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Roget - Man of many words

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Roget - Thesaurus compiler Roget - Man of many words Roget - Doctor-turned-wordsmith Roget - Writer's reference Roget - Standard word reference Roget - Book that might help an 8-down Roget - Man of many words? Roget - Man in search of meaning? Roget - Synonym collector Roget - Synonym compiler Roget - Word reference pioneer Roget - Man of many synonyms Roget - Famous synonymist Roget - Doctor-turned- synonymist Roget - Synonym man Roget - Noted wordsmith Roget - Name associated with synonyms Roget - British synonymist Roget - He had a way with words Roget - Shelfmate of webster Roget - Reference book for a writer Roget - Thesaurus name Roget - Reference book author Roget - Big name in reference books Roget - Noted synonym lister Roget - Lexicography immortal Roget - Thesaurus man Roget - Thesaurus guy Roget - Thesaurus creator Roget - Compiler of helpful lists Roget - Thesaurus author Roget - Doctor often seen on writers' bookshelves Roget - Important synonymist Roget - Subject of "the man who made lists" Roget - You can take his word for it Roget - Synonym wordsmith Roget - Synonym-loving physician Roget - Physician/synonymist Roget - Subject of randy wyatt's play "synonymy" Roget - Creator of an immortal 1852 lexicon Roget - Reference volume, informally Roget - Big name in synonyms Roget - Subject of joshua kendall's "the man who made lists" Roget - Celebrated synonymist Roget - Synonym stockpiler Roget - Noted synonymist Roget - Synonym expert Roget - Big name in thesauruses Roget - Name on a thesaurus Roget - Author of popular english thesaurus Roget - One who called a spade a shovel? Roget - Subject of the 2007 biography subtitled 'the man who became a book' Roget - Scholar remembered for his thesaurus Roget - Synonym source Roget - Bookmaker, say, turning up amid nonsense, rubbish, drivel, claptrap etc Roget - Compiler of the thesaurus Roget - The man for the synonyms Roget - Inventor of the log-log slide rule Roget - Famed doctor-turned-wordsmith Roget - Thesaurus publisher Roget - Subject of the 2008 biography "the man who made lists" Roget - It's often used as a synonym for "thesaurus" Roget - Doctor, physician, medic, author, compiler, lexicographer … Roget - Reference work next to bartlett's, maybe Roget - Synonym eponym Roget - Word menu option? Roget - Name synonymous with synonyms Roget - Item of clothing; confer Roget - Thesaurus deviser Roget - From bookmaker, decline to accept odds for grey Roget - Thesaurus inventor Roget - Bookmaker's odds in room guest reserved Roget - Thesaurus maker Roget - Conceal, oddly, art of great lexicographer Roget - Collector of words i acknowledge has new base Roget - Nearly all received first among thesauri - this one? Roget - Mounted men understand bookmaker? Roget - Run over to fetch bookmaker Roget - Thesaurus writer Roget - He always has a word for it Roget - Shelfmate of bartlett's, maybe Roget - He had quite a few words Roget - Wordsmith, say, raised amid rubbish Roget - English physician who devised a classified list of synonyms Roget - Author of thesaurus Roget - His 'thesaurus of english words and phrases' was published in 1852 Roget - Initially redacted original great english thesaurus Roget - Man of words i understand mostly, given time Roget - Old english masking even parts of proper word organiser Roget - Hardly a man of few words Roget - Wordsmith's reference Roget - Famed synonym compiler Roget - English doctor, compiler of a thesaurus, d. 1869 Roget - Doctor who invites you to take his word for it? Roget - Webster shelfmate Roget - Thesaurus constructor Roget - His work had many meanings Roget - Noted thesaurus compiler Roget - Surname synonymous with synonyms Roget - Compiler of synonyms Roget - Physician of thesaurus fame