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Traitor - Rat

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Traitor - Brutus, e.g Traitor - Rat Traitor - Perfidious person Traitor - Turncoat Traitor - Arnold or judas, e.g Traitor - This isn't true Traitor - Double-dealer Traitor - False friend Traitor - Judas, infamously Traitor - Person who moves from side to side? Traitor - Betrayer Traitor - Unfaithful one Traitor - Quisling Traitor - Arnold, notably Traitor - Treasonous fellow Traitor - It's characteristid, or it's not true that one is Traitor - That is characteristic or will let you down Traitor - Has one got the air to trot with? faith, one hasn't Traitor - There's just a touch or no faith in one Traitor - Faith, there's none of it in this, or art Traitor - One that's characteristic or false Traitor - It's characteristic, or has let you down Traitor - Faith, there's none of that in one Traitor - Faith, one hasn't a sign of it or this Traitor - Faith, he'll have none of it Traitor - Faith, he's got none of that Traitor - One has no faith in a riot after art back there Traitor - Faith, one will have none of it Traitor - 'faith, this one will have none of it (7)' Traitor - Faith, one'll have none of it Traitor - Characteristic or xxer? Traitor - Mutineer Traitor - Sellout Traitor - One disloyal characteristic otherwise Traitor - Renegade tory regularly meeting top conservative leaders Traitor - One betraying one's country Traitor - Double-crosser Traitor - One committing treason Traitor - Someone guilty of treason Traitor - Person betraying a cause Traitor - Rat or rat - it could be? Traitor - 37-across, e.g Traitor - Renegade Traitor - Distinguishing feature old king rat displayed Traitor - Betrayer of a cause Traitor - Betrayer being characteristic over gold Traitor - Unreliable figure's characteristic applied to ordinary soldiers Traitor - Feature alternatively titled 'judas' Traitor - Betrayer of country Traitor - One betraying country Traitor - Not a good subject in portrait, originally Traitor - Disloyal person Traitor - Quisling's personal property taken by leader of oslo's resistance Traitor - Seller out of scent cut to perfumer's latest Traitor - Betrayer of a country Traitor - Backstabber Traitor - One betraying particular quality leading fighting men Traitor - Feature oxford reading by one of the columnists Traitor - An attribute, in other words, of a judas Traitor - Rat riot (anag.) Traitor - Quality gold given to judas Traitor - It's an innate quality: in other words, you can't trust him Traitor - Judas Traitor - Rotter with knack of turning up and organising riot Traitor - Characteristic men found in a rat Traitor - Judas's characteristic alternative Traitor - Person who betrays his country Traitor - Fifth columnist's gold chasing characteristic Traitor - He may be prepared to sell his land Traitor - Renegade and coach in a dilemma, both ultimately nameless Traitor - Judas, informer embracing one in high place Traitor - Characteristic gold winning performance from 1ac as judas? Traitor - Property men snitch Traitor - Judas, corrupt one with cunning turned back Traitor - Renegade or rat - that captures it Traitor - Double agent Traitor - Treasonous person