Antes - Primes the pot

Word by letter:
  • Antes - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word S

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Antes - Poker payments Antes - Pot amounts Antes - Primes the pot Antes - Deal prerequisites Antes - Chips in? Antes - Individual shares Antes - Prepares for a hand Antes - Is in Antes - See 15-across Antes - Pays to play Antes - Pot builders Antes - Hand costs Antes - Stud fees Antes - Pot starters Antes - Starts a pot Antes - Pot contents Antes - Feeds the pot Antes - Puts money in the pot Antes - See 51-across Antes - Starting stakes Antes - Adds to the pot Antes - Parts of pots Antes - Decides to play Antes - Chips in Antes - New kitties? Antes - Before, in bogotá Antes - Opening bets Antes - Ponies up Antes - Begins the betting Antes - Starts the pot Antes - They make large pots Antes - Pays to play poker Antes - Poker bets Antes - Chips in chips Antes - Payments made before a deal is completed Antes - Feeds the kitty Antes - Poker-pot starters Antes - Puts in chips Antes - Gets in the game Antes - Gets ready for stud Antes - Deal prerequisites, sometimes Antes - Adds to the kitty Antes - First chips in the middle Antes - Shows a desire to get in Antes - Chips, at times Antes - Kicks in to the kitty Antes - Pot payments Antes - They're usually placed in the middle of the table Antes - Helps make a pot Antes - Gets a pot going Antes - Blinds, in texas hold 'em Antes - Puts in the pot Antes - Poker-hand starters Antes - Poker-pot fees Antes - Pot collection Antes - First chips in the center Antes - Chips in a chip Antes - Pays (up) Antes - Dealers' requests Antes - Initial contributions Antes - Places bets Antes - Gets the pot going Antes - Initial chips Antes - Small stakes Antes - Pre-deal payments Antes - Joins the game Antes - White poker chips, often Antes - First stakes Antes - Starting pay? Antes - Puts in one's chips Antes - Gets in on the deal Antes - They help the pot grow Antes - Pot fatteners Antes - Pays for a hand Antes - Start-up costs, of sorts Antes - Responds to "are you in?," maybe Antes - First chips in the pot Antes - Stud fees? Antes - Gambling stakes Antes - Vegas openings? Antes - Upfront poker payments Antes - Poker amounts Antes - Puts up Antes - Deserves a hand Antes - They're placed in the center of a table Antes - Throws in, in a way Antes - Starts the kitty Antes - Deserves a deal? Antes - Pot creators Antes - Pays in advance Antes - Nickel and dime in gaming? Antes - Forks over, with "up" Antes - Poker dealers' requests Antes - Sweetens the kitty Antes - Pot seeds? Antes - Primes the poker pot Antes - Gets in the game, say Antes - Some stakes Antes - Pennies are small ones Antes - Predeal payments Antes - They'll give you a hand Antes - Starts the poker pot Antes - Payments for hands Antes - Pays for poker Antes - Starts a hand Antes - Poker costs Antes - Poker prices Antes - Hand preliminaries Antes - Initial stakes Antes - Opening stakes Antes - Poker contributions Antes - Required stakes Antes - Up-front payments Antes - Cards' costs Antes - Minimal pot's makeup Antes - Wagers Antes - Chips in a chip, e.g Antes - First pot chips Antes - Poker pot starters Antes - Chips in at the start Antes - Puts up, as 10 cents Antes - They start 68 across Antes - Opening chips Antes - Article set up bets Antes - Poker hand starters Antes - Pre-deal round Antes - Enters into a deal? Antes - Starting chips Antes - Deserves a hand? Antes - Kitty starters Antes - Poker pot builders Antes - Playing costs Antes - Blind cousins? Antes - Gets in the poker game Antes - Entrance fees, of a sort Antes - Begins a hand Antes - Poker rituals Antes - Gets the pot started Antes - Deal prices Antes - Makes the pot grow Antes - Poker fees Antes - Starter bets Antes - Solicits a hand Antes - Starts a poker hand Antes - First chips Antes - Goes into a pool Antes - Poker stakes Antes - Chips in a pot Antes - Opening poker stakes Antes - Places a bet Antes - Starts a poker pot Antes - Admission fees of a sort Antes - Adds to the poker kitty Antes - They come before deals Antes - Joins a poker game Antes - Poker pay-ins Antes - Having a kick, maybe Antes - Money in the middle of a poker table Antes - Pilastres corniers Antes - Puts money on the table, say Antes - Buy-ins Antes - Preliminary payments Antes - Potful
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Primes the pot (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - primes the pot. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter N. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter S.

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