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Odie - Garfield's foil

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Odie - 'garfield' dog Odie - Garfield's foil Odie - Jim davis canine Odie - Comics dog Odie - Jon arbuckle's dog Odie - Garfield's canine pal Odie - Jim davis dog Odie - Dog drawn by jim davis Odie - Comics pooch Odie - Garfield's frequent victim Odie - Comic strip canine Odie - Garfield's pal Odie - "garfield" pup Odie - "garfield" dog Odie - Garfield sidekick Odie - Dog in a panel Odie - Garfield's stooge Odie - Jim davis creation Odie - Mutt of garfield's jokes Odie - Garfield foil Odie - Jon arbuckle's pet Odie - Butt of garfield's jokes Odie - Jim davis' pup Odie - Snoopy peer Odie - Comic strip dog Odie - Marmaduke peer Odie - Likely foil for garfield Odie - Cartoon dog Odie - Foil for garfield Odie - Garfield growler Odie - Garfield's whipping boy Odie - "garfield" character Odie - Jon arbuckle's pup Odie - Comics canine Odie - Cartoon canine Odie - Jon arbuckle's pooch Odie - Jim davis mutt Odie - Arbuckle pooch Odie - Jim davis pup Odie - Patsy created by jim davis Odie - ___ cologne (skunk of old cartoons) Odie - Yellow dog of the comics Odie - Dog drawn jim davis Odie - "garfield" canine Odie - Comic canine Odie - Drooling dog of comics Odie - Jim davis character Odie - Jim davis pooch Odie - Large-tongued comic canine Odie - Pooch created by jim davis Odie - Garfield's sidekick Odie - Dopey dog of the comics Odie - Comics-page dog Odie - Cartoon drooler Odie - Comic dog Odie - "garfield" drooler Odie - Garfield dog Odie - Dog in "garfield" Odie - Big-tongued comic strip character Odie - 'garfield' foil Odie - 53-across companion Odie - Character not computer- animated in the "garfield" movies Odie - Drooling pooch of comics Odie - Yellow-furred comics dog Odie - Garfield's patsy Odie - Drooling dog of fiction Odie - 'garfield' canine Odie - Slobbering dog of comics Odie - Drooler on the comics Odie - Drooling toon canine Odie - Slobbering comics dog Odie - Garfield's pal, in the funnies Odie - Garfield housemate Odie - One of jon arbuckle's pets Odie - Drooling dog in 'garfield' Odie - '___ unleashed!' (cartoon volume) Odie - Cartoon pup Odie - Garfield pal Odie - He was played by a real dog in "garfield: the movie" Odie - Garfield's housemate Odie - Comics canine for nearly 30 years Odie - Two-dimensional beagle Odie - Jim davis' dog Odie - Dog living with garfield Odie - Two-dimensional dog Odie - Dog in 'garfield' Odie - Garfield’s pal Odie - Beagle in the funnies Odie - Jon's comics canine Odie - Garfield victim Odie - "garfield" pooch Odie - Funny papers pooch Odie - Mutt on the comics page Odie - Housemate of garfield Odie - Comics page drooler Odie - Drooling doggie Odie - He wears a yellow coat and pants Odie - Jon's dog Odie - Dumb dog of the comics Odie - Tongue-lolling comics character Odie - Pooch in panels Odie - Cartoon character who routinely gets his ass kicked Odie - Drooling canine in the funnies Odie - "garfield "dog Odie - "garfield "character"" Odie - Dog in a cat comic Odie - Slobbery cartoon character Odie - Garfield's canine friend Odie - Occasionally punted comics canine Odie - Beagle "born" in 1978 Odie - Garfield's friend Odie - His vet is liz wilson Odie - Long-tongued cartoon dog Odie - "garfield" movie role played by a real dog Odie - Comics beagle Odie - Pet of doc boy's brother Odie - Unseen character in 'garfield minus garfield' Odie - Garfield's best friend Odie - Pooch in a jim davis cartoon Odie - Slobbering canine Odie - Cartoon character whose name sounds like a drug mishap Odie - Jim davis cartoon dog Odie - Garfield's cohort Odie - Garfield's pooch pal Odie - Garfield's companion Odie - He's often punted off the table Odie - Long-suffering cartoon pup Odie - Drooling dog of the comics Odie - Bullied pet of the comics Odie - Dopey dog Odie - Cartoon pooch Odie - Dog in a strip Odie - Comic strip drooler Odie - 'garfield minus garfield' character Odie - Dog often messed with by garfield Odie - 'a tail of two kitties' dog Odie - 10-down drooler Odie - Doofus dog in the comics Odie - Garfield's "purebred clown" Odie - Punt victim of the funnies Odie - Cartoon beagle born in 1978 Odie - Large-tongued comics dog Odie - Veterinary patient of dr. liz wilson Odie - Comic strip dog with a long tongue Odie - Slobbering comics pooch Odie - Comic-strip pooch Odie - Cartoon beagle Odie - Comics patient of dr. liz wilson Odie - Drooling comics dog Odie - "garfield" beagle Odie - Long-tongued comics dog Odie - Drooling toon dog Odie - Pal of garfield Odie - Lyman gave him to jon, presumably; it's never really explained Odie - 'garfield' character Odie - Patient of dr. liz Odie - Yellow-and-brown toon dog Odie - 'garfield' regular Odie - Slobbering toon dog Odie - Dog of comics Odie - Often-kicked comics canine Odie - Dog bullied by garfield Odie - Beagle drawn by jim davis Odie - Cartoon dog with a big tongue Odie - 'garfield' pooch Odie - Toon beagle Odie - 'garfield' barker Odie - Comics character who once solved a sudoku Odie - Brown-eared comics character Odie - Often-punted comics character Odie - Drooly toon dog Odie - "garfield minus garfield" character Odie - Yellow dog in the funnies Odie - Garfield's canine foil Odie - Dog often tormented by garfield Odie - Garfield's slobbering canine pal Odie - 'garfield' drooler Odie - Slobbery cartoon dog Odie - Slobbering canine of comics Odie - Slobbering cartoon character Odie - Floppy-eared comics character Odie - Comics pooch with a big red tongue Odie - Drooler in "garfield" Odie - Drooling pal of garfield Odie - Slavering toon Odie - Brown-eared beagle of the comics Odie - Yellow dog of the funnies Odie - Dog created by jim davis Odie - Garfield's drooling pal Odie - Garfield's victim, often Odie - Long-tongued dog of comics Odie - Garfield calls him a 'purebred clown' Odie - Whom garfield torments Odie - Frequent target of garfield's pranks Odie - Dimwitted dog of comics Odie - Garfield's foil in the comics Odie - Garfield's frenemy Odie - 'garfield' beagle Odie - Garfield's dimwitted pal Odie - Yellow beagle of comics Odie - ____ cleghorn (with 7 down, won 1924 stanley cup) Odie - Comics dog since 1978 Odie - Yellow comics canine Odie - Long-tongued canine of comics Odie - Yellow-furred dog of comics Odie - Jon arbuckle's slobbering beagle Odie - Comics beagle since 1978 Odie - "purebred clown," to garfield Odie - Long-tongued comics canine Odie - Long-tongued comics canine Odie - Garfield's dog friend Odie - Garfield's dog friend Odie - Drool pool creator of comics