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Asian - Kind of flu

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Asian - From the east Asian - Hyphenate with american Asian - Oriental Asian - Kind of flu Asian - Like 30% of the world's landmass Asian - Like some flu Asian - Afghan or thai Asian - Like most turks Asian - ___-american Asian - One of 3.5 billion Asian - ___ flu Asian - Part of a u.s. census category Asian - Like kublai khan Asian - Thai, for example Asian - Like 60% of the world's people Asian - Thai or taiwanese Asian - Like some stock markets that show early trends Asian - From 59-across, e.g Asian - Flu variety Asian - Native of any of the '49-downs' Asian - From the orient Asian - Like most people Asian - Like bok choy Asian - Chinese or indian, e.g Asian - Afghan, e.g Asian - Like 60% of mankind Asian - Tet observer Asian - Eastern Asian - From east of the urals Asian - Like tigers and yaks Asian - Like most of the world's population Asian - Kind of elephant Asian - Indian, e.g Asian - Miss saigon, e.g Asian - Like miss saigon Asian - Like most world table tennis champions Asian - Like three out of five people Asian - Pacific rim figure Asian - Iraqi or thai Asian - From fuzhou or fukuoka Asian - Like the gong's origin Asian - Chinese, e.g Asian - From tibet, e.g Asian - Japanese, e.g Asian - From tibet or taiwan Asian - Like bird flu, originally Asian - Like indians Asian - From china, say Asian - Like filipinos Asian - Like some elephants Asian - Siamese or persian Asian - _____ noodles Asian - 59 across native, for one Asian - Made in cambodia, say Asian - Tibetan or turkish Asian - Iraqi or nepali Asian - Born in borneo, say Asian - From laos, say Asian - Thai or nepali Asian - Like 60% of people Asian - Burmese, e.g Asian - Taiwan resident, for one Asian - Turkey eater, most likely? Asian - Thai guy, for one Asian - ___ games, quadrennial event since 1951 Asian - Type of flu Asian - Korean or mongolian Asian - Like tigers Asian - Made in china, say Asian - From fuzhou, say Asian - From a continent Asian - Tibetan, e.g Asian - From korea or mongolia Asian - From taiwan, e.g Asian - Indonesian, for instance Asian - Strain of flu Asian - Like kim chee or bok choy Asian - Like wild tigers Asian - Mongolian, for one Asian - Thai or tibetan Asian - Koreans and cambodians, e.g Asian - Citizen of china Asian - Nepali or tibetan Asian - Like fusion cuisine, often Asian - Siberian, yes; liberian, no Asian - Man from manchuria, e.g Asian - 36 down, for example Asian - Endangered elephant type Asian - Word with "american" Asian - Tibetan or thai Asian - One of a world majority Asian - Turkish or tibetan Asian - From korea or cambodia Asian - Japanese or israeli Asian - Afghani, for one Asian - Like half of istanbul Asian - Vietnamese, e.g Asian - Thai or chinese Asian - See 9-down Asian - Like the 71-downs Asian - From dhaka or osaka Asian - Random human, more likely than not Asian - Cuisine category Asian - Like fusion food, often Asian - Filipina, for example Asian - ___ games (quadrennial event) Asian - From japan, say Asian - Broad style of cuisine Asian - Malaysian or chinese Asian - Turk, most likely Asian - Like some elephants and all tigers Asian - Iraqi, for instance Asian - From korea, say Asian - Chinese or thai Asian - From iran or iraq Asian - Like some 21-acrosses Asian - Person born on the largest continent Asian - Form of the flu Asian - From china or india Asian - Vietnamese or thai Asian - From japan, for instance Asian - Tibetan or thai, e.g Asian - From the far east Asian - Made in china, e.g Asian - From japan, for example Asian - Like most of the world's people Asian - Like the eastern part of russia Asian - Thai or taiwanese, e.g Asian - From tibet, for example Asian - Korean or tibetan Asian - From bangkok or beijing Asian - Iranian or laotian, e.g Asian - Like about 20% of the world's land area Asian - From kashmir Asian - Certain elephant Asian - Aptly, chinese, e.g Asian - Mongolian, e.g Asian - Korean, e.g Asian - Nepali, e.g Asian - From laos, perhaps Asian - Thai, perhaps Asian - Thai or korean Asian - Thai, e.g Asian - Korean or thai Asian - Chinese, for instance Asian - Of the east Asian - Laotian, e.g Asian - Like the yak Asian - Pandemic flu strain Asian - Chairman mao or kim il-sung Asian - Tet celebrant, generally Asian - Like thai cuisine Asian - Like about 25% of legal u.s. immigrants Asian - Like a thai or a tiger Asian - __ flu Asian - With 60-across, michelle kwan or michelle wie Asian - Like about 60% of the world's