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Omens - Harbingers

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Omens - ... Omens - Albatrosses and red skies, to sailors Omens - Augural observations Omens - Auguries Omens - Augurs Omens - Augurs interpret them Omens - Augurs' readings Omens - Auspex's readings Omens - Auspices Omens - Bad signs Omens - Black cat and broken mirror, to some Omens - Black cats and broken mirrors, by tradition Omens - Black cats and dark clouds, e.g Omens - Black cats and others Omens - Black cats and such Omens - Black cats or broken mirrors, to some Omens - Black cats, perhaps Omens - Black cats, say Omens - Black cats, to some Omens - Black cats, to the superstitious Omens - Black cats, traditionally speaking Omens - Bluebirds, to some Omens - Breaking of a mirror and others Omens - Broken mirrors, to some Omens - Calpurnia's dream in 'julius caesar' and others Omens - Chaps breaking very large signs Omens - Coincidences may be taken as them Omens - Comets, long ago Omens - Comets, to the superstitious Omens - Dark clouds and such Omens - Dark clouds, perhaps Omens - Dreams, to some Omens - Eclipses and comets, to some Omens - Eclipses, to some Omens - Eclipses, to the ancients Omens - Eerie signs Omens - Foreboding signs Omens - Forebodings Omens - Forecaster's concerns Omens - Foreshadowers Omens - Foreshadowings Omens - Foretelling signs Omens - Foretokens Omens - Future foretellers Omens - Future signs Omens - Gathering clouds and such Omens - Good or bad signs Omens - Harbingers Omens - Harbingers, portents Omens - Hints Omens - Hints of what's to come Omens - Hogwarts divination class topic Omens - Important signs Omens - Indications needing interpretation Omens - Indicators Omens - Means of forecasting Omens - Occult signs Omens - Oracle's signs Omens - Oracular signs Omens - Outside gents there may be extra-large signs Omens - Portentous events Omens - Portentous things Omens - Portents Omens - Portents or prophetic signs Omens - Portents, harbingers Omens - Portents, prophetic signs Omens - Predictive signs Omens - Prognostications Omens - Prognostications provided by women's magazine Omens - Prophetic signs Omens - Prophetic signs of good or evil Omens - Red skies, to sailors Omens - Sailor accepting soldiers' forebodings Omens - Seer's clues Omens - Seers say they see them Omens - Serious signs Omens - Shaman's concerns Omens - Shaman's findings Omens - Signals of what's to come Omens - Signs Omens - Signs endorsements without tenders Omens - Signs for good or ill Omens - Signs from above Omens - Signs nothing -- and people sail without trouble Omens - Signs of danger Omens - Signs of fictional voyager heading north and south Omens - Signs of the future Omens - Signs of things to come Omens - Signs of trouble Omens - Signs or warnings for the future Omens - Signs seen by fictional voyager heading north and south Omens - Signs them so up about the people Omens - Signs to beware of Omens - Signs to heed Omens - Signs to note Omens - Signs, to the superstitious Omens - Sinister signs Omens - Soldiers concealed by very large signs Omens - Some dreams Omens - Some signs Omens - Soothsayer's observations Omens - Soothsayer's sightings Omens - Soothsayer's signs Omens - Spilled salt and gathering clouds, to some Omens - Spilling salt and breaking a mirror, say Omens - Straws in the wind Omens - Straws in the wind, e.g Omens - Tarot cards, e.g Omens - Tarot indications Omens - Telling signs Omens - Telltale signs Omens - These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us in forecasts Omens - They can be read by the illiterate Omens - They could be good or bad Omens - They might be ill Omens - They're meaningful to the superstitious Omens - Things seers see Omens - Threats from very big blokes inside! Omens - Troubling signs Omens - Warning signals Omens - Warning signs Omens - Warning signs from ladies wife's dismissed Omens - Warning signs of half the adult population losing head