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Ordain - Decree

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  • Ordain - Letter on O
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  • 2 - st. word R
  • 3 - st. word D
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  • 5 - st. word I
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Ordain - 'make father, or father in here this way (6)' Ordain - Admit to holy orders Ordain - Admit to the clergy Ordain - Admit to the priesthood Ordain - Adorn one in the manner of priestley, by the sound of it Ordain - And i broke, before that, the golden rule Ordain - Appoint Ordain - Appoint - admit to holy orders Ordain - Appoint as priest Ordain - Appoint ceremonially to priesthood Ordain - Appoint ceremonially to the priesthood Ordain - Appoint minister by name on radio broadcast Ordain - Appoint to priesthood Ordain - Appoint to the priesthood Ordain - Appoint to the priesthood or decree Ordain - Area in pandemonium after soldiers lay down Ordain - Arrange programme with norway radio Ordain - Authorize, as a priest Ordain - Confer gold on reported victor of 29 Ordain - Confer holy orders on Ordain - Confer holy orders upon Ordain - Confirm a minister Ordain - Consecrate Ordain - Consecrate a rodin sculpture Ordain - Consecrate as a priest Ordain - Consecrate as priest Ordain - Consecrate rodin works around area Ordain - Consecrate to office Ordain - Contents of wordy article printed by popular decree Ordain - Created by dior, dainty frock Ordain - Declare rodin a lunatic Ordain - Decree Ordain - Decree and admit to holy orders Ordain - Decree from iran -- do get troubled Ordain - Decree from old duke stuck in wet weather Ordain - Decree kingdom with no capital is to adopt italy's Ordain - Decree or appoint to priesthood Ordain - Decree or consecrate Ordain - Decree that ordnance should be scots' own Ordain - Destine Ordain - Determine, when there's a hole to darn, i get weaving Ordain - Either prescribe or think fit, say Ordain - Elevate or appoint to priesthood Ordain - Elevate to the priesthood Ordain - Enact Ordain - Enrol as a minister Ordain - Entitle to wear vestments Ordain - Establish by decree Ordain - Establish by law Ordain - Frock Ordain - Frock for church? Ordain - Frock i adorn in stylish fashion? Ordain - From dior, dainty frock Ordain - Give holy orders to Ordain - Give priestly authority to Ordain - Grandly decree no raid, perhaps Ordain - Initiate as priest Ordain - Inroad (anag.) Ordain - Install as a minister Ordain - Install as priest Ordain - Install, as a minister Ordain - Invest in gold with commercial backing first Ordain - Invest in road repairs Ordain - Invest officially Ordain - Invest one in gold belt Ordain - Invest with authority Ordain - Invest with ministerial authority Ordain - Invest with ministerial functions Ordain - Invest with priestly authority Ordain - Invest with sacerdotal responsibilities Ordain - Lay down (law) Ordain - Lay down and died in drought? Ordain - Lay down frock Ordain - Lay down ring road beside important road north Ordain - Make a churchman of him Ordain - Make a father Ordain - Make a father of Ordain - Make a minister Ordain - Make a priest confused in road Ordain - Make a priest or old monk take one in Ordain - Make father dorian crack up Ordain - Make father lay down the law Ordain - Make father of dorian giddy Ordain - Make father of dorian groggy Ordain - Make father or father at home Ordain - Make father or father in here Ordain - Make father or father in it Ordain - Make father or father in this way Ordain - Make father or get father in Ordain - Make father stagger in road Ordain - Make misters ministers, say Ordain - Make someone a clergyman Ordain - Make someone a good father Ordain - Officially make Ordain - Officially order Ordain - Order it officially for new road going up north Ordain - Other ranks row about a decree Ordain - Predestine Ordain - Priestify Ordain - Put in orders Ordain - Road detour in order? Ordain - Road rerouted in order Ordain - Road ripped up in decree Ordain - Road works have one new rule Ordain - Road works in order Ordain - Road-works in order Ordain - Roadworks in order Ordain - Rocky road to home rule Ordain - Rule of old king leading to uproar round area Ordain - Seen in mirror, dainty frock Ordain - Soldiers facing tumult, having accepted a decree Ordain - Soldiers with american lawyer before home rule Ordain - That's the way to make father or father in here Ordain - The making of a father or father in here Ordain - The way to make a parental alternative in church Ordain - The way to make one father or a father at home 96) Ordain - Transition to fatherhood Ordain - Turned radio on electrician's last order Ordain - Will ring road join road north?