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Oracle - In boat, captain initially lost authority

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Oracle - Delphic shrine Oracle - Fortune teller Oracle - Seer Oracle - Cassandra, e.g Oracle - Delphi figure Oracle - Wise counsel Oracle - All-seeing one Oracle - Larry ellison's company Oracle - Prophecy giver Oracle - Prophet Oracle - It's a revelation Oracle - Delphic seer Oracle - One with a vision Oracle - Oedipus' bane Oracle - Foreseer Oracle - Big name in databases Oracle - Futures advisor? Oracle - Answer provider Oracle - Delphi entity Oracle - Delphic prophet Oracle - Ancient seer Oracle - Prophetic shrine Oracle - Delphi prophet Oracle - Revealer of the future Oracle - Delphi seer Oracle - Soothsayer Oracle - Magic 8 ball, e.g Oracle - Delphi feature, in ancient greece Oracle - All-knowing one Oracle - Delphi forecaster Oracle - Ouija board, allegedly Oracle - Delphi notable Oracle - Ouija, e.g Oracle - Divine revelation Oracle - Delphic one Oracle - Ancient consultant Oracle - Prophet at delphi Oracle - Business software giant Oracle - Fortune-teller Oracle - Delphic medium Oracle - Delphic predictor Oracle - Diviner Oracle - Delphic site Oracle - Delphic diviner Oracle - Person who divines the future Oracle - Divine counselor Oracle - Divine communicator Oracle - Delphi diviner Oracle - Very wise one Oracle - Prophecy source Oracle - Godly mouthpiece Oracle - Sibyl, for one Oracle - Source of wisdom Oracle - Future examiner Oracle - Wise answerer Oracle - Advice giver Oracle - Source of answers Oracle - Answer source Oracle - Wise one Oracle - Source of answers Oracle - Deity's mouthpiece Oracle - Delphi priestess Oracle - Revered answerer Oracle - Authoritative decider Oracle - Seer's sanctum Oracle - Prophecy deliverer Oracle - Place for prophecies Oracle - Len might get an echo from this formation Oracle - Ancient greek expounder of wisdom Oracle - How after a century this fortune-teller might make it to thecurragh Oracle - For the future, consult the end of the curragh Oracle - Spoken for tune? Oracle - You'll get a fortune from this, or a start for 25 down Oracle - After a century it would get one to the curragh Oracle - Round and clear for the future, in a manner of speaking Oracle - After a century this would get you to the curragh and make your fortune Oracle - Diviner of the future Oracle - Source of wisdom, prophet Oracle - Person of great wisdom, as in delphi of old Oracle - One believed to give divinely-inspired answers Oracle - Place where ancient greeks consulted gods, as at delphi Oracle - Delphi resident Oracle - Authoritative person who divines the future Oracle - Place where the ancient greeks consulted their gods Oracle - Person regarded as source of knowledge, like old greek prophet Oracle - O, clear off for the greek wise man Oracle - Delphic consultant Oracle - Place where ancient greeks consulted a god or prophet Oracle - A famous one at delphi Oracle - Source of ambiguous answers Oracle - Delivery from a sibyl Oracle - Delphi inhabitant Oracle - One with foresight Oracle - The spanish cheer about the car club prediction Oracle - Sybil was one carol deployed to the east Oracle - Source of divine advice Oracle - Nothing clear confused seer Oracle - Expert for boat without a bow Oracle - One advising one to leave the spanish capital when rejected Oracle - Carole's making an announcement Oracle - Nothing clear may come from this prophet Oracle - Mysterious message makes nothing clear Oracle - Old people entertaining latin soothsayer Oracle - Divine utterance makes nothing terribly clear Oracle - It's not entirely reliable for a clear response Oracle - Welsh craft won't allow leader to show authority Oracle - Cryptic advice for a clever solver to extract Oracle - Charlie leaves boat for shrine Oracle - Voice of a god Oracle - Augur - prediction Oracle - Voice of god Oracle - Bringer of divine revelation Oracle - Source of divine prophesy Oracle - (prophecy given at) shrine Oracle - Source of divine prophecy Oracle - (shrine for) prophecy Oracle - Authority to be consulted