Saps - Chumps

Word by letter:
  • Saps - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word P
  • 4 - st. word S

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Saps - Ones easily fooled Saps - Drains Saps - Chumps Saps - Scam victims Saps - Easy dupes Saps - Exhausts Saps - Gullible ones Saps - Weakens Saps - Wears out Saps - Ninnies Saps - Fall guys Saps - Easily duped sorts Saps - Suckers Saps - Patsies Saps - Dunces Saps - Scam targets Saps - Schlemiels Saps - Drains, as of energy Saps - Easy targets Saps - Depletes Saps - Easy marks Saps - Gullible sorts Saps - Con artists' prey Saps - Duped group Saps - Ones left holding the bag Saps - Innocent victims Saps - Like laurel and hardy in a '40s film Saps - Nincompoops Saps - Enervates Saps - Pushovers Saps - Chuckleheads Saps - Maple fluids Saps - Hapless ones Saps - Uses up Saps - Unlucky ones Saps - Robs of energy Saps - Hardly geniuses Saps - Gullible dupes Saps - Tree fluids Saps - They're easily fooled Saps - Gulls Saps - Fools Saps - Depletes, as strength Saps - Pine oozings Saps - They run slowly from trees Saps - Dupes Saps - Maple syrup fluids Saps - Syrup sources Saps - Gullible targets Saps - With 44-across, 1940 laurel and hardy film Saps - Chowderheads Saps - Gullible types Saps - Boneheads Saps - Drains of energy Saps - Maple-syrup ingredients Saps - Con victims Saps - Pigeons Saps - Depletes, as of strength Saps - Maple-syrup sources Saps - Diminishes Saps - Drains strength from Saps - Undermines Saps - Drains of strength Saps - Drains, as strength Saps - Weakens, undermines Saps - They're healthy up there, but it takes away one's energy Saps - Depletes the fools Saps - Weakens, deprives of energy Saps - Enervates in spas Saps - Pass around foolish people Saps - It's in the tree and one drains the energy from it Saps - Easily duped people Saps - Laurel and hardy personae Saps - Gullible guys Saps - Depletes the the strength of fools Saps - Syrup bases Saps - Silly ass holding head of pin for pinheads Saps - Maple syrup sources Saps - Totally drains Saps - Con's marks Saps - Drains the energy from Saps - Hapless victims Saps - 1940 laurel & hardy film, '-- at sea' Saps - Tree juices Saps - Pass around the mugs Saps - They get taken easily Saps - Sources for maple syrup Saps - They're easily fleeced Saps - Devitalizes Saps - Form of pass that takes the energy Saps - More than one fool springs back Saps - Drains, as one's energy Saps - Runs down Saps - Foolish folks Saps - Lunkheads Saps - Depletes of strength Saps - Idiots found in lift resorts Saps - Twits from backwaters Saps - Idiots in special forces keep quiet Saps - Springs the other way and fools Saps - Vital juices Saps - Springs flowing back into drains Saps - Juices healthy places served up Saps - Con artists' targets Saps - Drains, as energy Saps - Missing nothing, adds cleaning material to drains Saps - Siphons off Saps - Easy victims Saps - Drains trenches Saps - Coshes Saps - Weakens over time Saps - Trickster's targets Saps - Drains (from) Saps - Boobs Saps - Deprives of, as energy Saps - Drains, as of strength Saps - Drains baths upside down Saps - Idiots succeed in exam, switching two components Saps - They're fleeced without shears Saps - Easy con victims Saps - Ones easily taken Saps - Gullible folks Saps - Depletes gradually Saps - Gullible victims Saps - Easy targets for scammers
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Chumps (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - chumps. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter P. 4 - st. letter S.

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