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Paladin - Historical knight hurting boy?

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Paladin - "have gun - will travel" hero Paladin - "have gun will travel" hero Paladin - A knightly champion Paladin - Boy in agony makes one peer Paladin - Boy in distress becomes champion Paladin - Boy in great discomfort is a hero Paladin - Champion for a cause Paladin - Champion horseman in trouble Paladin - Champion of a cause Paladin - Champion youth in agony Paladin - Champion youth in physical distress Paladin - Champion, boy in agony Paladin - Chivalrous knight Paladin - Daddy has his boy in - that's champion Paladin - Does 12 across get a sound addition? that's champion Paladin - Errant knight has a row with mate Paladin - Fellow in agony could be ganelon Paladin - Following father, linda turns out a champion Paladin - Good knight Paladin - Heroic knight - aid plan (anag) Paladin - Heroic knight or distressed young man? Paladin - Heroic knight saved youngster in distress Paladin - Historical knight hurting boy? Paladin - Hurt fencing juvenile champion Paladin - Is the boy in pain? that's champion! Paladin - Knight Paladin - Knight errant, young fellow suffering torture, it seems Paladin - Knight errant; a peer of charlemagne Paladin - Knight finding youth beset by torture Paladin - Knight in a racket supporting comrade Paladin - Knight of charlemagne Paladin - Knightly champion Paladin - Knightly companion friend, a big noise Paladin - Legendary attendant of charlemagne Paladin - Medieval champion Paladin - Old tv's "knight without armor in a savage land" Paladin - One of the twelve peers at charlemagne's court - heroic champion Paladin - One who champions a cause Paladin - Partner has to face a racket champion Paladin - Possibly sir galahad or his film double is taking notice Paladin - So father gets the boy in? that's champion! Paladin - Spiritual world of warcraft class Paladin - To have a friend with a noise - that's champion! Paladin - Traveling gunslinger Paladin - Traveling gunslinger of old tv Paladin - Trusted military chief Paladin - Young man in agony becomes champion