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Dim - Not too intelligent

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  • Dim - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word M

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Dim - Headlight setting Dim - Lower, in a way Dim - Not too intelligent Dim - Slow-witted Dim - Like 10-watt bulbs Dim - Barely lit Dim - Obtuse Dim - Not too brainy Dim - None too smart Dim - Slow on the uptake Dim - Unfavorable Dim - Not brilliant Dim - Not well-defined Dim - Faint Dim - Poorly lit Dim - Turn down the lights Dim - A bit thick Dim - Just a bit lit Dim - Kind of wit or view Dim - Not very bright, really Dim - Lacking brightness Dim - Not quite mensa material Dim - Bubbleheaded Dim - Darken Dim - Not so smart Dim - Make less bright Dim - Lower Dim - Not too bright Dim - Switch to low beam Dim - Pessimistic Dim - Vague Dim - Lower the lights Dim - Lower, as headlights Dim - Lower, as the lights Dim - Indistinct Dim - Dull Dim - Lower, as lights Dim - Murky Dim - Not so bright Dim - Unlikely to happen Dim - Switch to low beams Dim - Not very bright Dim - Hopeless Dim - Not very likely Dim - Turn down Dim - __ sum: chinese food tidbits Dim - Barely shining Dim - Hard to make out Dim - Soften, as lighting Dim - Not the sharpest knife in the drawer Dim - Low-i.q Dim - Not well lit Dim - Not too smart Dim - Empty-headed Dim - Half-witted Dim - Lacking light Dim - Not real smart Dim - Not too sharp Dim - Lower the beam Dim - Dark Dim - Indefinite Dim - Not clear Dim - Obscure Dim - Badly lit Dim - Underlit Dim - Ill-lit Dim - Nebulous Dim - Shadowy Dim - Badly illuminated Dim - Needing light Dim - Poorly lighted Dim - Not bright Dim - Poorly lit Dim - Hard to read by, as light Dim - I am not clever enough to be after hundreds (3) Dim - With this not so bright in, i shed it and made it even less so Dim - At last one admits that one one is not very bright Dim - Not so light to be up in the centre of this Dim - Not very bright or intelligent Dim - Not clear or not too bright Dim - Not bright, cloudy Dim - Not bright, poorly lit Dim - Lacking clarity or distinctness Dim - Lacking in light Dim - Opaque, not bright Dim - Not bright, shadowy Dim - Badly lit or not so bright Dim - Cloudy, not too bright Dim - Poorly lit, not too bright Dim - Cloudy, not bright Dim - Not bright, literally or mentally Dim - Obscure, not bright Dim - Poorly lit, not bright Dim - Shadowy, indistinct Dim - Not bright or distinct Dim - Not very bright, but inish could make one even less so Dim - A bit slow Dim - Not well-lit Dim - Dopey given short change in america Dim - Stupid - poorly lit Dim - See 1-across Dim - Vaguely viewed Dim - Poorly illuminated Dim - Reduce in intensity Dim - Hazy Dim - Like a very low-watt bulb Dim - Soft glow inside midi mediterranean Dim - Lacking in brightness Dim - Not very bright detective at mass Dim - Turn down leaders from dublin international marathon Dim - Clouded Dim - 10-watt, say Dim - Lll-lighted Dim - Lesson to the audience from blur? Dim - Stupid, given short change in america Dim - Without much light Dim - Vague shortage of us cash Dim - Centre-back is dark Dim - Faint (light) Dim - Faint mark on the chin half removed Dim - Obscure coin with bit chipped off Dim - Michael vaughan's view of some contro-versial bad light decisions in pakistan Dim - Obscure us coin, not european Dim - Chinese food's not half thick Dim - Vague sum required to make this appetiser Dim - Slow, progressing towards piano Dim - Unintelligent; badly lit Dim - Somewhat out of sight, out of mind? Dim - Not quite ready for harvard? Dim - Turn down, as lights Dim - Shady american ready to lose tail Dim - Not shining brightly Dim - Somewhat dark Dim - Gloomy; dull Dim - Indistinct, dark Dim - Sombre Dim - Subdued (light) Dim - & 26 chinese food selection Dim - Providing little light Dim - Daughter i married is gloomy Dim - Hardly bright Dim - Clipping small coin is stupid Dim - Hardly lit Dim - Sharp as a bowling ball Dim - Like many students who receive a 36-across Dim - Lusterless Dim - Lacking luster Dim - Rather unlikely Dim - Subdued, as shades Dim - None too brainy Dim - Unpromising Dim - Like a faint light Dim - Like a low-watt bulb Dim - Like distant stars Dim - Like a rocker on tour too long, perhaps Dim - Lights during barry white listening session Dim - Slow-witted dada song? Dim - Soul asylum "let your ___ light shine" Dim - Donna summer "___ all the lights" Dim - What the lights do before the band comes out Dim - What's discovered in ultrasound imaging is badly lit Dim - Not at all sharp Dim - Thickheaded Dim - Turn down a little, as lights Dim - Stupid Dim - Not even close to bright Dim - Opposite of bright Dim - A few bricks shy of a load Dim - Slow to learn Dim - Throw some shade? Dim - With poor visibility, just over half a kilometre? Dim - Not bright, as a light Dim - Lose luster Dim - Dampen, as a headlight Dim - Dusky Dim - Like a low-wattage bulb Dim - Muted, as lights Dim - A little thick