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Oprah - Geraldo competitor

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Oprah - Geraldo competitor Oprah - Big name in daytime tv Oprah - Sofia's portrayer in 'the color purple' Oprah - Big name in book clubs Oprah - Tv's winfrey Oprah - Whoopi's "the color purple" co-star Oprah - Noted book reader Oprah - Popular afternoon host Oprah - Big fan of dr. phil Oprah - Head of harpo productions Oprah - Sethe portrayer in "beloved" Oprah - Big-time talker Oprah - "beloved" winfrey Oprah - Colleague of dr. phil Oprah - Number 1 on entertainment weekly's 1998 power list Oprah - Winfrey of "beloved" Oprah - Daytime tv staple Oprah - "beloved" name Oprah - First name in talk Oprah - Book club name Oprah - Bookish hostess Oprah - What 'o' stands for in publishing Oprah - Queen of talk shows Oprah - Billionaire with a book club Oprah - Tv host winfrey Oprah - Talk-show host winfrey Oprah - Show of compassion? Oprah - "the color purple" star Oprah - O founder Oprah - Where dr. phil got famous Oprah - Celeb with a book club Oprah - Celeb on forbes' billionaire list Oprah - Star of tv talk Oprah - Big name on tv Oprah - Host with a book club Oprah - First name in daytime talk Oprah - Ms. winfrey Oprah - Dr. phil's discoverer Oprah - Daytime talk show host Oprah - Host with a 276-car stunt Oprah - Friend of dr. phil Oprah - Noted book promoter Oprah - The "o" in magazines Oprah - Tv talk host Oprah - Big name in talk Oprah - Chicago-based tv talk show Oprah - Billionaire talker Oprah - Daily tv staple since 1986 Oprah - Tv host with a book club Oprah - Big name in tv Oprah - Show taped at chicago's harpo studios Oprah - Big name in tv talk Oprah - First name in tv talk Oprah - Star with a book club Oprah - Queen of talk Oprah - First name of a "the color purple" cast member Oprah - Longtime staple of daytime tv Oprah - Harpo productions head Oprah - Daytime star Oprah - Chair of harpo productions Oprah - Oh! cable network co-founder Oprah - The "o" of o magazine Oprah - Her production company is her first name spelled backwards Oprah - Tv talk tycoon Oprah - Talk show tycoon Oprah - First name in book clubs Oprah - Tv talk name Oprah - Top name in talk Oprah - Talk show celeb Oprah - She played sofia in 'the color purple' Oprah - The "o" in o magazine Oprah - Producer, actress and host Oprah - Day star Oprah - Harpo's head Oprah - Talk's winfrey Oprah - Winfrey who said 'i still have my feet on the ground, i just wear better shoes' Oprah - Billionaire into books Oprah - Talk show giant Oprah - Talk-show tycoon Oprah - Daytime tv mogul Oprah - Chicago-based daytime host Oprah - Book booster Oprah - Talk show ending in 2011 Oprah - Daytime megastar Oprah - The "o" of the own network Oprah - Day star? Oprah - Co-producer of the film 'precious' Oprah - She backed barack Oprah - Player of sethe in 'beloved' Oprah - Sofia in "the color purple" Oprah - Book club oligarch Oprah - Long-running hit tv show based in chicago Oprah - Co-owner of own Oprah - Popular talk show Oprah - Winfrey of tv Oprah - She signed off with the words 'until we meet again' Oprah - Hit tv show that ended in 2011 Oprah - Top talk-show host Oprah - Name in talk shows Oprah - Winfrey of tv talk Oprah - The 'o' in o magazine Oprah - Her full name anagrams to 'horny rap wife' Oprah - Part of own Oprah - Mississippi-born tv mogul Oprah - Stedman's steady Oprah - Syndication departure of 2011 Oprah - Star known by her first name Oprah - What 'o' stands for in the magazine business Oprah - Former book-club leader Oprah - Namesake of own Oprah - Daytime talk star Oprah - Chat show hostess's work gets a cheer Oprah - Brother who didn't speak about tv star Oprah - American chat show host Oprah - Chat show queen Oprah - Tv tycoon born in mississippi Oprah - Longtime talk show Oprah - Winfrey who maybe someday will mention my crossword books to her fans Oprah - Hostess with a television empire Oprah - Longtime talk-show legend Oprah - The "o" of own Oprah - Benefactor of south africa's leadership academy for girls Oprah - Chat queen's piece gets applause Oprah - Kingmaker of drs. phil and oz Oprah - Host who had a "favorite things" segment on her show Oprah - Gayle's bestie Oprah - Media mogul winfrey Oprah - Onetime rival of sally jessy Oprah - Book club leader for 15 years Oprah - Guest on jay's last "tonight show" Oprah - Media icon with an eponymous starbucks beverage Oprah - Voice actress in disney's 'the princess and the frog' Oprah - Tv book club creator Oprah - Winfrey of 'beloved' Oprah - Talk show for 25 seasons, familiarly Oprah - Media mogul with a presidential medal of freedom Oprah - The o behind own Oprah - Long-running talk show Oprah - Media icon from chicago Oprah - What 'o' on a newsstand stands for Oprah - 2013 presidential medal of freedom recipient Oprah - - - winfrey (tv) Oprah - - - winfrey, tv talkshow host Oprah - Miss winfrey Oprah - -- winfrey, tv chat show host Oprah - -- winfrey, tv talkshow host Oprah - Annie lee in "selma" Oprah - The o of the own network Oprah - Angel network charity founder Oprah - Celeb with her own tv network Oprah - "dr. oz show" creator Oprah - Actress in 'selma,' familiarly Oprah - Show that had an annual "favorite things" segment Oprah - Own network vip Oprah - Personality with an online book club Oprah - The 'o' in own Oprah - O, the ___ magazine Oprah - Hit show that ended in 2011 Oprah - Talk show host winfrey Oprah - 'you get a car! and you get a car!' talk show goddess Oprah - The 'o' of o magazine Oprah - Book club founder Oprah - Name behind 'o' in magazines Oprah - Celeb with a tv network Oprah - Celeb parodied by maya rudolph on 's.n.l.' Oprah - With 45 across, source of quote Oprah - Media giant given a 2013 presidential medal of freedom Oprah - Star with a 10% stake in weight watchers Oprah - The 'queen of all media' Oprah - Tv mogul winfrey Oprah - Tv personality with the best seller 'what i know for sure' Oprah - She slugged a sheriff in "selma" Oprah - O of the magazine world Oprah - Show on which dr. phil became famous, familiarly Oprah - She's got her own network Oprah - Oxygen network co-founder Oprah - Dr. phil's mentor Oprah - She played annie lee in 'selma' Oprah - Dr. phil's benefactor Oprah - An executive producer of "selma" Oprah - The 'o' in television's own Oprah - Daytime tv celeb who founded harpo productions Oprah - Star with an 'angel network' charity Oprah - The 'o' of the magazine o Oprah - Harpo productions founder Oprah - Barack awarded her the presidential medal of freedom Oprah - 'queen of all media' Oprah - '60 minutes' part-time correspondent Oprah - "60 minutes" part-time correspondent Oprah - Dr. phil was her frequent guest before getting his own show Oprah - Dr. phil was her frequent guest before getting his own show