Hindu - Most of the indians are back out in the middle

Word by letter:
  • Hindu - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word D
  • 5 - st. word U

All questions by word:
Hindu - Caste member Hindu - Yoga practitioner Hindu - Worshiper of 37-down Hindu - Gandhi, e.g Hindu - Shiva worshiper Hindu - One who prays to vishnu Hindu - Bombay believer Hindu - Uttar pradesh denizen Hindu - Theist of india, perhaps Hindu - Gandhi, for one Hindu - Certain indian Hindu - 34-across, often Hindu - Veda devotee Hindu - Brahman, e.g Hindu - Ahimsa espouser Hindu - Caste member, say Hindu - Like many indians Hindu - Ashram attendee Hindu - Diwali celebrant Hindu - Vishnu venerator Hindu - Studier of the upanishads Hindu - Caste member? Hindu - Many an indian worshipper Hindu - Believer in karma Hindu - Calendar that cycles 60 years called samvatsaras Hindu - Krishna worshiper Hindu - Indian caste member Hindu - One to whom the ganges is sacred Hindu - Veda venerator Hindu - Worshiper of brahma Hindu - Mahatma gandhi, for one Hindu - Seeker of prajna (enlightenment) Hindu - Believer in dharma Hindu - Indian religion Hindu - Dharma follower Hindu - Caste member of india Hindu - Typical indian Hindu - George harrison, for one Hindu - Brahmanist Hindu - Believer in vishnu Hindu - Member of great indian religion Hindu - Member of major indian religion Hindu - Follower of major indian religion Hindu - Follower of india's main religion Hindu - Follower of great indian religion Hindu - Member of great indian religion with belief in reincarnation Hindu - Person belonging to major indian religion Hindu - A religion of indian Hindu - This indian is not for, by the sound of it, you Hindu - Not fore you in india Hindu - That's not fore you in india Hindu - Many an indian Hindu - Karma believer Hindu - Believer in sacred cows Hindu - Gandhi, e.g., religiously Hindu - Rear posh as a believer? Hindu - An indian contribution to british industry Hindu - One who reveres cows (or deer) above crossword solvers, say Hindu - He's a believer in india's contribution to growth industries Hindu - Devotee of indian religion Hindu - Central asian mountain range Hindu - Adherent of indian religion Hindu - Bangalore believer, maybe Hindu - Swami, for example Hindu - Typical bali resident Hindu - Many a mumbai man Hindu - Sika united with believer in mumbai Hindu - Vishnu worshiper Hindu - Many an indian, religiously Hindu - __ kush mountains Hindu - A believer in karma Hindu - Typical pious person of india Hindu - Like about 30% of 51-across, belief-wise Hindu - Trimurti venerator Hindu - One who believes in karma Hindu - Bales out danish blue to religious follower Hindu - Like gandhi Hindu - One practising an indian religion Hindu - Album that topped the charts for peter gabriel Hindu - Native of india, former peasant, heading for university Hindu - Asian farm worker with universal following Hindu - & eighteen across as read by oasis? Hindu - Indian has the measure of the israelites, and of the french Hindu - Indian believer Hindu - Adherent to dominant religion of india Hindu - Eastern believer Hindu - Man of religion's short suggestion to do broadcast Hindu - Back university of religious type Hindu - Swami, perhaps, infiltrating british industry Hindu - "faith industry" must include me Hindu - Religious believer Hindu - Person with faith in british industry Hindu - Back head of ulema, a religious type Hindu - Indian, a little youth in durgapur Hindu - Indian religious follower Hindu - Religious type's back with good luck sign Hindu - Believer in an indian religion Hindu - Most of the indians are back out in the middle Hindu - Worshipper's sudden wish every so often to backslide Hindu - Bhagavad-gita student, likely Hindu - Believer in a form of brahmanism Hindu - Brahma is one of his gods Hindu - Adherent of an asian religion Hindu - Back upper-class indian Hindu - One who has a belief in british industry Hindu - Religious adherent Hindu - Follower of an indian religion Hindu - One who believes in british industry Hindu - Person of faith in durgapur? Hindu - Church in dublin accommodates believer Hindu - Many a yogi Hindu - Person of faith indulged, essentially Hindu - Brahman, for one Hindu - Worshipper of veda or deva Hindu - Believer in 20-across Hindu - Typical native of india Hindu - Follower of india's most popular religion Hindu - Vishnu worshipper Hindu - Cast member reported for the worshipper Hindu - Typical delhi resident Hindu - Like apu on "the simpsons" Hindu - Swami, for instance Hindu - Dhoti wearer Hindu - Indian delivering part of speech in dutch Hindu - One believes in ganesh, indubitably Hindu - Typical new delhi worshiper
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Most of the indians are back out in the middle (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - most of the indians are back out in the middle. word on "H". 1 - st. letter H. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter D. 5 - st. letter U.

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