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Linear - One-dimensional Linear - Like some thinking Linear - Straight Linear - Kind of equation Linear - Like the equation x = 7y Linear - Unlike a plane Linear - Sequential Linear - Progressing sequentially Linear - Going from a to b, say Linear - Straightforward Linear - Foot variety Linear - Two-dimensional Linear - I learn of some measurements Linear - Like some algebra Linear - Uncomplex, as a plot Linear - Straight, in a sense Linear - Narrow and elongated Linear - Just over fifty, or something close by that, in one dimension Linear - Just over fifty, or something close to that, in a one-dimensional way Linear - Does nothing turn on ahead in the manner of the end of 29 across Linear - At length this gets to something in the region of fifty-one Linear - Only one dimension, or something approaching that at last Linear - Not far under fifty-one Linear - That's in line to get nothing up to your lug Linear - Nothing wrong with the lug - only in one dimension (6) Linear - In length it is fifty-one, almost Linear - In line, in the inside of a king in play Linear - There's nothing up with your lug in that line (6) Linear - In line with not being far from fifty-one Linear - Fifty-one, almost in one dimension Linear - Nothing back to get soundly in line Linear - Close to fifty-one all in line Linear - At length it's in line with being fifty-one - almost that Linear - Long and narrow, of one dimension Linear - Measured lengthwise Linear - Of length Linear - Of a line or length Linear - In line to be in a playful king Linear - Fifty-one close in line Linear - Fifty-one, almost, on the line Linear - At length it's not far at last to have nothing up your lug Linear - Nothing back with sound in there in one dimension Linear - Close to fifty-one gets lined up here Linear - Nothing up with your hearing though you're fifty-one, almost Linear - Second mate in ship of the line Linear - Stew, i learn, is ordered Linear - Play keeping in one-dimensional form Linear - Like a or b, for example, or the shortest distance between them Linear - Vessel crossing area, following a straight course Linear - Arranged in straight fashion Linear - Of one dimension Linear - Straight and narrow Linear - Stroke for artist returning to straight and narrow Linear - Sequential, as thinking Linear - It's supposed to lead directly to artist coming back from straight and narrow perhaps Linear - Like some equations Linear - This is straightforward perhaps to ship around american capital Linear - One-dimensional king keeps popular Linear - In one dimension, i learn (anag.) Linear - In a straight line Linear - Consisting of lines Linear - (of narrative) sequential Linear - In only one dimension Linear - In one dimension only Linear - Criminal nailer going straight Linear - Long and narrow area skirted by cruise ship Linear - Ship covering area, following straight path Linear - - motor; - equation Linear - Involving one dimension only Linear - At home in tragic role involving one dimension only Linear - ___ algebra Linear - Long and narrow lake i approach Linear - Nailer (anag.) Linear - One-dimensional article in ship Linear - Outside home tragical figure is one-dimensional Linear - I learn about a type of equation Linear - Ship with one on straight and narrow Linear - In a row about north european, someone dishonest Linear - In a row boat, grasping second of paddles Linear - One-dimensional words disheartened antenor Linear - Totally straight- haha, why? Linear - Like the equation x = 2y Linear - Straight; sequential Linear - One left turning, bordering on straight Linear - Perjurer ringing once, oddly not involved in a row Linear - "sending all my love" band that goes in a straight line? Linear - In a row nothing upset listener Linear - Starts to lead imposingly, approaching straight Linear - Starts to lead imposingly, approaching straight Linear - Straight and narrow bar for a final beer Linear - Straight and narrow bar for a final beer