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Sdi - Star wars: abbr

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Sdi - "star wars" initials Sdi - "star wars" mil. project Sdi - "star wars" program Sdi - '80s "star wars" plan Sdi - '80s anti-missile prog Sdi - '80s defense prog Sdi - '80s military initialism Sdi - '80s missile prog Sdi - '80s missile shield plan Sdi - '80s missile shield prog Sdi - 'star wars' abbr Sdi - 'star wars' initials Sdi - 1980's military prog Sdi - 1980's proposal: abbr Sdi - 1980s missile prog Sdi - 1980s missile shield prog Sdi - 1991 state of the union subject Sdi - 80's defense letters Sdi - 80's military inits Sdi - 80's pentagon letters Sdi - Anti-icbm plan Sdi - Anti-missile prog Sdi - Antimissile plan, for short Sdi - Antimissile prog Sdi - Arms race abbr Sdi - Arms race initials Sdi - Arms race inits Sdi - Arms race plan: abbr Sdi - Bygone reagan program, briefly Sdi - Cold war abbr Sdi - Cold war missile prog Sdi - Cold war plan: abbr Sdi - Cold war proj Sdi - Controversial 1980's plan: abbr Sdi - Controversial 1980's proposal: abbr Sdi - Deterrent announced in 1983: abbr Sdi - Govt. project whose logo depicted a shield in space Sdi - High-tech defense initials Sdi - Icbm targeter Sdi - Military inits Sdi - Missile defense initials Sdi - Pres. reagan's 'star wars' program Sdi - Program introduced by r.w.r Sdi - Program proposed by rwr Sdi - Project against icbm's Sdi - R.r.'s star wars Sdi - R.w.r.'s "star wars" Sdi - Reagan antimissile plan, for short Sdi - Reagan antimissile program, for short Sdi - Reagan cause: abbr Sdi - Reagan def. program Sdi - Reagan defense prog Sdi - Reagan era abbreviation Sdi - Reagan era acronym Sdi - Reagan era mil. program Sdi - Reagan era prog Sdi - Reagan era proj Sdi - Reagan mil. plan Sdi - Reagan mil. program Sdi - Reagan military inits Sdi - Reagan military program, for short Sdi - Reagan pet project: abbr Sdi - Reagan prog Sdi - Reagan program inits Sdi - Reagan program, for short Sdi - Reagan program, initially Sdi - Reagan security prog Sdi - Reagan's "star wars" plan Sdi - Reagan's "star wars" plan, for short Sdi - Reagan's "star wars" prog Sdi - Reagan's "star wars" program, for short Sdi - Reagan's "star wars" proj Sdi - Reagan's "star wars," for short Sdi - Reagan's 'star wars' prog Sdi - Reagan's 'star wars' program: abbr Sdi - Reagan's abm prog Sdi - Reagan's antimissile prog Sdi - Reagan's high-tech weapons prog Sdi - Reagan's star wars Sdi - Reagan's star wars program: abbr Sdi - Reagan's star wars proj Sdi - Reagan's star wars, briefly Sdi - Reagan-era mil. program Sdi - Reagan-era prog Sdi - Reagan-era program, in brief Sdi - Reagan-era program: abbr Sdi - Rwr initiative Sdi - Star wars abbr Sdi - Star wars in d.c Sdi - Star wars initials Sdi - Star wars inits Sdi - Star wars letters Sdi - Star wars mil. project Sdi - Star wars prog Sdi - Star wars program, for short Sdi - Star wars program: abbr Sdi - Star wars research prog Sdi - Star wars to r.w.r Sdi - Star wars, briefly Sdi - Star wars, initially Sdi - Star wars, to r.w.r Sdi - Star wars: abbr Sdi - U.s. "star wars" plan Sdi - U.s. star wars program Sdi - Weapons prog. since 1983