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Sued - Took to court

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Sued - Took to court Sued - Engaged in litigation Sued - Sought damages Sued - Brought action against Sued - Dragged to court Sued - Filed papers against Sued - Like a shyster, often Sued - Like some polluters Sued - Took action against Sued - Sought damages from Sued - Sought a judgment Sued - Made a federal case? Sued - Went after Sued - Litigated Sued - Pleaded Sued - Courted ... or used the courts Sued - Took action, in a sense Sued - Like a defendant in court Sued - Didn't accept an apology, maybe Sued - Taken to court Sued - Made a case? Sued - Dragged into court Sued - Like a malfeasant, often Sued - Took to see judge judy, say Sued - Exercised a legal option Sued - Sought reparations from Sued - Sicced a lawyer on Sued - Made a federal case out of it? Sued - Sought damages, say Sued - Applied (for) Sued - Sought restitution Sued - Went after legally Sued - Took some action to get us over edward Sued - Action gets taken against such dues Sued - Took legal action against Sued - Took legal action Sued - Instituted litigation Sued - Brought to court Sued - Detail of undressed kid taken to court Sued - Prosecuted Sued - Like some copyright infringers Sued - Took action when duchesses loses chess Sued - Attempted to get satisfaction from Sued - Like some libelers Sued - Like patent infringers, often Sued - Hear poseur is taken to court Sued - Started legal proceedings against (someone) Sued - Started proceedings against (someone) Sued - Hired a litigator Sued - Made a case against? Sued - Ill-used, sought damages Sued - Entreated pretentious person audibly Sued - Brought an action against Sued - Went after, in a way Sued - Made a tangible show of displeasure Sued - Went after in court Sued - Went after, as donald trump to bill maher after he said trump was the Sued - Sought legal redress Sued - Didn't accept an apology, perhaps Sued - Sought a judgment against Sued - What the isley brothers did to michael bolton Sued - Fall out boy "our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get ___" Sued - Made a case against Sued - Future leaders of the world song about litigation? Sued - Didn't go away quietly Sued - Initiated court action against Sued - Emulated edison, vis-à-vis westinghouse Sued - Wouldn't settle, say Sued - Petitioned Sued - Sought redress from