Oracle - Agent of divine revelation Oracle - Soothsayer decapitated round boat Oracle - Ancient source of counsel Oracle - Future revealer Oracle - Delphi's claim to fame Oracle - Buffett, per his nickname Oracle - Ancient prophet Oracle - Seer's site Oracle - Farsighted one Oracle - Mythical source of wisdom Oracle - Holy place in ancient times where gods prophesied Oracle - Sibyl gives alternative to alec awkwardly Oracle - Ancient soothsayer Oracle - Prophetic person Oracle - Delphi shrine Oracle - Futurist Oracle - Delphi vip Oracle - Shrine; its message Oracle - Wise man may be learner among old people Oracle - Divine prophecy Oracle - Old nation needing to absorb liberal's ambiguous message Oracle - Infallible authority Oracle - Augury Oracle - Medium for prophecy Oracle - Prophetic priest/priestess Oracle - Divinely-inspired prophecy Oracle - Search for a cleg inside the horse's mouth Oracle - An infallible authority Oracle - Expert about to abandon craft Oracle - One successfully worked wicker boat, away from bow Oracle - Adviser taking old people across lake Oracle - Boat losing prow, a sign of things to come Oracle - In boat, captain initially lost authority Oracle - He looked forward in the open door – a clear view Oracle - Wise words from old people saving pounds Oracle - Someone of great wisdom Oracle - Sibyl provides alternative to alec running Oracle - Soothsayer said to circumscribe many an english leader Oracle - Authoritative statement Oracle - In prison for a clerical fraud - could be a revelation! Oracle - Rowing boat about to leave? it's an infallible indication Oracle - There was one at delphi that reversed vehicle into poor leo Oracle - Carole is making an announcement Oracle - There's nothing clear about a prophet Oracle - Wise utterance Oracle - Prophecy Oracle - Expert's spoken about charlie and ecstasy Oracle - Wise man in boat, heading off Oracle - Expert motorists overwhelmed by shout of approval Oracle - Some pastor, a clerical divine agency Oracle - Former teletext service of the independent broadcasting authority Oracle - One might see nothing left in people ... Oracle - Sybil Oracle - Source of advice Oracle - Wise person or adult only half intelligent? Oracle - One who sees vehicle reversing, surrounded by spanish cheer Oracle - Prophet or sage Oracle - Prophet consulted Oracle - Prophesier Oracle - Wise person's spoken with energy about origin of capitalism Oracle - A choice word at length accepted by expert, one considered infallible Oracle - Authority supremo's behind run getting cancelled regularly Oracle - Alternative to lace dress by cassandra Oracle - See 16 Oracle - Oscar meets clear disturbance in shrine Oracle - Gold sovereign once accepted by one source of information Oracle - Where advice or prophecy was sought from the gods Oracle - Alternative to lace dress for cassandra Oracle - Mystical source of answers Oracle - All-seeing sort Oracle - Person of great wisdom Oracle - Source of wise answers Oracle - Old group of people left inside providing answers Oracle - Ring where the horses are jumping left - it provides information on the classics perhaps Oracle - Ancient source of prophecy Oracle - Holy place where a god was believed to give advice and prophecy Oracle - Seer's shrine Oracle - Font of knowledge Oracle - Expert in futures? Oracle - Where advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in ancient greece Oracle - Medium of divine revelation Oracle - Supposedly authoritative source making nothing clear, curiously Oracle - Software giant Oracle - Authority of vacuous older academic and laureate Oracle - Futures analyst? Oracle - Source of prophecy Oracle - Agency of divine revelation Oracle - Prophétie Oracle - One consulted for advice: nothing clear, surprisingly Oracle - Authority of old people holding line Oracle - #2 software maker after microsoft Oracle - Software company that was co-founded by larry ellison Oracle - Old group of people around back of small shrine Oracle - Diviner gold left for one to gather Oracle - Sage and onion top left in stock Oracle - Sage and onion top left in stock