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Throttle - Choke

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Throttle - Choke Throttle - Strangle Throttle - Diesel engine's lack Throttle - Beat badly Throttle - One will have to stifle this in your car Throttle - Close it and it will stop you for good. open it and it will speed you up Throttle - You might put your foot down to open this, yet smoother it Throttle - Does this produce strangulation in 11 across? Throttle - Open it to make it faster Throttle - Choke by pressure on the windpipe Throttle - Valve regulating volume of fuel and air Throttle - Valve to regulate the supply of fuel to the engine Throttle - Strangle with car pedal? Throttle - Strangle with car part Throttle - Choke, strangle Throttle - To close it has one quite breathless Throttle - That'll smother one in the engine Throttle - Accelerator or choke? Throttle - Choke four times, strangling love with french article Throttle - Choke or accelerator? Throttle - Accelerator Throttle - Suppress - kill Throttle - Accelerator - choke Throttle - Fuel-regulating valve in an engine Throttle - Gas pedal Throttle - Strangle the fuel valve Throttle - Fuel-regulating valve Throttle - Choke, one of the controls in a car Throttle - Strangle; regulator valve Throttle - Briefly disconcerted about excessive learner driver - overusing this? Throttle - Choke, in the car? Throttle - Strangle; fuel controller Throttle - Device controlling engine that's similar to choke Throttle - Cricketer catches hard ball at last, before england's opener can check Throttle - Accelerator used with choke Throttle - It makes the motorist put his foot down Throttle - Engine valve serves as choke Throttle - Choke pedal Throttle - Accelerator or choke Throttle - Valve gets most of the rubbish let out Throttle - Choke or accelerator Throttle - Suppress the short part about abstainer Throttle - Strangulate Throttle - Suppress article about resistance facing extreme left Throttle - Choke, getting most of the rubbish left out with no end of grief Throttle - Put hands round device in saloon? Throttle - Suppress the endless nonsense and let loose Throttle - Suppress Throttle - Choke or other part of engine Throttle - Accelerator pedal Throttle - Valve which regulates fuel supplied to an engine Throttle - Silence personnel going overboard during time with the french Throttle - Strangle the fuel valve? Throttle - Choke, a device that controls mixture of air and fuel Throttle - Engine regulator