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Emboss - Do work that's raised millions, embraced by english manager

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Emboss - Adorn in relief Emboss - Adorn with raised designs Emboss - Back me to supervise relief work Emboss - Carve as a relief Emboss - Carve etc so as to raise from surface Emboss - Carve in relief Emboss - Carve or mould a design to stand out in relief Emboss - Chase me round stud Emboss - Chase up myself, chief having got after Emboss - Create an outstanding design? Emboss - Create raised lettering Emboss - Create relief Emboss - Create, as raised lettering Emboss - Decorate letter by employer Emboss - Decorate with a raised design Emboss - Decorate with a raised pattern Emboss - Decorate with an insignia Emboss - Decorate with raised design (6) Emboss - Decorate with raised work Emboss - Decorate with riased design Emboss - Decorate, as leather Emboss - Director's backing me first to do relief work Emboss - Do relief work Emboss - Do work that's raised millions, embraced by english manager Emboss - Execute in relief Emboss - Give a raise to Emboss - Give a raise? Emboss - Give relief to printing unit manager Emboss - Give some relief Emboss - Impress with printing style Emboss - In relief, carve top of bust in european plant Emboss - Make a raised design Emboss - Make a surface design in low relief Emboss - Make an impression on Emboss - Make an outstanding design? Emboss - Make design in relief Emboss - Make stand out Emboss - Mold in relief Emboss - Mould or carve in relief Emboss - Note about governor? it's the opposite of grave Emboss - Ornament in relief Emboss - Ornament with slightly raised pattern Emboss - Print in relief Emboss - Print up? Emboss - Produce a relief design Emboss - Produce figures, with some relief Emboss - Produce raised design Emboss - Provide relief for current speaker, after upsetting manager Emboss - Provide some relief? Emboss - Put a raised design on Emboss - Put a seal on Emboss - Put in relief manager having backed me first Emboss - Raise (a design) in relief Emboss - Raise a design on Emboss - Raise a seal? Emboss - Raise in a relief Emboss - Raise in relief Emboss - Raise in relief exploded bombs, not one british, in european square Emboss - Set me up to supervise relief work Emboss - Set me up with manager to perform relief work Emboss - Show me up with superior ornament, in a way Emboss - Stamp shows this person's reversed head Emboss - Stamp? a letter needs one on top Emboss - Take me back, master, and provide some relief Emboss - This will make 'em stand up to the master Emboss - Turns up, me and man in charge mould a design Emboss - Use a letterpress Emboss - Work with relief manager after this person turned up