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Enact - Pass

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Enact - Pass, as laws Enact - Pass Enact - Put into practice Enact - Put into effect Enact - Establish as law Enact - Make into law Enact - Make law Enact - Pass the bill Enact - Legislate Enact - Make legal Enact - Put on the books Enact - Bring into law Enact - Put into law Enact - Opposite of kill Enact - Pass, as a law Enact - Make a new law Enact - Pass, as legislation Enact - Create a statute Enact - Pass a bill Enact - Pass into law Enact - Opposite of vote down Enact - Do a legislator's job Enact - Ordain Enact - Represent on stage Enact - Vote into law Enact - Formally approve Enact - Legalize Enact - Ratify Enact - Make into a statute Enact - Establish by law Enact - Perform Enact - Demonstrate, in a way Enact - Make applicable, as a law Enact - Put into the law books Enact - Pass legislation Enact - Make into a statute, e.g Enact - Make applicable Enact - Pass, as a bill Enact - Carry through legislatively Enact - Put in the books Enact - Establish a law Enact - Portray a role Enact - Make a law of Enact - Play the part of Enact - Perform on stage Enact - Make it so, legally Enact - Pass, as a reform Enact - Put into force Enact - Make official Enact - Portray Enact - Succeed with legislation Enact - Sanction Enact - Put on a show Enact - Make official, as a law Enact - Make a statute of Enact - Pass, in a way Enact - Sign into law Enact - Put into practice, in a way Enact - Pass (a law) Enact - Pass as law Enact - Put into 13-down Enact - Stage Enact - Play out Enact - Establish, as 25-down Enact - Make a measure Enact - Could one decree that ten is about a hundred? Enact - Play a bit of the play at last Enact - Make intoi law or perform a play Enact - Official order Enact - 'e can't get confused and play like this Enact - Decree that 'e can't get confused Enact - Create, as a statute Enact - Add to the books Enact - Make it lawful for head teacher to bring back corporal punishment Enact - Put on stage or statute book Enact - Establish by law - perform Enact - Establish by statute Enact - Represent onstage Enact - Do a legislature's job Enact - Portray onstage Enact - Create a law Enact - Play, as julius caesar Enact - Serve as a lawmaker Enact - Perform (as if in a play) Enact - Make a law Enact - Make it lawful to bring back corporal punishment by head teacher Enact - Carry through, legislatively Enact - Pass legislation for tailor disappearing from altercation Enact - Perform with pipers leaving apprentices Enact - Pass on the hill Enact - 'bring back corporal punishment' - tyrant's first decree Enact - Decree time with punishment is over Enact - Present account in hospital department Enact - Authorize Enact - Make (bill) law Enact - Some between acts changes to carry out Enact - Over time, stick up for order Enact - Perform english in front of a court Enact - Measure play part for decree Enact - Carry out directions on part of play Enact - Make (a bill) law Enact - Pass law not applicable in european court Enact - Stick around, tempted from the first to get into law Enact - Play charades Enact - Make into a law Enact - Perform as if in a play Enact - Perform, as in a play Enact - Play one's part Enact - Perform as in a play Enact - Sanction seeing birch raised over student's bottom Enact - Pass one bill in ten after amendment Enact - Make legislation Enact - Make statutory Enact - Make so, legally Enact - Pass in parliament Enact - Approve mean pay-cuts, regularly Enact - Institute, as a statute Enact - Execute, having brought about last of carrot and stick Enact - Make a measure of Enact - Make new laws Enact - Perform in french before a court Enact - Formally establish Enact - Make into 41-across Enact - Establish through statute Enact - Establish, as law Enact - Establish, as a statute Enact - Pass a bill into law Enact - Make law -- stick up document finally