as a measure Stopgap - Suspend break for a substitute Stopgap - Temporary Stopgap - Temporary (solution) Stopgap - Temporary draught-excluder? Stopgap - Temporary expedient Stopgap - Temporary expedient to plug dental cavity Stopgap - Temporary fix Stopgap - Temporary measure Stopgap - Temporary measure to seal a crack Stopgap - Temporary solution Stopgap - Temporary stone work at break in wall, say Stopgap - Temporary street work initially going as planned Stopgap - Temporary substitute Stopgap - Temporary work pass on the way Stopgap - The old man with good vessel's capsized -- substitute required Stopgap - The way work on hole is just a temporary measure Stopgap - Type of measure