Israeli - Eg, native of tel aviv

Word by letter:
  • Israeli - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word S
  • 3 - st. word R
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word E
  • 6 - st. word L
  • 7 - st. word I

All questions by word:
Israeli - Begin, e.g Israeli - Sharon, for one Israeli - Sharon, e.g Israeli - Elath resident Israeli - Nazareth native Israeli - Labor party member, maybe Israeli - Begin, for example Israeli - Knesset member Israeli - Dweller along the sea of galilee Israeli - Tel aviv native Israeli - Haifa habitant Israeli - Man from acre Israeli - Sabra, e.g Israeli - Petach tikva resident Israeli - Haifa native Israeli - Like the merkava battle tank Israeli - Acre resident Israeli - Ehud barak or ehud olmert Israeli - Begin, say Israeli - Certain middle easterner Israeli - Shekel spender Israeli - Eban or dyan Israeli - Begin or sharon Israeli - Citizen of olmert's country Israeli - Netanya native Israeli - Sharon, notably Israeli - Begin, for one Israeli - Adam sandler's zohan Israeli - Like kibbutzim Israeli - Ben-gurion, e.g Israeli - Arab-___ Israeli - Like most kibbutzniks Israeli - Tel aviv resident Israeli - Haifa citizen Israeli - Jerusalem citizen Israeli - Jaffa native Israeli - Jerusalem resident Israeli - Shekel earner Israeli - Inhabitant of tel aviv, say Israeli - Nationality of citizen of tel aviv Israeli - Amos oz, for one Israeli - There's one either side of the complicated laser one found in the middle east Israeli - Is the crazed king returning with one middle easterner? Israeli - Itzhak perlman, for one Israeli - Is priest chasing sun god in the national? Israeli - Airs composed by priest in hebrew Israeli - Sharon is raising kings in 11 Israeli - El al is name dissociated from unstable airlines Israeli - Middle easterner playing solitaire, but not having to? Israeli - Benjamin's lost daughter, sharon, say Israeli - Asian playing solitaire, but not having to? Israeli - National laser treatment in two eyes, say Israeli - Inhabitant of a mediterranean republic Israeli - Jewish Israeli - Eli's air (anag) Israeli - From jerusalem, perhaps Israeli - From tel aviv, perhaps Israeli - Citizen of eastern mediterranean state Israeli - From a mediterranean republic Israeli - From haifa, perhaps Israeli - Someone from tel aviv? Israeli - Middle easterner Israeli - Begin or sharon, e.g Israeli - Syrian's neighbor Israeli - Hailing from haifa, perhaps Israeli - Six-day war combatant Israeli - Arab- -- war Israeli - Tel avivan, for instance Israeli - Acre native Israeli - One from tel aviv, perhaps Israeli - Is close to the mad king returning from island home in the middle east Israeli - Looking back, one mad king is back living in the middle east Israeli - Is priest following god, one from the middle east? Israeli - Mideast national Israeli - Galilee native Israeli - Knesset member, e.g Israeli - Netanyahu, for one Israeli - One from tel aviv Israeli - Middle eastern pm hasn't died Israeli - Is one king backing hebrew? Israeli - See member of modern state remilitarise for combat - but without remit Israeli - Perhaps raise half a lira for him? Israeli - Statesman, one introducing new serial Israeli - Native of tel aviv Israeli - Middle eastern pm's no leader Israeli - Country-dweller is first to respect a priest Israeli - Relating to a mediterranean nation Israeli - Citizen prime minister beheaded Israeli - Jewish character recalled in i kings 1 Israeli - Levantine is an artist - and a priest Israeli - Levantine would support daughter as novelist Israeli - This foreigner made topping british prime-minister Israeli - Arranging a rise, one pound, for a foreigner Israeli - National prime minister beheaded Israeli - Is english humorist sent up by one from the middle east? Israeli - Middle easterner's daughter leaving beaconsfield Israeli - One's king returning before one's countryman Israeli - As national of modern republic, is one welcoming king's reverse? Israeli - Jewish prime minister short of leadership from jerusalem? Israeli - Middle eastern king's recalled wearing one repeatedly Israeli - Old king's splitting two up from mediterranean republic Israeli - Serial broadcast by one middle eastern citizen Israeli - Foreigner, i discover, returned briefly to island Israeli - Hebrew speaker is facing resistance by a priest Israeli - Levantine beheads victorian novelist Israeli - Middle eastern king is about to invade small islands Israeli - Contents of visa arab held and hid for foreigner Israeli - National airlines flying out of norway Israeli - Is high priest supporting sun god a levantine? Israeli - A middle-easterner, i read up i kings Israeli - Faithful inhabitant of fair isle knitted, though not with frequency Israeli - Eg, native of tel aviv Israeli - Eg, tel aviv native Israeli - Beneficiary of the 37-across, in modern times Israeli - Haifa resident, e.g Israeli - Person from tel aviv eg Israeli - Inhabitant of a southwest asia republic Israeli - Not the nationality of salieri Israeli - Foreigner given a rise, possibly one pound Israeli - 5 lost new countryman! Israeli - Middle eastern prime minister was not a democrat Israeli - Man from tel aviv Israeli - Me citizen Israeli - Me citizen is supported by artist and priest Israeli - Citizen of middle eastern state Israeli - Executed british leader of middle eastern country Israeli - One from the middle east is one king backed Israeli - Serial i broadcast from part of middle east Israeli - Begin, perhaps, biblical work facing artist and priest Israeli - Former prime minister executed by one from the middle east Israeli - Upset listeners left, interrupting two from mediterranean country Israeli - National airlines collapse with no end of competition Israeli - Citizen of modern state taking lead from british statesman Israeli - Native of middle east state Israeli - Serial broadcast before or after one from part of middle east Israeli - Begin, say, current serial that's broadcast Israeli - Southeastern rail trips by one from another country Israeli - Natalie portman, by birth Israeli - Strange serial killer provides second character for arab neighbour Israeli - Tel aviv national Israeli - One serial exported from haifa Israeli - Realisation nato is not involved with arab neighbour Israeli - From jaffa, perhaps? Israeli - Begin, for example seeing former pm ignoring leader Israeli - Bar-ilan university student, e.g Israeli - Nationality of old pm that hasn't died Israeli - Frantically liaise about resistance from part of middle east Israeli - Begin or eban Israeli - Benjamin netanyahu, for instance Israeli - From tel aviv perhaps? Israeli - Beersheba native Israeli - Ali, rise! (anag) - middle easterner Israeli - Asian serial i broadcast Israeli - Singer of the anthem 'hatikvah' ('the hope') Israeli - Native of nazareth Israeli - Airs composed by priest, one living in jerusalem? Israeli - National prime minister losing day Israeli - Is one stopped by tragic king returning, coming from jerusalem? Israeli - Natalie portman or gene simmons, by birth Israeli - Tragic king's shown up in islands from part of middle east Israeli - From nazareth? Israeli - National airlines rejecting name changes Israeli - ...and one from jaffa Israeli - Although it is one of two national official languages, arabic is not used in ____ passports
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Eg, native of tel aviv (*******) 7 letter. - what is this?

******* - eg, native of tel aviv. word on "I". 1 - st. letter I. 2 - st. letter S. 3 - st. letter R. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter L. 7 - st. letter I.

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