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Maiden - Knight's fair lady

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Maiden - "fair" heroine Maiden - 'by an hour after midnight -- back home, girl!' Maiden - A fair individual? Maiden - A girl to help people out Maiden - And 16 across: journey, initially, taking servant and messenger long time Maiden - Cricket over with no runs Maiden - Cricket over, no runs Maiden - Damsel Maiden - Done for the first time Maiden - Dotty over girl Maiden - Earliest - unmarried Maiden - Fair one Maiden - Fair one? Maiden - Fellows coming round to help young girl Maiden - Fellows gather round to help a girl Maiden - Fellows need help in getting her Maiden - First Maiden - First (speech) Maiden - First ever public address Maiden - First, as a voyage Maiden - First-ever Maiden - Girl Maiden - Girl graduate with whom i study Maiden - Girl needing help, besieged by chaps Maiden - Girl needing support when surrounded by blokes Maiden - Girl's help accepted by blokes Maiden - Girl; kind of over Maiden - Girl; unmarried Maiden - Guys accepting help from girl Maiden - Horse charity disturbs soldiers Maiden - Horse that has never won a race Maiden - Horse that hasn't won Maiden - Horse with no wins Maiden - I named (anag) - young woman Maiden - In cricket, an over where there are no runs Maiden - Inaugural Maiden - Initial Maiden - Initial, as a voyage Maiden - Iron ___ Maiden - It could be over with may in french nightclub Maiden - It's the retiring editor in chief, girl Maiden - Kind of name or voyage Maiden - Kind of voyage Maiden - Knight's fair lady Maiden - Lass Maiden - Like some names and voyages Maiden - Like some voyages Maiden - Might she wear tights having no runs? Maiden - Miss an over Maiden - Miss as the result of tight bowling? Maiden - Miss extra, then no runs Maiden - Miss fellow catching fish Maiden - Miss people around to give a hand Maiden - Miss relief - in pieces Maiden - Miss this one, pure and simple Maiden - Never taken hold of lass because of hair Maiden - Never yet a winner with head on 5 Maiden - No one scores with this girl Maiden - No run her over Maiden - No running over her Maiden - No runs are scored from this - young girl Maiden - No runs for the unmarried lady's over Maiden - No-score over Maiden - Object of a knightly rescue Maiden - Of an aunt, unmarried Maiden - One may be fair Maiden - One might perhaps take this amiss Maiden - Over in cricket in which no runs are scored Maiden - Over in which no runs are scored Maiden - Race excited medina Maiden - See 26 Maiden - See 3 Maiden - Seems like an expensive finish for your pal Maiden - Servant carrying fish over Maiden - She gets over without scoring Maiden - She may be fair Maiden - Ship's first trip Maiden - Single from over with no runs? Maiden - Single race for losers Maiden - Single? not in this Maiden - Six dot balls Maiden - Soldiers carry help for young lady Maiden - Spinster Maiden - To the rear (of a ship) Maiden - Type of name or voyage Maiden - Unmarried Maiden - Unmarried girl Maiden - Unmarried girl of old Maiden - Unmarried men need help essentially Maiden - Unmated; runless over Maiden - Virgin crew help on board Maiden - Whom a dragon threatens in a fairy tale Maiden - Winless horse Maiden - Winless racehorse Maiden - Winless thoroughbred Maiden - With 13-down, disastrous event for the 63-across Maiden - Word before name or voyage Maiden - Word with aunt or voyage Maiden - You must miss her to help the men around her Maiden - You'll never score with this girl Maiden - Young hooligan, i am upsetting girl Maiden - Young lady requiring chaps to accept assistance Maiden - Young woman with a denim dress