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Coldsnap - Sudden arrival of fall weather

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Coldsnap - Sudden arrival of fall weather Coldsnap - Sudden drop-off Coldsnap - Winter weather phenomenon Coldsnap - Fall phenomenon Coldsnap - Sudden cool-down Coldsnap - Period of frigid temperatures Coldsnap - Frigid spell Coldsnap - Winter phenomenon Coldsnap - Winter weather occurrence Coldsnap - Being aged a century, the god is back with the frost Coldsnap - Being a century old, the god's back to being frosty Coldsnap - 'spell of low temperature weather (4,4)' Coldsnap - Sudden brief spell of chilly weather Coldsnap - Period of unusually low temperature Coldsnap - Sudden brief spell of icy weather Coldsnap - Lands in trouble, arrested by policeman - time to wrap up Coldsnap - It may produce winter ailments leading to little sleep Coldsnap - Complaints drop off in bad weather Coldsnap - Doc's plan may need revising when this comes Coldsnap - Short spell of severe frost Coldsnap - Spell when it isn't like 8 Coldsnap - Short wintry spell Coldsnap - Sudden short spell of bitter weather Coldsnap - Short period of wintry weather Coldsnap - Sudden temperature drop Coldsnap - Period of chilly weather Coldsnap - It's the wintry weather for a game of cards in january? Coldsnap - Period of icy weather Coldsnap - Cause of winter ailments - needing little sleep Coldsnap - Brief spell of freezing weather Coldsnap - Having illness, take a break in winter period Coldsnap - Sudden chilly period Coldsnap - Which sees aged poles wearing headgear? Coldsnap - Not welcoming game when snow may fall? Coldsnap - Wintry spell Coldsnap - First hint of cloud and poland's suffering a chilly spell Coldsnap - Complaint over game in wintry spell Coldsnap - Winter event Coldsnap - Winter time Coldsnap - Start of a play in a wintry super bowl? Coldsnap - Brief chilly spell Coldsnap - Reason for a heating bill spike