population Asian - Turkey diner, probably? Asian - Chinese or japanese, e.g Asian - Syrian or singaporean Asian - Indian, say Asian - Like most humans Asian - ___ pear (fruit also known as a nashi) Asian - Person from japan or china i saw returning Asian - Japan resident, say Asian - From japan Asian - Mongolian or malayan Asian - Like chinatown cuisine Asian - Like sherpas Asian - Chinese, say Asian - Chinese or japanese Asian - Filipino, e.g Asian - Like the majority of people Asian - Made in taiwan, say Asian - From bhutan or brunei Asian - Like 30-down Asian - Korean, for example Asian - Laotian or lebanese Asian - Like the origin of the food in many fusion restaurants Asian - Like 60% of all people Asian - Like cork trees and flying lizards Asian - Like huns Asian - Like yaks and mynas Asian - Flings Asian - Like roughly 60% of human beings, ethnically Asian - Like some spicy cuisine Asian - Like 60 percent of world population Asian - From the largest continent Asian - Chinese or korean Asian - Absorbed Asian - A welsh girl, like a scottish chap, from way outside the uk Asian - One from the east Asian - A welsh girl of indian descent, say? Asian - Show anger, say, about article, like the majority of people Asian - A welsh girl, or one from further parts Asian - Of the largest continent Asian - Lawsuit regularly pursued by an inhabitant of lahore, perhaps Asian - Of one continent Asian - For example, tamil from madras i announced Asian - Relating to one continent Asian - One from big continent Asian - Relating to one of the continents Asian - Indian or chinese, e.g Asian - Like more than a third of u.s. immigrants nowadays Asian - From india, for instance Asian - Chinese or 20-across Asian - One of several billion Asian - Part of some fusion cuisine Asian - __ games (event recently held in incheon) Asian - Chinese or malayan Asian - Japanese or javanese Asian - Himalayan, e.g Asian - A welsh girl, or is she tadjik? Asian - Like two u.n. secretaries general Asian - A welsh girl, or indian, perhaps Asian - Eastern national Asian - Easterner Asian - A girl from wales? no, further east Asian - Continental Asian - Eg pakistani Asian - Continental native Asian - A singular scotsman of eastern origin Asian - Eg thai Asian - Thai or afghan, maybe Asian - Indian or thai? Asian - Of a continent Asian - From large continent Asian - Thai or iranian, perhaps? Asian - On vast continent Asian - Broad cuisine category Asian - Like teak trees Asian - Like a thai Asian - Like the mynah, by origin Asian - From india or japan Asian - Flu type Asian - Kind of flu or pear Asian - Thai or laotian Asian - Man of manchuria Asian - Like cinnamon trees Asian - Like the majority of people, wrong about answer after answer Asian - Type of pear Asian - From uzbekistan Asian - From china Asian - One of eastern origin Asian - One of more than four billion Asian - From taiwan, say Asian - Tibetan, for one Asian - Like most earthlings Asian - Ang lee or seiji ozawa Asian - From 18-down, perhaps Asian - Bahraini or bhutanese Asian - Like india and pakistan Asian - Like tandoori cuisine Asian - Man from manchuria Asian - Of laos, e.g Asian - Hailing from china, say Asian - Continental adjective Asian - From laos, e.g Asian - From bhutan, for instance Asian - From korea or china Asian - Like most of us Asian - Made in japan, perhaps Asian - Like many russians Asian - Like mongols Asian - Like most chopsticks users Asian - Like much of the world's population Asian - Resident of japan, say Asian - Like kiwifruit Asian - A welsh girl or chinese? Asian - Like the green territories on a standard risk board Asian - From israel or india Asian - Relating to a continent Asian - Indian or iranian Asian - Like over four billion people Asian - ___ fusion (kind of restaurant) Asian - Iraqi, e.g Asian - How most people can be classified Asian - One of about 4.5 billion Asian - Chinese or filipino Asian - Like many russians or georgians Asian - Chinese e.g Asian - Like the majority of the world's population Asian - From brunei, bhutan or bangladesh Asian - Laotian, say Asian - Like most turks and some russians Asian - Like the nikkei and hang seng indexes Asian - Thai or vietnamese Asian - Native of the far east Asian - From india, say Asian - Word before elephant or flu Asian - Timorese, e.g Asian - From thailand, say Asian - Many a pacific resident Asian - Hailing from the far east Asian - Resident of china or japan, but not india or iran Asian - Like many elephants Asian - Burmese or persian Asian - Like nations ending in "-stan"