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Tend - Care for

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Tend - Shepherd Tend - Care for Tend - Guard Tend - Look after Tend - Take care of Tend - Conduce Tend - Incline Tend - Keep watch over, as the flock Tend - Serve up the drinks Tend - Be inclined Tend - Gravitate Tend - Have an inclination Tend - Keep an eye on Tend - Lean Tend - Gravitate (toward) Tend - Manage, as a bar Tend - Cultivate, as a garden Tend - Baby-sit Tend - Serve up drinks Tend - Keep goal Tend - Word at a bar Tend - Minister Tend - Be given Tend - Watch Tend - Handle the bar Tend - Watch carefully Tend - Minister to Tend - Man the bar Tend - See to Tend - Watch over Tend - Be inclined (to) Tend - Minister (to) Tend - Mind Tend - Be disposed Tend - Keep tabs on Tend - Serve up the drinks, e.g Tend - Have a disposition Tend - Oversee Tend - Work the bar Tend - Be disposed (to) Tend - Exhibit an inclination Tend - Show an inclination Tend - Manage Tend - Care for, with 'to' Tend - Serve drinks, perhaps Tend - Watch the bar or the goal Tend - Be likely (to) Tend - Work at the bar Tend - Cultivate Tend - Look after, as a fire Tend - Focus on the goal? Tend - Work behind bars? Tend - Do bar duty Tend - Work behind the bar Tend - Have a proclivity Tend - Make mojitos, say Tend - Work behind a bar Tend - Nurse Tend - Have a leaning Tend - Lean (toward) Tend - Pull pints Tend - Watch over, as a bar Tend - Be present at this and look after it Tend - Look after, or take certain direction Tend - Have leaning towards - put dent in (4) Tend - Look after, take care of Tend - Be predisposed or inclined Tend - Look after - there's a dent in it Tend - Incline, lean Tend - Be predisposed, or care for Tend - Be inclined, or look after Tend - Have inclination or care for Tend - Take care of, look after Tend - Look after, as a bar Tend - Be inclined to take care of Tend - Keep alive, as a fire Tend - Take orders at, as a bar Tend - Mind that may move in a certain direction Tend - Incline - mind Tend - Be inclined - look after Tend - Keep going, as a fire Tend - Serve behind bars? Tend - Keep up, as a plot Tend - Be responsible for Tend - Take care of, as a bar Tend - Keep goal in hockey Tend - See after Tend - Look after taking labour from round table Tend - Work, as a bar Tend - Babysit Tend - Doctor Tend - In addition Tend - Do bar work Tend - Take care of, as a garden Tend - Watch over, as a flock Tend - Serve up mixed drinks Tend - Nurse present ultimately at death Tend - Care for, look after Tend - Look after the flag Tend - Go in a particular direction; look after Tend - Lean, hollow, extremely confused Tend - Nurse! patient finally is going to die Tend - Look after the green flag Tend - Care for, nurse Tend - Look after (patient) Tend - Head nurse Tend - Care shown, in often difficult circumstances Tend - Look after (someone) Tend - See to prisoner pulled out of struggle Tend - Look after (a patient) Tend - Look after a few old coins Tend - Baby-sit, e.g Tend - Watch the bar Tend - Lean nurse Tend - Care for, as a garden Tend - Wait for time to close Tend - Lean towards the finish in yorkshire Tend - Nurse's number on far end of ward Tend - Be inclined to finish on time Tend - Look after a number, 500 Tend - Look after (the sick) Tend - Manage to finish by thinking originally Tend - Have an inclination to be a nurse Tend - Nurse in attendance Tend - Do a tavern job Tend - See (to) Tend - Mix drinks Tend - Run the bar Tend - Nurse is mean, though not at home Tend - Perform a barkeep's duty Tend - Keep watch on, as the flock Tend - ___ bar Tend - Watch the bar or goal Tend - Minister to nurse Tend - Take care of, with "to" Tend - Watch over, as sheep Tend - Keep, as a garden Tend - Wait on Tend - Keep watch on Tend - Aspire à Tend - Be caretaker to Tend - What an agent will do Tend - What manager will do Tend - James gang "___ my garden" Tend - Melinda caroll "___ the garden of your mind" Tend - Frank turner "the way i ___ to be" Tend - What accountant will do to matters Tend - What agent will do to matters Tend - Nurse or guard? Tend - Keep watch over Tend - Porte en avant Tend - Look after the dying in yorkshire? Tend - Royal daughter or west-coast island Tend - Work at a bar Tend - Wait on, needing time to finish Tend - Watch, as a flock Tend - Incline ambassador to escape closing words? Tend - Serve as a caregiver to Tend - Be inclined to nurse Tend - Be disposed to Tend - Care for less than a shilling in old money Tend - Care for less than a shilling in old money Tend - Soumet à une tension Tend - Soumet à une tension Tend - Cater (to)