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Return - Yield

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Return - Yield Return - Investor's desire Return - Kind of address Return - Part of a round trip Return - Key on a keyboard Return - Profit made on an investment Return - Round-trip word Return - Taxpayer's mail-in Return - Investor's goal Return - April 15 filing Return - Give back Return - Tax form Return - Investor's concern Return - Service response Return - Trip part Return - Typewriter key Return - Sequel-title word Return - Come back Return - Investor's hope Return - The sort of income one might get from `er Return - Would this make 'er come back? Return - Make 'er give this back Return - It's up to queen elizabeth, in short, to come back Return - It's just no go for 'er, perhaps Return - Does the get 'er back up? Return - Get back to 'er, perhaps Return - That's one way to get 'er Return - Might this get back to 'er? Return - The cash you get back Return - The income you might get from 'er? Return - Er, might this be the income you get from it? Return - Don't go and get just about round the bend Return - Go round again and come home Return - For 'er, that's what she gets on her money (6) Return - Send 'er back Return - Get back to 'er Return - Would this get 'er back? Return - The backer hopes for some Return - Give 'er back Return - What you get out of it will go back Return - Getting back to 'er Return - The profit you get back Return - That makes 'er be backward Return - Come back with what you get back with 'er back Return - Er, perhaps, as 1 across does Return - Get 'er up and send 'er back Return - Re get back get back Return - This gets 'er to come home Return - Go, come or bring back Return - Come back with financial statement Return - Come, go or bring back Return - 'come, go or bring back (6)' Return - Come or go back Return - What you get you get back from 'er, it seems (6) Return - Give or come back Return - The way to get your own back on 'er Return - Go or come back Return - Bring back or come back Return - Come or give back Return - Go back Return - Such a ticket brings you back Return - Go or bring back Return - Profit Return - Send, bring or come back Return - Come back with a formal report on transactions Return - Come back to get 'er back Return - Get 'er back up here Return - That's the money one gets from 'er Return - Seems it's for 'er to get this on her investment Return - Back 'er back for what you get out of it Return - This might make 'er to comeback Return - In come from 7 down for 'er Return - Send 'er back? Return - Come back for what you get back Return - That may bring some profit to 'er Return - 'that's 'er, perhaps, come back (6)' Return - Computer key Return - Come back with a profit Return - Official statement concerning volte-face Return - Soldiers go and come back Return - Send/come back Return - Two-way ticket Return - April mailing Return - E-filed document Return - With 47-down, means of getting home, maybe Return - Library requirement Return - Enter equivalent Return - Profit earned Return - King's son, utter freak wrapped in plaster Return - About to go off or come back Return - Musical physician held power in egypt Return - Proceeds to soak vase in water Return - Proceeds to reply Return - South african writer, a support to bad actors Return - Reappear Return - Come/go back Return - It may follow carriage in second half of journey Return - Soak vase in water to get back to original state Return - Comeback Return - Yield or hit back? Return - Apostrophe's neighbor Return - Profit earned on money Return - Send back Return - There and back Return - Interest Return - Go back, its about to go off Return - Elect to make a profit Return - Extremely reliable, go and come back Return - Royal engineers go and come back Return - Turner could make a profit Return - Official statement showing profit Return - About to go to performance -- ticket required Return - Sappers go then come back Return - 'the --', a novel by walter de la mare (1910) Return - Journey both ways making profit Return - Yield, or hit back Return - Give back profit Return - Comeback reaping reward Return - Take back Return - Key on computer providing answer Return - Interest in soldiers' act Return - Go back with doctor turner Return - Go/come back Return - Hesitation about stage act coming back Return - Tax statement Return - Try again to operate this key? Return - Behave like a boomerang Return - Proceeds to answer Return - Finishes 15 across with homecoming Return - Elect to go back Return - Is about to flip and that's gross Return - Answer hmrc demand? Return - Retort