Trauma - Psychological distress

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Trauma - Psychic shock Trauma - Kind of center Trauma - Triage sorts it Trauma - Emotional damage Trauma - Certain hospital case Trauma - Psychological injury Trauma - It comes as a shock Trauma - Hospital's ___ center Trauma - Major shock Trauma - Shock Trauma - __ center Trauma - Severe emotional shock Trauma - Shock to the system Trauma - Psychological shock Trauma - Focus of a hospital center Trauma - Psychologist's concern Trauma - Emotional shock Trauma - Injury requiring emergency room treatment Trauma - Psychotherapist's concern Trauma - Big shock Trauma - Great emotional upset Trauma - Great shock Trauma - Severe shock Trauma - It's quite a shock to get back to a market with you in it Trauma - Emotional shock with lasting effect Trauma - To be at the bottom of a rut would not be a pleasant experience for mother Trauma - How a rut has given mother a bad shock Trauma - At about a rum sort of shock Trauma - How shocking to get at a rum like this Trauma - Emotional shock having lasting effect Trauma - Emotional shock producing lasting effect Trauma - Shock to the body or mind Trauma - Bodily or mental shock Trauma - Emotional shock producing a lasting effect Trauma - Art up there gives you an awful shock, mother Trauma - The art up here may come as a shock to you and mother Trauma - It's not a nice experience for the painting to turn up for you, mother Trauma - Lasting shock or disturbance Trauma - Emotional shock having a lasting effect Trauma - A lasting emotional shock Trauma - Bodily or mental injury Trauma - Nervous shock Trauma - Emotional shock, long-lasting Trauma - Wound or emotional shock Trauma - What a shock to find a market back around you Trauma - What a shock for mother, following a rut Trauma - Therapist's concern Trauma - Emotional wound Trauma - Nbc bust about paramedics Trauma - Result of blunt force Trauma - Goethe's dream, a problem for the psyche Trauma - A sequel to the european dream isn't good for the soul Trauma - Shock as greek character kidnaps the queen mother Trauma - Amateur wrestling without point for injury Trauma - Shock of university graduate after painting is rejected Trauma - Psychological wound Trauma - Shock - wound Trauma - Psychological 23 Trauma - Physical injury - powerful emotional shock Trauma - Wound - emotional shock Trauma - Focus of a certain hospital center Trauma - Emotional upset Trauma - Wound up a character with skill Trauma - It's upsetting at beach near dingle perhaps for you and mother Trauma - What's distressing volunteers protecting room full of gold? Trauma - Shock to body or mind Trauma - It's upsetting for you and mother behind beach in dingle Trauma - Review art for youth centre graduate in shock Trauma - Emotional ordeal Trauma - Severe shock, injury Trauma - Wounding shock Trauma - Wound up half-cut in a shopping centre to the west Trauma - Emotional shock; injury Trauma - A market rising after university's invested produces shock Trauma - Us president mostly circumventing a physical injury Trauma - Shock with long-lasting effects Trauma - Deeply distressing experience Trauma - Deep distress Trauma - For nobs to get into public vehicle - a dreadful shock! Trauma - Physical injury (medical) Trauma - Deep distress; injury Trauma - Corporation recruiting artist gets a shock Trauma - Deeply-upsetting shock Trauma - Attempt to avoid third in physics, a university degree to bring distress Trauma - Injury from electric car going around university area Trauma - Very distressing experience Trauma - Shock of paintings upset person endlessly Trauma - Painful shock Trauma - Bodily shock Trauma - ___ center Trauma - Deeply distressing or disturbing experience Trauma - Psychological distress Trauma - Upsetting experience, a tram crashing with you said to be inside Trauma - Physical shock Trauma - Shock university degree on art work Trauma - A rum sort in army suffered distressing experience Trauma - Shock volunteers drinking a rum cocktail Trauma - Injury Trauma - Vehicle coming round big bend a shock Trauma - Vehicle outside university impinges on head of arabic -- injury results Trauma - Upsetting experience in sumatra strangely headed off Trauma - Shock from tarantino's first artist, 'kill bill' star Trauma - Wound Trauma - Shock of a tram crashing with unionist inside Trauma - Artist consumed by insides, a shock! Trauma - With 'cheers', imbibing a rum cocktail, gets shock Trauma - Wound up primarily in public transport area Trauma - Shock of putting up pictures on university graduate Trauma - Wound tarzan up, regularly missing mother Trauma - A foreign character's craft overturned. what a shock! Trauma - Distressing experience Trauma - Rejects painting by university graduate - it comes as a shock Trauma - Turn in drama (time for 27 shock) Trauma - Psv rounding bend with a shock Trauma - Therapy target Trauma - Emergency room concern Trauma - Source of add-on damages in a lawsuit Trauma - President ignoring note about a shocking event Trauma - Physical or mental shock Trauma - Time with american, in spirit, is a nightmare Trauma - Kind of hospital "center" Trauma - Result of blunt force? Trauma - Extreme shock Trauma - Center for the shocked? Trauma - Heartbreak hotel at the centre? that's the spirit welcoming american from academy! Trauma - Stressful event Trauma - A market suffering setback -- you finally admitted emotional shock Trauma - Something to work through with a therapist Trauma - Reason for a hospitalization Trauma - Psychology concern Trauma - Smart, casual with no class - that comes as a shock
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