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Spud - Common tater

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Spud - Common tater Spud - Tater Spud - An idahoan might hoe one Spud - Idaho, informally Spud - Souce of fries Spud - Starchy veggie Spud - Starch source, informally Spud - Informal potato Spud - Source of fries Spud - Idaho product, slangily Spud - Future fries Spud - Private vegetable? Spud - Hash ingredient, informally Spud - Carb source Spud - Potato, slangily Spud - Potato, informally Spud - Item in 58-across Spud - Fries to be Spud - Tuber with eyes Spud - Veggie with eyes Spud - Starchy side dish Spud - K.p. unit Spud - It may have eyes Spud - Eyed food Spud - One in a k.p. pile Spud - Fries source, informally Spud - Peeler's target, informally Spud - Idaho offering Spud - Potato Spud - K.p. veggie Spud - The common potato Spud - An informal potato Spud - The humble potato Spud - The humble colloquial potato Spud - The colloquial potato Spud - Russet, informally Spud - The popular potato Spud - "baked" side dish, slangily Spud - One with eyes for a cook? Spud - Pei product Spud - Eyed tuber Spud - Small sweet potato Spud - Murphy was sick when 'e left Spud - Murphy's digger Spud - Vegetable, small and sweet Spud - Murphy with his alternative lawman turning up for love Spud - S-sweet potato Spud - Murphy turns up in south dakota Spud - Potato in christmas pudding? Spud - Tattie Spud - It has eyes that can't see Spud - Vegetable commonly found in christmas pudding Spud - Maris piper turned up in south dakota Spud - 25-down, informally Spud - Turned up in south dakota for dinner Spud - It makes good fries Spud - Chip source Spud - King edward, say (slang) Spud - Idaho tuber, informally Spud - Source of some carbs Spud - Staple food in second and last course reduced Spud - Weed spade Spud - Vegetable turned up in emptied dishes Spud - Weeding spade Spud - Spade; potato (slang) Spud - Vegetable identified in second course? Spud - Potato (colloq.) Spud - One might have an eye on second dessert Spud - Vegetable in this pudding Spud - King edward gains power in the south of france Spud - Starchy bit of food in second sweet dish Spud - Murphy's tricks rebounding out east Spud - Provincial party's set up - here's a bit of food Spud - Vegetable soup's first course Spud - Small dessert - this eaten earlier? Spud - Commoner's king edward? Spud - Murphy is uncovered in plot? Spud - Southern sweet potato Spud - Small dessert made with common vegetable Spud - Singular dessert made with common vegetable Spud - Sauce originally given with sweet potato Spud - Digging instrument used by murphy Spud - Digging tool with a spade-like blade Spud - Sally's first sweet potato Spud - Fool perhaps trailing second jacketed type? Spud - Vegetable initially served before sweet Spud - Northern irish party's rejected murphy Spud - Portion of christmas pudding for charlotte perhaps Spud - Chip veggie Spud - Chips source Spud - Murphy gets northern irish party's backing Spud - Potato in slang Spud - One with eyes for the cook? Spud - Potato with small dessert Spud - Potato (informal) Spud - Kitchen nickname derived from a weed-digging tool Spud - Source of fries, slangily Spud - Unlikely constituent of christmas pudding? Spud - Eg murphy's second daughter receiving backing at university Spud - Pre-fries? Spud - Carbo-loader's fare, informally Spud - Ni party's put back source of chips Spud - Kp peeling target Spud - Tuber, informally Spud - Vegetable that's small and sweet Spud - One the murphy's bottles in the christmas pudding Spud - Starchy veggie, in slang Spud - Source of chips Spud - See 4-down Spud - Chips, initially Spud - Vegetable popular primarily in south of france Spud - Type of tuber, familiarly Spud - Potato small and sweet Spud - Shoestring source Spud - Source of chips, slangily Spud - Potato salad for starter: dessert comes later Spud - Carb-rich vegetable, slangily