Legend - I'm fabulous on purpose

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Legend - "i am ___" (matheson novel) Legend - "the __ of sleepy hollow" Legend - '87 lynyrd skynyrd comp Legend - 'mythbusters' fodder Legend - 27 player in side getting goal? Legend - A mythical foot? Legend - A story, for example, viewed in advance Legend - Achilles' heel? Legend - Achilles, or his heel? Legend - Advance accepted say, for story Legend - All told, there's one foot of it, it seems Legend - All-time great Legend - Ancient story Legend - Bigger-than-life persona Legend - Bit of lore Legend - Caption for illustration in story of robin hood, for example Legend - Caption, for example, inserted in advance Legend - Caption, for example, needed in advance Legend - Caption, for example, printed in advance Legend - Caption; very well known Legend - Cartographic key Legend - Celebrity in traditional story Legend - Celebrity went ahead without the facts Legend - Chart table Legend - Coin inscription Legend - Daniel boone, e.g Legend - Death on stage? story shows the opposite Legend - Dracula, for one Legend - Eg robin hood Legend - Extremity of a myth Legend - Fable Legend - Fabulous foot Legend - Fabulous tale Legend - Famous person Legend - Famous person guided round dirt Legend - Finale on the stage could be a fable Legend - Folk tale Legend - Folk-tale preserved, for example, in advance Legend - Folklore tale Legend - For example, it's in this to make a loan of a tale Legend - G (with 3) Legend - Get the member to finish an old story Legend - Handed-down tale Legend - Hero was first to gather information Legend - I inform america in pidgin, revealing conspirator Legend - I'm fabulous on purpose Legend - Induced to include information in story Legend - Inscription on death Legend - Inscription represented by a digit maybe Legend - Inscription, say, included in loan Legend - Inscription; myth Legend - Inscription; traditional story Legend - It may say "1 inch = 1 mile" Legend - It's an old story Legend - It's handed down Legend - It's mythical by the foot, perhaps Legend - It's traditional for this to come by the foot, perhaps Legend - Just a tale by the foot, perhaps Legend - Key member's objective Legend - Key member, close Legend - Key on completion Legend - Key provided guidance about information Legend - Left, for example, complete hero Legend - Loch ness monster, e.g Legend - Luminary Legend - Map detail Legend - Map explanation Legend - Map feature Legend - Map key Legend - Map part Legend - Map table Legend - Map's table Legend - Member given object, a key Legend - Member reaching a conclusion? likely story! Legend - Member to finish as an extremely famous person? Legend - Member to finish with an old story Legend - Member to perform final act in story Legend - Motto on one side of court Legend - Myth Legend - Myth by the foot Legend - Myth by the foot? Legend - Myth comes by the foot at last Legend - Myth or fable Legend - Myth or map symbol Legend - Myth or traditional story Legend - Mythical by the foot, perhaps Legend - Mythical by the foot? Legend - Mythical feat, or foot? Legend - Mythical foot? Legend - Mythical story Legend - Mythical tale Legend - Narrative passed down a foot? Legend - Officer in sort of light clothing is a hero Legend - Old tale Legend - Old yarn, a foot? Legend - On purpose, making motto Legend - One always remembered on purpose Legend - One-time acura model Legend - Paul bunyan, e.g Legend - Perhaps there's one foot of this, all told Legend - Perhaps where there's a foot there's a tail, by the sound of it Legend - Person having a special place in popular opinion Legend - Popularly accepted tale Legend - Possible description of foot in story? Legend - Saga Legend - Sasquatch, for one Legend - See 6-down Legend - Sleepy hollow has one Legend - Something used to explain a digit? Legend - Sounds like a tail by the foot, perhaps Legend - Stage complete? it's a myth Legend - Stage conclusion to story Legend - Stage to finish in fairy tale surroundings Legend - Stage to finish in fairytale surroundings Legend - Stage to finish in fairytale surroundings? Legend - Stanley matthews, perhaps, taking position on field before goal Legend - Story about mythical beings or events Legend - Story about mytical beings Legend - Story from long ago Legend - Story handed down from the past Legend - Story of mythical beings or events Legend - Story that may be untrue on purpose Legend - Story's conclusion on stage Legend - Story, finish first stage Legend - Story, say, written in advance Legend - Superstar Legend - Superstar giving cricket side purpose Legend - Superstar went ahead without the facts Legend - Table on a map Legend - Table with a map Legend - Tale Legend - Tale of folklore Legend - Tale; caption Legend - That's mythical by the foot Legend - The grimms' "folktale historically grounded" Legend - The story of achilles' heel? Legend - The tale seems to come at the foot of this Legend - The traditional tale of the foot? Legend - This gets handed down one foot Legend - Traditional myth Legend - Traditional story Legend - Traditional story - inscription Legend - Traditional story or myth Legend - Traditional story's conclusion on stage Legend - Traditional story; caption Legend - Turned up to get on with last part of mythical story Legend - Unauthenticated story Legend - Vampire story, e.g Legend - Very famous foot? Legend - Very famous member's death Legend - Very famous person Legend - Very famous person was first to receive information Legend - Was first to cover the news story Legend - Was first to receive info exposing old story Legend - Writing, say, incorporated into loan
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I'm fabulous on purpose (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - i'm fabulous on purpose. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter G. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter N. 6 - st. letter D.

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