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Osier - Willow

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Osier - 'e makes footwear from a tree Osier - (twig of a) willow tree Osier - ... source of twigs to make baskets Osier - A tree is more secure when pollarded Osier - A weaving cane for rosie Osier - A willow Osier - American dogwood Osier - American dogwood used in basketry Osier - American dogwood: red ___ Osier - Any of various willows Osier - Basket component Osier - Basket maker or stocking dealer in albert square? Osier - Basket maker that's old raised cash in brazil once Osier - Basket maker's supply Osier - Basket maker's willow Osier - Basket makers' willow Osier - Basket making material Osier - Basket material Osier - Basket material a girl put right at the back Osier - Basket producer there is only backed in part Osier - Basket twig Osier - Basket weaver's material Osier - Basket weaver's twig Osier - Basket willow Osier - Basket-maker socks retailer in east end Osier - Basket-maker's girl right from first to last Osier - Basket-maker's girl right to take lowest position Osier - Basket-maker's willow Osier - Basket-making material Osier - Basket-making willow Osier - Basketmaker's willow Osier - Basketmaking branch Osier - Basketmaking material Osier - Basketry material Osier - Basketry twig Osier - Basketry willow Osier - Basketwork willow Osier - Bit of tree healthier-looking when pollarded Osier - Branch is more friendly when head leaves Osier - Branch of basket-making Osier - Branch of wickerwork Osier - Certain american dogwood Osier - Certain willow Osier - Cider drinker going head to toe with basket maker Osier - Cockney dealer may be a bit of a basket Osier - Cockney knitted goods dealer and basket maker Osier - Cockney stocking- and basket-maker Osier - Cockney stocking-seller and basket-maker Osier - Difficile à casser Osier - Espèce de saule Osier - Eurasian willow Osier - Failure must be executed - entering, i shoot Osier - Flexible twig Osier - Flexible twig of a willow tree Osier - Flexible twig of willow Osier - Flexible weaving material Osier - Flexible wood Osier - Free rose around institute from willow Osier - Girl's first to drop basket-maker Osier - Il est flexible Osier - It would be much flowerier if the top was left on the willow Osier - Kind of twig used in basketwork Osier - Kind of willow used in basketwork Osier - Lawn chair material Osier - Matière à paniers Osier - More comfortable after pollarding willow Osier - More comfy if you take the top off tree Osier - More optimistic after heading off, one used to get weaving? Osier - More optimistic, but to be executed: shoot! Osier - More probing, rooting out name for willow Osier - More promising when top's off tree Osier - Odd bits lopped from bonsai pear tree Osier - Old knight hiding ecstasy in willow Osier - On en fait des clisses Osier - On en fait des liens Osier - On en fait des paniers Osier - Plant willow twig Osier - Plie, mais ne casse pas Osier - Pollarded more promising willow ... Osier - Professor says 'stocking stocker,' pupil suggests ... Osier - Purple willow, e.g Osier - Rattan alternative Osier - Rosie (anag) Osier - Rosie (anag.) Osier - Rosie manipulated willow Osier - Rosie's willowy form Osier - Saule Osier - Saule de petite taille Osier - Sert à tresser des paniers Osier - Shoot dealer in 'old-ups etc Osier - Sleeveless underwear that could be woven Osier - Small willow Osier - Small willow; its shoot Osier - Source of twigs called withies Osier - Specialised dealer in east end branch Osier - Train rose over irish willow Osier - Tree - rosie (anag) Osier - Tree blossoming more, the first to be removed Osier - Tree for basket making Osier - Tree hides one in sore distress Osier - Tree is healthier when lopped Osier - Tree is more comfortable, less cold Osier - Tree more blooming, polled Osier - Tree needed by cockney stocking-manufacturer? Osier - Tree that is shown by river on one sort of map Osier - Tree that is surrounded by huge river Osier - Tree that provides wicker Osier - Tree that provides wickers Osier - Tree, very big, that is hanging over river Osier - Tree, very large, that is by river Osier - Tree, very large? that is right? Osier - Twig i found in plant right at the end Osier - Twig making holes in both ends of stockings Osier - Twig of a willow tree Osier - Twig used in basket-making Osier - Twig used in wickerwork Osier - Useful willow tree twig Osier - Wattle fence wood Osier - Weaver's willow Osier - Weaving cane for rosie Osier - Weaving twig Osier - Weaving willow Osier - Weeping-willow relative Osier - What makes basket more comfortable is losing its lid Osier - Wicker material Osier - Wicker source Osier - Wicker willow Osier - Wicker-work material Osier - Wicker-work willow Osier - Wickerwork branch Osier - Wickerwork material Osier - Wickerwork plant Osier - Wickerwork twig Osier - Wickerwork willow Osier - Wickerwork wood Osier - Wickerworker's willow Osier - Wild rose one found growing by the river Osier - Willow Osier - Willow - exceptionally large one seen approaching centre of limerick Osier - Willow - flexible willow twig Osier - Willow branch Osier - Willow for a wicker weaver Osier - Willow for basket making Osier - Willow for basket-making Osier - Willow for basketwork Osier - Willow for making baskets Osier - Willow for weaving Osier - Willow for wicker Osier - Willow for wicker weaving Osier - Willow for wickerwork Osier - Willow growing shoots used in basketwork Osier - Willow is comparatively blooming having been polled Osier - Willow is more blooming having top removed Osier - Willow is pinker when pollarded Osier - Willow looking healthier when pollarded Osier - Willow looking healthier? not at first Osier - Willow more blooming when polled Osier - Willow often seen in elementary receptacles initially Osier - Willow rod Osier - Willow rod in basketry Osier - Willow rod used in basketry Osier - Willow shoot Osier - Willow tree Osier - Willow tree offshoot Osier - Willow tree twig Osier - Willow twig Osier - Willow twig for wickerwork Osier - Willow twig used in basketry Osier - Willow type Osier - Willow used for basket-making Osier - Willow used in basketry Osier - Willow used in weaving Osier - Willow used to make wicker Osier - Willow variety Osier - Willow whose twigs are used in basketry Osier - Willow with twigs for basket-weaving Osier - Willow wood Osier - Willow's more like another plant, say, when top's removed Osier - Willow, very large one approaching centre of caterham Osier - Willowy cider drinker, head down (in book) Osier - Withy Osier - Wood brighter without canopy