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Palermo - Where gelato was invented

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Palermo - Buddy vandalised rome and another italian city Palermo - Capital city of sicily Palermo - Capital of sicily Palermo - Capital on the tyrrhenian sea Palermo - Capoluogo della sicilia Palermo - Chief city of sicily Palermo - Chief port of sicily Palermo - City gained by rome during the first punic war Palermo - City in sicily Palermo - City less colourful with motorway round Palermo - City near vesuvius Palermo - City of sicily Palermo - Doctor attending more anaemic sicilians here Palermo - Drink knocked back - more rum or port Palermo - Friend abandoned rome or another italian city Palermo - Friend confused rome and another italian city Palermo - Friend wants rome replaced as italian capital Palermo - Intimate letters from rome redistributed in city further south Palermo - Island capital served by less bright medico Palermo - Italian city's less healthy looking medic Palermo - Italian city's less healthy-looking state Palermo - Less exciting way of working in italian city Palermo - Looking more sickly, goes to doctor in sicily Palermo - Main city of sicily Palermo - Mate recollected rome and another italian city Palermo - More faded, second city of italy Palermo - Not so bright, second city Palermo - Pair consuming beer, two shakes and italian port Palermo - Pearl queasy, going to doctor in island capital Palermo - Room in protected area round city Palermo - Sicilan capital Palermo - Sicilian capital Palermo - Sicilian city Palermo - Sicilian port Palermo - Sicilian seaport Palermo - Sicilian town where dim marine found love Palermo - Sicily's capital Palermo - Sicily's province Palermo - Site of a 1943 allied victory Palermo - Site of italy's largest opera house Palermo - Stake to run out, money invested as capital Palermo - The capital of sicily Palermo - Tyrrhenian port Palermo - View from mount pellegrino Palermo - Visibly fading, second city of italy Palermo - Where gelato was invented