Nabob - A wealthy man

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  • Nabob - Letter on N
  • 1 - st. word N
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word B
  • 4 - st. word O
  • 5 - st. word B

All questions by word:
Nabob - "nattering" big shot, in an agnew speech Nabob - 'a savage old -, with an immense fortune' (macaulay, lord clive ) Nabob - 'although he was rich, it seems he was worth only a shilling at last (5)' Nabob - 'nattering' sort in a spiro agnew speech Nabob - A wealthy man Nabob - Arrest old boy, someone very rich Nabob - Article sent up by robert - a rich man Nabob - At last he was able to make one shilling in india Nabob - Back in nick he died a very wealthy man Nabob - Big cheese Nabob - Big cheese, so to speak Nabob - Big shot Nabob - Big wheel Nabob - Bigwig Nabob - Bigwig's arrest reflected personal problem Nabob - Biz big shot Nabob - Biz vip Nabob - Business bigwig Nabob - Catch robber on outside broadcast for very rich person Nabob - Cheese gives rise to stink and prohibition Nabob - Devotional painting Nabob - European who amassed a fortune in the east Nabob - Fat cat Nabob - Fat cat in the business sense Nabob - Get hold of deceased vip Nabob - Governor puts old boy under arrest Nabob - Governor's name on face of a discarded coin Nabob - Heavy hitter Nabob - High muck-a-muck Nabob - High-muck-a-muck Nabob - High-muckety-muck Nabob - Honcho Nabob - Important person Nabob - Important person died after arrest Nabob - Influential individual Nabob - Influential one Nabob - Influential person Nabob - Magnate Nabob - Magnate died after kidnap Nabob - Magnate; formerly one with eastern wealth Nabob - Man of great wealth Nabob - Man of means Nabob - Man of wealth or influence Nabob - Mogul Nabob - Mogul governor; rich man Nabob - Mogul governor; very rich or important person Nabob - Moneybags -- initially not having a shilling Nabob - Moneyed muck-a-muck Nabob - Mover and shaker Nabob - Muckety-muck Nabob - Name for what (or two) he has? Nabob - Nattering type Nabob - Nawab Nabob - Nawab, a man of great wealth Nabob - Nawab, man of great wealth Nabob - North american takes old shilling from rich man Nabob - Not applicable to geldorf, who's a wealthy person Nabob - Old boy in bar knocked over fat cat Nabob - One divining (water) Nabob - One with power and influence Nabob - One's back from hindustan with some money Nabob - Outlaw backed by old bishop becomes a very wealthy man Nabob - Person of conspicuous wealth or high status Nabob - Person of great importance Nabob - Person of great wealth Nabob - Person of high status in possession of a billion? Nabob - Person of means Nabob - Person of wealth or influence Nabob - Plutocrat puts sodium on old coin Nabob - Pooh-bah Nabob - Port passed round by british moneybags Nabob - Powerful bloke Nabob - Powerful man Nabob - Powerful man, head, restraining sailor Nabob - Powerful person Nabob - Prominent person Nabob - Rich british merchant in india Nabob - Rich man Nabob - Rich man originally needing a little cash before 1971 Nabob - Rich, powerful or important man Nabob - Tycoon Nabob - Tycoon and toff pocketing a billion Nabob - Tycoon, for one Nabob - Vip old boy under arrest Nabob - Wealthy and influential person Nabob - Wealthy and powerful person Nabob - Wealthy influential person Nabob - Wealthy man flipped an old coin Nabob - Wealthy man flipping an old coin Nabob - Wealthy muck-a-muck Nabob - Wealthy muckety-muck Nabob - Wealthy one Nabob - Wealthy or prominent person Nabob - Wealthy person Nabob - Wealthy, powerful person Nabob - Well-heeled fellow Nabob - Zillionaire
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