Homer - Ancient greek author

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  • 5 - st. word R

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Homer - "d'oh!" exclaimer Homer - "odyssey" author Homer - "odyssey" creator Homer - "odyssey" poet Homer - "the odyssey" poet Homer - "walk-off" game-ender Homer - "wisdom never lies" source Homer - 'breezing up (a fair wind)' artist, 1876 Homer - 'd'oh!' coiner Homer - 'eight bells' painter Homer - 'fog warning' painter Homer - 'iliad' author Homer - 'mending the nets' painter Homer - 'the simpsons' dad Homer - 5-across poet Homer - Abe simpson's son Homer - All-round sporting achievement for an american poet of old Homer - Ancient greek author Homer - Ancient greek poet Homer - Animated 13's all-round achievement as striker Homer - Animated dad Homer - Animated simpson Homer - Author of "the iliad" Homer - Author of the iliad Homer - Author, pigeon Homer - Award collected by the female poet Homer - Ball hit over the wall Homer - Ballpark feat Homer - Bard in region's capital Homer - Bart simpson's father Homer - Bart simpson's pop Homer - Bart's dad Homer - Bart's old man Homer - Bart's pop Homer - Base-clearing hit Homer - Bases-clearing hit Homer - Big hit Homer - Big hit in baseball Homer - Bird depicted by poet Homer - Blind man trained to get back to house Homer - Blind poet Homer - Bob dylan "open the door, ___" Homer - Brother-in-law of patty and selma Homer - Buyer of squishees from 62-across Homer - Cartoon character is a big hit in america Homer - Cartoon father of bart and lisa Homer - Caustic-sounding author of beastly tales Homer - Character voiced by dan castellaneta Homer - Classic writer in front of regime Homer - Classical reading Homer - Devil of a poet's on for the yellow fellow Homer - Did he carry a message on him to greece? Homer - Dinger Homer - Dinger on the diamond Homer - Dinger or tater Homer - Domestic right for a poet Homer - Epic greek flier Homer - Epic poet - score at baseball - kind of pigeon Homer - Example of 22- and of 65-across Homer - Fly enough to get a safe return from the poet Homer - Four-bagger Homer - Go yard, in baseball slang Homer - Grand slam, for one Homer - Great greek author of the iliad Homer - Great greek author of the odyssey Homer - Great greek poet of the iliad and the odyssey Homer - Great greek poet who sometimes nods Homer - Great greek who was known to nod Homer - Great greek who wrote the iliad Homer - Greek author; pigeon Homer - Greek epic poet Homer - Greek epic poet, credited as the author of the 'iliad' and the 'odyssey' Homer - Greek poet Homer - Greek poet - tv's simpson Homer - Greek poet in capital of rhodes Homer - Greek poet in residence, from the start Homer - Greek poet, c. 800 bc Homer - Greek poet, simpson Homer - He may have written an odyssey on one-eyed football referees! Homer - He told tales of war in resistance Homer - He works for mr. burns Homer - His 'odyssey' made epic reading initially Homer - His 'odyssey' makes excellent reading initially Homer - Hit one out Homer - Hit one out of the park Homer - Iliad author Homer - Iliad author or canadian artist ____ watson Homer - It goes over the wall Homer - It lands in the stands Homer - It's a long shot Homer - Jewel's hometown Homer - Knock one out of the park Homer - Lisa's dad Homer - Long shot Homer - Many happy returns from the poet Homer - Marge's hubby Homer - Mcgwire blast Homer - Mcgwire specialty Homer - Measure of poet's pigeon Homer - Mr. simpson Homer - Noted marine watercolorist Homer - Old poet that makes round trip by air Homer - Old poet's addition to the score? Homer - One might fly with a message from greece Homer - One might get the message from the poetic pigeon Homer - One of the 30 across in flight and in greek Homer - One of the simpsons Homer - One out of the middle of the bat for epic poet Homer - Originator of the phrase 'rosy-fingered dawn' Homer - Over-the-monster shot Homer - Patty's brother-in-law Homer - Pigeon Homer - Pigeon for poet Homer - Pigeon for the poet Homer - Pigeon for writer of 20 Homer - Pigeon in front of railing Homer - Pigeon in front of raven Homer - Pigeon in front of rook Homer - Pigeon in nest with rook Homer - Pigeon in nest, say, with rook Homer - Pigeon; classic writer Homer - Poet a big hit in the states? Homer - Poet animated head of american family Homer - Poet getting a successful run in america? Homer - Poet in centre of corfu Homer - Poet in residence originally Homer - Poet in residence reading or writing Homer - Poet returning flier Homer - Poet to take one back? Homer - Poet wants house by sea in nice Homer - Poet's beginning to recite at institution Homer - Poet's bird sure to return Homer - Poet's birthplace close to harbour Homer - Poet's house by the sea in france Homer - Poet's pigeon Homer - Poet's residence north of river Homer - Poetic pigeon Homer - Putative author of the iliad and the odyssey Homer - Quite a hit Homer - Reason to trot Homer - Referee against the visitors in a classic? Homer - Round-tripper Homer - Seascape master Homer - See 1-down Homer - See 8-across Homer - Semilegendary greek poet Homer - Send one out of the park Homer - Simpson breadwinner Homer - Simpson dad Homer - Slugger's big shot Homer - Sort of fixture needing right linesman Homer - Striking achievement of american flier returning to base Homer - That pigeon might have made it for 30 down Homer - The classical poet's pigeon? Homer - The poet that wanted to be 6 down Homer - The woman collecting prestigious award is a poet Homer - This pig would take an eon to fly from greece Homer - Toon dad Homer - Toon dad since '87 Homer - Trained pigeon Homer - Type of pigeon Homer - Was ulysses in flight from him? Homer - Weak official author Homer - Weak referee and linesman Homer - When greek author meets oj when he is animated Homer - Who wrote 'by their own follies they perished, the fools' Homer - You get a good return from this sort of a 24 across
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